Seremban Half Marathon 2017 Race Review

I have been wrestling all week with my approach to writing this review. The day has come and gone, the most eagerly anticipated race in Seremban, boasting almost 10K, 7722 runners from the school category and the 1865 runners for 21km and 10km category A to J. This was the 30th Year, claimed to be the “oldest” Half marathon in Malaysia.

So, with us, this race is personal. It is my hometown. It’s a commitment to always going the distance, no matter what! To high fiving/thumbs upping friends and strangers, to pushing ourselves beyond our purposed mortal limits and the generally have a great time. I am truly honored that this year, Hubby and I were under the armour of Malproc Sdn Bhd- Mr Robert Tio. Thank you very much, sir!


As usual, we arrived early and managed to get a safe and nice parking spot. The minute we stepped out of the car, it started to rain cats and dogs. But that did nothing to us:- at sharp 6.30am we walked to the starting line, in the heavy rain, it was chaotic with more than 10K runners walking around without any sense of directions. The sound system was unclear and no one could hear the announcements. Then at 6.45am…bang! the gun went off and the 21km runners were flagged off, 10 minutes late and some confused 10km runners also ran along with the 21km and at a check point, these 10km runners were disqualified.

Unsurprisingly the first KM or so was spent trying to get past quite a lot of runners. People say this route is quite good for achieving a PB, which it probably is if you’re an elite runner, but back in the main pack lots of people seem to stand closer to the start line than they should. Why? We all get our own individual chip time, so you have nothing to gain by getting in the way of faster people! Not that I am fast, but I’m far from the slowest at this type of mass event and it is a bit annoying when you see runners who started near the front begin to walk about half a mile. You can waste a lot of energy trying to get round them. Note to self-get up and in the pen earlier next time!

The flagged off for 10Km was delayed too about 10 minutes, eventually, after the gun went off, I got into a steady pace and managed to keep going, right along the road in front of my old school- KGV, runners had to risked their lives running side by side with some “wannabe” fast and the furious car racers, the roads were not fully closed just a few cones were placed in between. Never mind there hadn’t been any major incidents with traffic before but I wish organiser would still place safety of runners as their priority! Just because no one got run over (YET) doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

The route we did for the 10KM and 21Km was exactly the same as the previous years but blamed it on age or soemthing, it had long gradual climb littered along the route at Forest Heights, nothing steep but a long climb. ‘Seremban-rians’ also have their own ‘Bukit Tunku”- stair way to hell route….hahahahahahahah

My energy was high.I was gleefully floating along the miles..running into puddles of water. The legs talked and I listened. Then came a main junction, a crossroad between Ampangan, Paroi and Sikamat, there was no sign or marker at this point, so all the runners just kept running, it was a scene from the three blind mice- where the blind was leading the blind. There was a traffic police trying his level best to control the traffic at this main junction.After crossing the main road, I saw a sign 21km and 10km…Ohhhhh nooooo! I panicked and was alarmed. If the 10km-school category and half marathoners joined this route now, I’d be swept up in the stampede. I’d die like Mufasa in the ‘Lion King’ movie. Anxiety welled up in me. So I had to do more bobbing and weaving, between flooded roads, narrow spaces and moving vehicles.

I needed to finish- I saw a sign 4Km to go..In desperation, I was on the go again, and I was completely over other runners, what they were doing and what they thought of me. By the time the marathoners started overtaking me I was totally lost in my own experience, just me and my legs and my lungs and the road and wet weather and grey skies.

Then I spotted the sharp corner, near A&W and made the final turn and saw the finish line ahead, just a few hundred meters down a muddy paved field. A weight had left me- I’d done it, I’d proven that I could do it, Then the official wrote down my number- No 26….oh wow! I clutched my medal with happiness and pride.

Overall review:

The bad:-

  1. Late start: Flag off for 21km was supposed to be at 6.30am, it was delayed about 10 minutes and the rain started to fall again. For a half marathon, don’t you think 6.30am for the flag off is a bit late?
  2. Short distance:- by that I mean the distance fell short by 1KM. Falling short means that avid and ‘elite’ runners do not get a new PR on their GPS devices.
  3. Water stations: runners need water to hydrate. For the 10km, only two water stations were located at the 5km and 8km. As for the 21km, there were only four water stations?
  4. Route: The same route again. Roads were not fully closed. Lacked of marshalls. Lack of signages.
  5. Safety: Once again, organisers put runners at risk. Roads were not properly secured with cones. (Being the 30th year, don’t the organisers try to get better and improved year by year?)
  6. The medal: By far the greatest pet peeve or shall I say the ‘bling’ of the race has to be the medal. Seremban half Marathon have made us grown accustomed to their innovative medal designs over the past years, this year however, the medal was disappointing. It was a size of a 50 cent coin! The reason behind this is beyond me. Medal serves as a reminder of the ‘glorious run’ and day in the future, I nominate this medal, as the smallest medal in my collection.
  7. T-shirt: This year’s running T-shirt was like a bad haircut or ill-fitting jeans. Sizes were not accurate- it was enormous. The thing about T-shirt is they are a fashion statement. From a racer’s point of view, the shirt is a symbol of accomplishment, a great way to connect with fellow runners and walkers. From sponsor’s point of view, T-shirt provide exposure.

The Good:

  1. Lots of parking available
  2. 21km finishers’ T-shirt was awesome
  3. Medal collection was smooth

I always like to have an aim on race day to keep me going and have a dream of completing a 10km in under 60 minutes, just to get a time with a 5 at the beginning! As I get older I realise that’s less and less likely to happen, but it’s still a good motivator. Will I be back next year??? Hmmmmm…….It all depends….


IJM Land Half Marathon – Race Review

When choosing a half marathon to race, it’s important to consider a few things before signing up:

  1. Where is it? It is easy to get to? Will there be transport ? Can you park easily? Who are the organisers?
  2. What is the course profile like? Flat, hilly or out and back laps?
  3. How many people have signed up? Will the course be crowded?

I am always looking for races that I can bring the family along and find something for everyone to enjoy – The IJM Land Half Marathon!

On race day, hometown- what a treat! I still woke up ridiciously early to start fueling and stretching, but without travel and parking to worry about. I was way more relaxed race morning than usual. My two girls, Anjali and Amisha ran the 10 km and Hubby and I signed up for the 21 km half marathon. We couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions for the race. It was incredibly a gorgeous day!

I just love the energy of races, it is so special and I love to see running brought so many people together to share such a positive common goal. “Run together, Bond stronger” This world needs a lot more of that!

Ohhhhh…the crowd for 21 km today was fit and fast! We were entertained by Chan Wah School for their drum performance and then few minutes later, the trainers from S2 Club led the crowd with their energetic warm up session. After a few more announcements, the organisers surprised the participants with 21 shots of awesome fireworks display (probably woke the whole S2 Neighbourhood up) and the countdown started…..3, 2, 1 and the 21 km half marathon runners were flagged off on time!

The course took us through Mydin, then we made a left turn towards Macdonald’s which had a straight and flat route and the wind seemed to be in my face the entire time. The rest of the course was paved and nice wide road. The roads were well condoned off apart from some “impatient” drivers which were honking to pass through the runners.

Then, we headed into IJM Land sales office, the first check point. After that, there was a gradual uphill grade that led us into S2 Heights.The first few KM of this race were pretty chill as they featured a lot of flat and downhill. This was a huge tease for ALL.THE.HILLS that you have to run to get back to the finish line. No matter how you slice and dice it, you are going uphill to get back. The hill steepened. It was definitely a pace killer. A series of other small hills after that made the thought of that finish line even sweeter.

Most of the course took us through S2 township and residential areas. Hometown races are also fun because you see so many people you know out on the course, either spectating or running. I loved the serenity in the early miles. The light was beautiful, all was quiet except the pounding of runner’s feet and the air was crisp.

At the 16 km, OMG! It was like stairways to hell…and the hills are alive!! Like a lot of things in running, it is mental, your legs will run up that hill if you tell them too! Seriously, it was lots of hills and stairs! “Learn to love hills”- sounds crazy eh, but if you say you hate hills, they will be mean and evil to you…..So, I embraced the hill, said I loved it, talked myself up and over it. All the way up that hill, I said things like ‘nearly at the top’, ‘Good girl’, ‘it is not so bad’….I may be running or walking slowly, but at least I am still moving- This part was like “The Tortoise and the Hare” mentality. I passed so many runners on my slow crawls up the City Park Hills leading into the Dinasaur park because they were walking and then off they went down the other side like the hare passed me like a gust of wind…It was all about mental strength!

Having the home-court advantage gave me the extra push I needed to finally get to the finish. I’ve run up and down that route hundreds of times and I feel like I know every crack in the sidewalk, every bump in the road, every tree, bush along that final stretch. The familiarity was somehow comforting and I managed to cross the finish and saw my daughter with a big smile on her face, snapped my photo crossing the finished line. After crossing the finish line, I realized that the climax wasn’t the finish line, it was the journey itself!


I have nothing but amazing things to say about IJM Land Half Marathon 2017. The course was execellent! A mixture of flat roads and yes! The amazing hills..they were alive! LOL! The support from friends and spectators was amazing. The staff and volunteers were beyond amazing and awesome. Water and isotonic and yes bananas! were well organised and plenty. The corrals seemed well managed and spacious with lots of porta-potties. Markers and signages were well placed. The organisers did a tremendous awesome job with traffic control and marshaling. Runners safety were their priority and that was good! There were plenty and ample of parking and the safety of our cars were well guarded and well organised. The only down side, I might be acting a little picky with this one but I thought that the 21 km route should not have been on the same 10 km fun run route. At this particular route, many fast and elite runners were blocked and they were trying to zig-zag their way to keep pace and speed. However, the atmosphere was absolutely superb- free cotton candy, free pop corn, lots of freebies, drinks, booth and activities! WOW! What a medal! And what a storm! I love the bling and this year, I also bagged an awesome 21 km half marathon finisher -tee! Woot…woot……I will absolutely be back to run the IJM Land Half Marathon again!

A huge kudos and congratulations, good job to each and everyone of you for actually being out there running, walking-crawling instead of just sitting on your couch! You all did awesome! RUN TOGETHER, BOND STRONGER!

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IJM Land Half Marathon – 21km ’cause I’m only 1/2 crazy!

Running a marathon can be viewed as a threefold process. First is the commitment to enter the race. Then-after making this sometimes overwhelming decision-you commit yourself to train for the momentous challenge ahead. Finally,you can enjoy the most rewarding and gratifying phase of the marathon- the event itself! With it comes endless satisfying memories of the course- and crossing the finish line!

We’ve all had that dream, (or should I say..nightmare), right? The one where you’ve overslept before the race, forgotten your running shoes or showed up at the start line in your pyjamas……LOL

Well, I may not be able to eliminate all of my pre-race nerves- or even want to. After all, a bit of nervous energy can provide a competitive boost when the gun (of should I say- fireworks display) goes off! But in interest of keeping nerves check- and sleeping well before race day- Here are a few important steps I can and I will take to calm the butterflies and feel race- READY!

  • Trust the taper : At this point, the best thing I can do is trust the taper. This is a period of time that allows my muscles to recover and get ready for my race day effort. I’ve put in the hard work; the race is my reward- and I will think of that antsy weensy feeling as stored energy.
  • Get inspired: Talk to my other half or running buddies- talking about my jitters can help ease them- and remind me that I am not alone.
  • Lay out my clothes: There is nothing worse than running around on race morning searching for my bib or trying to find that left shoe, safety pin or hairtie. I am gonna set out everything I need, from attire to fuel to gear and check bag before race day. This way, I will feel prepared and I will get out the door more quickly.
  • Set two alarms: Hahahah- I am worried about that early wake up call! Hmmm..even though IJM Land Half Marathon will be held in Seremban, my home town….Still….I am gonna set two alarms to help me sleep easier before rcae day- and may prevent a race-morning scramble! It will also give me time to digest that pre-race meal and ensuring I am ready to go!
  • Arrive early: Always….always….I planned to arrive early on race and the closer to the time I can arrive, the better..I will feel calmer knowing I have plenty of time before the flag off.

Remember,race day is your reward! Follow me, take these few simple steps to ease those nerves and remember, picture the destination and appreciate the journey! See you at IJM Land Half Marathon, 13 August, Sunday at 6am at the Dataran Centrio, Seremban Two (Opposite Mydin). For more information, log in to


RUN-RUN-derful Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017

If you think you are too old, too slow or simply too-out-of shape to run further than a few miles, then prepare to be convinced otherwise. With the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run (it takes place on September 17, in case it is not in your diary) I urge you to lace up and surprise yourself! For the 10 km route it covers is, they say, the perfect distance to challenge both body and mind. The 10 km gobbles up less of your time for preparation, yet will reap endless benefits.

We will be running through pristine forests and up rugged slopes and roads. This run offers a fun challenge and a refreshing way to get outdoors and explore nature. Get ready to kick up your heels for nature at Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017.

In conjunction with it’s 1-year anniversary, an inaugural running event which will be held on the 17 September at 6am with the start and finish being at the Bangi Wonderland Theme Park. It will also be the first nature run to be held inside the UKM nature forest reserve for the 10 km (20% flat road and 80% off road inside UKM forest reserve and also the 3 km fun run.

So lace up and get your trail and nature shoes ready….

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YOLO Run KL : Race Review

The runner’s appetite in me often seeks to run on new routes and different terrains. YOLO run KL was held last Sunday, 6 August at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. I immediately embraced this opportunity to run for YOLO run KL 2017.

fb_img_1501824051190.jpgI always believe that not all runs/events are meant to be raced. While you select a few that you want to race, others are meant purely for the enjoyment factor. I decided to relax, have fun and take this one easy.

Hubby and I were in good time to collect the bibs, meet the organisers and chat with some runner buddies. I learnt that this event was one of  its kind because YOLO RUN series will also be held in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. The start area was amazing as I could feel so many different emotions. Before the 10 km flagged off, there was a warm up Zumba session led by two incredible and energetic ladies- which I enjoyed very much! At 7am, the announcer told us to proceed to the start line and at 7.15am, we were flagged off. It was a smooth flag off with plenty of room for manoeuvre.

Being still pitch dark, it was gratifying to see volunteers on bicycles and walking and assisting participants and runners. I could hear the birds chirping and darkness soon gave way to light as the sun’s first rays crept in. Basking in the beauty of the surroundings, I soon felt into a trance little realizing that it was a nice flat route.

Volunteers and photographers stood on the side- lines cheering and clicking our strides away, I gave hi fives to some of my runner friends, quite enjoying every moment of the run.

The water stations were well-managed. Eager volunteers were always ready with cups in their hands, waiting for runners to grab the drinks from them. There were two water stations at the 3 km and 8 km that looked well supplied; although runners became a bit pushy around them which is never nice. I got a few unwanted elbows in my sides but nothing serious,thankfully.

For the 10 km runners, the first U-turn point was located after the 5km mark. After the U-turn, there was a ‘check-point'(some runners without “runner’s etiquette”, opted to take a short cut and not go through the U-turn and went straight  for the ‘check point’. Anyway, after the ‘check point’, we were running in the direction facing the sun, but thankfully it didn’t get too hot. It was a breezy morning;the temperature remained low.

The final 2 km was quiet and tranquil. Runners were few and far between. Most runners, imcluding me, alternated between running and walking. At the finish line, we were given finisher’s entitlements, which included a medal ( loved the bling-unique and cool design) and mineral water etc. At the race village, there were plenty of booths, food trucks, restaurants and lots of activities such as fit challenges, Yoga and many more.


  1. The race was well-organised. Despite a crowd of 3000 runners, there wasn’t any bottleneck or congestion.
  2. Road marshals and volunteers did a great job supporting runners along the race.
  3. Distance markers, direction signs and traffic cones were clear and well-placed.
  4. Hydration stations were well-managed by volunteers
  5. Toilets- lots of porta-potties around the start area and race village with no lines.
  6. Route- A very flat course, however, roads were partially closed, runners were running with traffic along the route- which was quite unsafe.
  7. Baggage drop- They had a good system for storage and there were no queues for pick up and drop off.
  8. The other thing I want to mention is that I really enjoyed the roving MC- Linora Low from MixFM

I will break it down in words of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for YOLO RUN KL 2017:-

R: Relax, it it race day!

E: Expect anything! (Plan properly- Have plan A, B and even C)

S: Slow and steady all the way

P: Persevere ( Persevere and keep moving)

E: Enjoy (remember, YOLO- YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE)

C: Commitment ( Stay committed to your race plan)To finish as you are “ULTRAORDINARY!”

T:  “Terima Kasih”- YOLO run KL 2017 rocks! Thank you for an awesome run!

OVERALL: This was such a great race and event and one that will stand out in my memory forever. YOLO Run KL has earned a place in my heart for sure.




Ready, steady…YOLO

It is something of a cliche’ “among runners”, how the activity never fails to clear your head. Does some creative block have you feeling stuck? Go for a run!

Are you between one of two potential life-altering decisions? Go for a run! Are you feeling mildly mad, sad or even just vaguely ‘meh’? Go for a run! Go for a run! Go for a run……

A good run can sometimes make you feel like a brand-new person. And, in a way, that feeling may be literally true. We are all much stronger than we think! We need to take that leap of faith and trust our own abilities! If you are preparing for your first 5 Km run or a 10 km run or your first ever 21 km half marathon or maybe your first ever 42 km full marathon……YOU CAN DO IT!

It is not easy to make these choices and changes, or even know what these changes that you want to make. All we can do is try and be the best version of ourselves!

When Prakash, my running ‘partner in crime’ gave me the opportunity to run and write for YOLO Run 2017, I was thrilled, excited and overjoyed! I love the theme! And what makes it special and close to my heart is YOLO- You Only Live Once- Running gave me the belief that I was stronger than I was! It gave me the courage and strength that I could do anything!

We all have challenges in life and we need to be brave enough to ask for help. When we do, we can be surprised by the reaction and the nurturing that follows. It takes guts to stand out! To stand up and join in! Just go for a run……

Life throws us opportunities, some big and some small, and it is how we react to these opportunities and whether we decide to take action or not, that governs the outcome of our destiny. Remember, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE- YOLO!


Men’s Health Women’s Health AIA Night Run 2017: Race Review

As a runner, your greatest asset- or sometimes enemy, is your brain! What you think and feel on and off the road has a tremendous influence over how you perform once you lace them up on race day!

Men’s health and women’s health AIA Night Run 2017, Hubby and I decided to signed up for the 21km half marathon, since it was scheduled to be held in Putrajaya (Nice route, flat and not too much of hills). However, we were informed by the organisers that due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue was held at MAEPS, Mardi- Serdang instead.

We arrived very very early, so we managed to get to a good and safe parking spot, quite near the starting point. Alright, let’s begin with a quick rundowns of the PROS and CONS.


  1. It was a “Night Run”. It had a totally different feel than a morning race would have, which I enjoyed.
  2. It was a nice feeling to be running “in a farm”- closed to nature (Old Macdonald had a farm tune was in my head 24/7, while running this 21km route (LOL)
  3. I might be acting a little picky with this one, but I thought that the crowd was overwhelming, thousands and thousands of runners!
  4. Water stations were plenty (but it was badly manned and was disorganised)
  5. Porta-porties were sufficient


  1. The warm up session by Fitness First was demotivating.
  2. The flagged off was 10 minutes late, we could see the elite/veteran runners pushing their way to the front. At 8.10pm, the emcee did a countdown and off the 21km runners went.
  3. As far as logistics go, it was probably a disorganised race. To my opinion, there were too many runners. When the 21km runners were flagged off, runners were pushing, shoving into one another to be ahead/ in front. From the 1st km to the 5 km, runners were running in a bottle neck position.
  4. Certain parts of the route were pitch dark and there were lots of pothholes.
  5. To make matters even worst, the 21 km half marathon runners had to share the same route with the 12 km runners, and round and round and round we went….Lap one……..Lap two…….and all the runners were so confused that the 12 km and 21km runners were just running and slamming and crossing into each other. we were like a herd of cows running in and out of the “Kandang” to find our way home……OMG! It wasn’t a flat route, but on hills! It was like stairway to hell. At one point, this was pure mental torture for the 21 km half marathon runners!
  6. I could hear many runners grumbling and complaining that the route was dull, boring and unsafe. No proper lightings and roads were uneven and lots of pothholes.
  7. There were no proper signages and markers. Marshalls were busy on their mobiles, sitting in the corners, vaping and smoking and some were busy yelling and shouting “to the left…to the left..!” and “runners….21km to the right! to the right!” At this point, many runners were so confused and most of the 21km runners DNF!


Bad runs happens to every runner. Yes, me too! But when a bad run is happening to you, it is horrible! But when the wheels start falling off, you can either focus on the pain or you can use it as a learning experience.

I was just happy and relief to complete the race and managed to grab my finisher medal!

Be realistic…was it really such a bad race? You are racing no one but yourself! So this time yourself lost, next time your other self may win…….See what I mean, take the good runs with the bad, remember the highs and don’t dwell on the lows.


















Expect the unexpected- P.S.P King of Forest


If you’re going to put yourself through hell, you might as well do it in heaven, eh? I took a brave decision recently to take part in the P.S.P King of Forest. All things have limits, but one should always go beyond them. I was pretty excited to be able to do this! Running a trail run is very foreign to me, and I am no way a mountain goat!

The start line was very overwhelming. Hubby wished me “good luck and see you at the finish line” and bang we were off! I was surrounded by over 2000, probably all of them were pro and elite runners.There was everything the seasoned trail runner would want-uphills,single track and stream crossing. It had rained the night before, so parts of the trail were really muddy.

I was grateful for the opportunity to be in that moment at that time. So grateful for a body that allows me to do this, for a mind that chooses to push on when it hurts. So grateful for my other half who also shares my crazy love for running..the feeling was breathtaking!

The rolling elavation gave the runners a climb and descent adventure as they navigate the different distances of the trail. P.S.P King of Forest attracted a drove of runners from the newbie trail runners looking for a comfortable place to start their journey into trail running to the seasoned elite runners looking for competitive ambiance and their weekly milage. P.S.P King of Forest is a scenic haven for a trail run with well maintained trails and its own share of the wild and forested trails.

The trail into the 5km was probably the most treacherous, with a big up hill that were coated in mud by the time I got to them. What’s a trail run without muddy shoes? My shoes were caked with mud and I thought I might fall. I held onto trees and roots, I made it! The view..oh wow! I could see the KLCC Twin Towers…magnificent…It was tough, and steep, but wow the scenery was incredible!Like being inside a painting. I stopped to catch my breath and continued my journey….

The crowd around me definitely wasn’t shy about walking the uphills. And none of us could resist taking pictures. I met Gunawathy along the way and we ended up being “3 sekawan”- we rolled and climbed and slided and glided through amazing scenery. Doesn’t get much better than that! Chatting with her helped the miles go quick and it was nice having someone there to help keep the pace strong!

Our trail was well marked and there were marshalls to guide us throughout! There were also signages the entire route. A good amount of shade and aid/ water stations were efficient and a lot of fun! fun! fun! We also had a few easy water/streams crossings which was really awesome to hear the sounds of the water flowing-just like in a spa…the sounds of nature…


Rate rating: 5

Well-marked, pictureque and above all else, challenging! Small waves helped keep the trail from becoming too crowded.

Organization: 4

Plenty of parking. (Thank you, dear organizers for keeping our cars and properties safe) There were lots of RELA and Marshalls on stand by and on duty. Friendly and energetic organizers got the start, finish and awards off without hitch.

Overall: Recommended Trail Run

The right amount of punishment and reward! Very well-coordinated for the first annual.

Off road running is just……different! Road and trail are pretty far removed from each other. I love both in different ways. Leave your headphones at home, take off the watch, ditch the phone and let your inner “Jedi” use the trail running force!

Trail running will change you for the better, and when you get home, you’ll feel the benefit of the trail’s nature therapy.

All in all it was such a magical experience!


The P.S.P King of Forest


Bored of running on roads and fancy trying something a bit different?

Lace your shoes and stretch those calves. I am looking forward for my 2nd trail run at IJM ICE Gallery @ Pantai Sentral Park, Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi- P.S.P King of the Forest. Running trails is totally different to running on roads, and I know it will test my balance, strength and endurance.

Every trail is different and I need to constantly adapt my techniques as I encounter new obtacles. I know this will slow me down, but I am not going to stress about the time and just have an awesome time. There is no better feeling than running amazing trails and enjoying our amazing forest and nature.

Trails have so much to offer. The only requirement to run trails is to be up for an adventure. Experience, technique and pace will all come in time. Be smart and be open for adventure because the trails will give you only as much as you are willing to take. Never stop exploring!

Masterpiece = A Father

Father’s day, as it is known, is celebrated to pay tribute to all the fathers of the world. In short, it is dedicated to fatherhood, the second most wonderful relationship after motherhood. While fathers do anything and everything for the betterment of their children, this day allows me to pay my sincere admiration and respect towards my daddy and all the daddies out there!

There is a unique bond of love, faith and understanding between a father and a child. My dad- my super hero! He plays an essential role in my life. Many things I have learned and many things that he has taught me. Some of the most meaningful moments in my life is the time spent with him. Father’s day is time when a daughter can thank her father for making her life a bed of roses.

My daddy is a person who is loving and kind, and often he knows what I have on my mind. He is someone who listens, suggests and defends and he is one of my best friend!

My daddy is always proud of our triumphs but when things go wrong, he is patient and helpful and strong!

In all the we do, my daddy’s love plays a part, there’s always a place for him deep in our hearts.

And each year that passes, we are even more grateful and proud just to call him our dad!

Thank you, daddy for listening and caring, for giving and sharing, but especially, for just being you!

Fathers are wonderful people, Too little understood and we do not sing their praises as often as we should.

For, somehow, Father seems to be the man who pays the bills, while Mother binds up little hurts and nurses all our ills.

And Father struggles daily to live up to “HIS IMAGE” as protector and provider and the “hero or the scrimmage”

And perhaps that is the reason we sometimes get the notion, that fathers are not subject to the thing we call emotion.

But if you look inside Dad’s heart, where no one else can see, You’ll find he’s sentimental and as “soft” as he can be…..

fb_img_1497702796953.jpgBut he’s so busy every day in the grueling race of life, he leaves the sentimental stuff to his partner and his wife….

But Fathers are just WONDERFUL in a million different ways, and they merit loving compliments and accolade of praise.

For the only reason Dad aspires to fortune and success is to make the family proud of him and to bring them happiness.

Daddy, you are my guardian and a guide, someone that I can count on to be always by myside.

Dear all, especially all the dads out there…join and be part of the SUPER DAD virtual race! Take up the challenge and rediscover your lighter, sporty side! It will be a great time for bonding………….For more information please log in to

Happy Father’s Day !  A sturdy, steady hand to hold to, in time of strife and stress. A true friend we can turn to when times are good or bad, one of our greatest gifts and blessings…….THE MAN THAT WE CALL DAD!

Happy Father’s Day to all the coolest dad out there!