Twincity Marathon 2018 Race Review


What do you do, when someone gives to you “a mission impossible”? Well, You take it, change it from the “Impossible” and make it “Possible!”

When I woke up this morning at 3am, I didn’t think I would run a half marathon, but that’s exactly what happened. This write-up is not about patting myself on the back, but rather sharing the inspiration that compelled me to do something like this in the hope that you too will be inspired to push yourself beyond your comfort zone today because no one knows just how many days we have left on this planet and YOLO-You Only Live Once.


Race day morning was incredibly nerve-wracking. I was up way earlier than I needed to be. I forced some peanut butter sandwich and coffee down, while my stomach felt like it was flipping over. But it’s time to nut up or shut up and off we go! Off until we got stuck in traffic in Cyberjaya at 4am in the morning on a Sunday. And all the traffic was headed the same place we are. What does that say about me and other runners? Up to run a grueling test of persomal endurance at five in the morning just for a Tee-shirt, a medal and bragging rights! Unlike other road race, the organiser provided different coloured Tee for 10km, 21km and 42km runners which to me, was actually kinda awesome. You can differentiate each categories just by a glance at their tees.

Then I heard the emcees saying that the Zumba warm up session was about to begin.. Woot…..woot……my favourite part of the event! Hubby kissed me, wished me luck and said “See you at the finish line, B”…and I was off, I had a nice spot-right in front of the stage….I put on my dancing shoes and the next thing I knew and heard was Justin Timberlake saying that he can’t stop the feeling……Muahhahhhahhhaaa…LOL

After that I locate my starting coral. You know those moments when you realized you have made a big mistake and it’s too late. This was one of those moments. No, it wasn’t a mistake running. The mistake was looking around and knowing that I actually didn’t belong at the tail end.

After ten minutes of walking, I finally make it to the starting line. I’m trying to stay calm and pace myself, but let me be honest here, I had adrenaline pumping like mad.  I did see a few interesting people along the way as I went such as some in costumes, in tu-tus, others were running barefoot along the way as I went zipping past. As we came to the first water station it was mob rule. The volunteers were trying to speed up with the cups but it was really messy and disorganised.

It’s sad that so many people were already dying for water. And there were a dozen porta potties with a line for each. I’m guessing a personal best wasn’t in the cards for those runners that day. I tried to bypass the crowd at that water station and I just kept running.

The route was nice. It’s not flat but nothing too steep either. There were inclines littered along the route to make it less boring for runners. There were a few unlit roads that we had to run though.

By the 10km, things were looking up. Even though, there were changes in the routes but the walkers were weeded out and it was just runners. It was great to be hanging with the crowd. No more stress and free to just go along at my own pace.

I was enjoying the crowds and cruising along happily putting no thoughts into what lay ahead. Then the route led us to a busy main road (a.k.a the highway), there were no marshalls on duty, only cones….Then my mind and thoughts instantly led me to Evelyn Ang, an awesome runner and pacer. She would have been here, running and pacing with us, if it was not for the unfortunate incident that has happened to her last year. My thoughts, hope and prayers goes out to her and her family. Get well soon! At the back of my mind, fear crept into me. What if the motorcycle could not see me? What if that bus lost control? What if that speeding car lost control and crashed into me? At this particular route, it was really unsafe and terrifying for me and for the runners- Dear organisers, we hope that you could ensure safety for the runners and should consider safety as your main prioity in a running event!

The route was tougher in the second half of the race somewhere near MCMC and Shaftbury route but I was able to negotiate those pretty okie. That is when I had to have the inner pep talk to keep it going. I stopped and walked a bit at every aid station. Mostlyso I could drink. I tried to pretend that I was a professional runner and ran through and drank at the water station and I almost died due to drowning, So I accepted that I lacked a certain coordination and just walked through the rest.

Keep going, Chrisy! Keep going, Chrisy! Then my thoughts diverted to Cinderella…Why Cinderella? Because she is one happy motivated runner. Sleeping beauty- not a runner, snow white-not a runner, but Cinderella is a runner, although not the most practical runner, glass slippers and all. She is happy to stay motivated. Sure, she had struggles. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and to keep going…Cinderella started off with the same running issues everyone could have: a slave to housework, negative nagging family members, a stressful job and heavy work demand. Then she tossed of the glass slippers and went out for a night run. The rest is history! The moral of the story is “Change your impossible to possible!”

Then at the 18km, I saw the light……NO……Seriously! I saw the light! The lighting and thunder and guess what? It suddenly started pouring cats and dogs. Flashes of lighting streaked menacingly in the distance and the skies were as dark as the depths of Arkham…Ohhhhhhhh, Yes, the stage where you “hit the wall”, my mind was completely numb by this point that if you asked me my name, I wouldn’t be able to answer you.

Markers and signages were well placed and it was really motivating and good feeling watching each KM go past. Seeing the front runners, embracing and running in the rain and fly by was incredible- It amazes me that pretty much they were running twice the speed that I was running-perhaps feeling hungry and rushing to get their “roti telur” or “Telur goyang”??

Then somewhere between 19km and 20km, I spotted a few runners having a picnic by the roadside..eating, drinking and chatting……LOL…it was a unique sight to see in a marathon race…..or maybe a foodiethon race?….LOL

Anyway, with my whole body soaking wet, drops of rain still kept falling on my head, to make matters worst, my shoes lace kept coming out two to threee times. Fatigue was increasing but I was focused and motivated by the fact that I had only 1 km more to go and I was doing well for myself, not for anyone else. My race, my pace, my ‘twincity and my medal!

One final KM and I will have finished! The true moment where I realized no matter how bad I may hurt, with lots of chaffing and aches and pains, how tired I am, I will be crossing the finish line- It’s a personal taste of freedom only a runner knows when you have crossed the hump and you finished strong! Grinning like an idiot and just loving every second of it and yet letting every second go by in a blur..Collected my medal! Horray! Then, I went walking endlessly just to collect and to find for the 21km Finisher Tee-shirt counter. (Eventhough the organisers did provide the runners a race guide, however after running a distance of 21km- maybe my mind was a little bit delirious so   I had to asked other runners for directions….I Hope that the locations/counters and logistics could be better and could improve next year. And what perhaps wasn’t so positive (but ultimately maybe is in the hands of the organisers) is the safety of the runners during road running. Now excuse me, while I go do the dance of joy!

It’s hard to explain the feeling unless you have also accomplished something you felt was impossible! It doesn’t have to be a half marathon. We all have dreams and goals. And each one of those takes steps to complete them. The message here is that you can do anything you want to do if you want it bad enough. Just take the steps to do it and don’t give up. Yes, it may be difficult but the most valuable things are usually the hardest to obtain. You can do it! If I can do it, anybody can!


Find Serenity in Seremban….

Escape to an idyllic spa at d’ Tempat Country Club – The Sanctuary Asia Spa and choose from a variety of spa treatments that soothe both, mind and body.

In this age of technology, stress and hyper-competition, Sanctuary Asia Spa provides a uniquely secluded urban environment to rejuvenate, relax and take pleasure.

Forget the nine to five during your visit to Sanctuary Asia Spa at d’ Tempat Country Club and unwind in the whirlpool or relax in the steam rooms and sauna, designed with comtemporary style and subtle touch of Balinese. Indulge in a tantalizing array of treatments and therapies that is designed to balance, relax and restore your senses when the stresses of everyday life take their toll.

The delicate Balinese ladies urshered me into a treatment room and gave me a robe/towel to put on and told me to enjoy a 20 to 30 minutes of sauna and then instructing me to lay down on the table when I was ready. I lay down and let out a long exhale, wondering what their supple little hands could achieve…and then, I saw the light!

“Soft or hard, madam?” I really do love this question from a masseuse. Not because I’d be worried about her strength and potential cruelty, but because it just makes me feel that the masseuse is well-trained and knows exactly what she is doing.

I had the pleasure to experience techniques of acupressure, reflexology, aromatheraphy, sauna and jazucci. My skin was rolled and flicked by Miss Yati, the masseuse during the procedure, while some essential oils was applied to stimulate the flow of my blood and chi energy in my body.

It was a relaxing massage. I lied down the whole time and the only physical effort I’d made was turning from my stomach onto my back. This massage helped to relieve pain from my body as well as reduced stress and brought my body back into balance.

One hour later, I was sure the light of a thousand angels has shined down upon me and spirited away any trace of stress and tension, rendering my body to jelly. I had just experienced the closest thing to a religious awakening and knew that from this day forward I was converted! LOL…….

Interestingly, I also found out that the Balinese massage technique is influenced by other Chinese and Indian techniques including the holistic medical Ayurveda technique. By folding and kneading the skin and working every muscle of the body, the techniques promotes blood flow, energy and oxygen throughout my body. Which I guess explains why I felt light as air. I truly enjoyed this delightful blend of massage techniques. Sanctuary Asia Spa offers an array of spa services that will put your mind, body and soul on a path toward total relaxation. From a full body massage, body treatment to aromatherapy and reflexology, their trained staff will assure you of a pleasant, soothing and healthy experience. They take pride in offering the best experience and a high quality service by training their therapists intensively.

Come and get pampered in the beautiful, relaxing atmosphere of Sanctuary Asia Spa @ d’ Tempat Country Club.

For more information, please log on to or please call +017 9777923 for reservations.



Picture the destination, Appreciate the journey

Running seems so simple. You just put one foot in front of the other over and over again really fast! If you listen, running can tell you about yourself in a way that few things can. The more you embrace each mile, the more you understand that the wisdom found in the quiet, dew- filled morning runs is unique and spectacular, all wrapped up in one heart-pounding combination.

Your competitor isn’t the one beside you; it’s the one inside you!

Running mirrors life in so many philosophical ways. I think that’s why I love it so much. As I dig deeper into each mile, I learn so much more about myself! With each pair of running shoes I wear out, I gain a deeper perspective on life’s journey.

Hope:- Not just the “I hope this is the last KM” type of hope but knowing that I am faster, stronger and better than the next run (or hill) won’t be the end of you.

Happiness:- Maybe it is the endorphins but for me it’s the feeling of air in my lungs and the sweat on my brow.

Running isn’t just an activity I do to keep fit. It is a way to de-stress, escape my worries, to test my limits and to cath up with my friends……..Happy feet, Happy me!

The year 2018…..BRING IT ON!!



The Performance Series (TPS) Race Review


I love to run & I want to share that love with my kids. The first time my son and daughters asked to run with me, I was ecstatic! I’m not alone in wanting my kids to catch the running fever. Go to almost any local race and you’re sure to find a kids’ fun run or a family run. Or you’ll find a kid from any age group lined up next to you at the starting line.

As my daughters get older, their friends are becoming more important. She has more homework, tuition classes, basketball practice, piano classes etc…craving out a few family run has become our time together.

The Performance Series (TPS) was a great opportunity for me as a parent to bond with my children, for friends to catch up with each other and for couples to spend quality time with one another. TPS had three categories, 21KM Half marathon, 10KM and the 5KM Fun Run.

This time, Hubby and I decided to run with the kiddos the 5KM Fun Run, so as this was a non-competitive run, there was no stress in squeezing all the way to front of the start pen like I always do for other races. My children and I decided to ride on this no-stress approach by just enjoying the route.

The race was really easy to get to and there’s a huge and secure/safe parking lot (The mall’s parking lot) right across from the start line which made it easy to pick up our race packs, get all ready, then put everything back in the car. Syabas to the organisers for hiring extra security/RELAS to keep our cars and belonging safe!

There are usually two ways it goes down after the gun goes off-my children will either proceed to put all their effort and energy into sprinting the first 1KM before they slow down to a walk or they’ll blow past me and I’ll never see them again….after they have crossed the finished line. Either way, it’s always fun to see!

But once we started running, there was no looking back. My son and daughter set the pace, ran the entire thing, and only stopped to walk at the water stations. And running through an early dawn, lit-by-sunrise at this beautiful route in Setia Alam indeed provided the necessary motivation to keep them going.

For the 5KM Fun Run, the water stations were situated perfectly and in accordance to what was stated on the route map, with volunteers working tireless to make sure everyone was hydrated.

For parents who take their children for runs together should keep a few things in perspective, just like me, I set a few rules:-

  1. Know your own child’s limitations
  2. When you sign up for a run, ensure you have read thoroughly the terms and conditions
  3. Encourage them,don’t push them
  4. Let them set and maintain their own pace
  5. Walk when they want to walk and don’t make them feel guilty for walking
  6. Let them run their own race; don’t point out other kids who are faster, farther ahead etc.
  7. Shower them with praise at the finish line

If your kids aren’t overly athletic or haven’t run anything before, these shorter distances are perfect. We weren’t looking to break any land- speed records. We were just looking to have fun and finish. Amazingly my 10 year old son finished the race with the time of  30 minutes and my 12 year old daughter clocked 33 minutes. If you keep that as your goal, FUN AND FINISH, then I believe almost any kid can get out there and run a 5KM (Any adult, too, for that matter)

After the race, there was tons of great snacks for finishers. In addition to the race, one of the best parts of being part of TPS is getting to meet up with people and runners and best of all bonding with my children. If you are looking for a fun and flat 5KM experience in or around Setia Alam, Shah Alam, I would highly recommend this one and yes, I will be back again next year! Kudos to the organisers and sponsors! You guys rock!

Whether you’re an avid runner or desperately clinging to a New Year’s Resolution (weight lost/ 100km milage a month etc), don’t leave the little ones at home.Strap some sneakers on your kids and get them out there, too!


ATM Half Marathon Race Review

ATM = A-wesome  T-terrific M-arvellous 

Always have your end goal in mind and keep focused on it! I won’t lie, during many moments at different races, I’ve asked myself why I put myself through this? What gets me through is the finish line and the feeling you get when you know you’ve done something that most people won’t even want to try……..

I woke up too excited that morning, the day of the ATM HAlf Marathon was finally upon me. We arrived in the nick of time. Parking slowed us down because there were buses loads of runners/ soldiers/trainees  everywhere! So, my hubby told me to start jogging to get to the starting line first while he finds a safe parking spot. Adrenaline was flowing, nervous butterflies were dancing around in my belly.

Standing there at the starting line was an overwhelming experience. There were 11, 000 runners ready to run! It was still dark. The only lights were those at the flag off area and the ones lit up for the course. Hubby was not in sight…Kept my fingers crossed that he will be able to make it on time..My heart was beating. The music was playing, energy was soaring. Some were crying, others were laughing, some were seriously talking out loud a.k.a pasar tani/ pasar pagi and still others were just mentally preparing themselves as well…..10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1………………….AND WE WERE OFF! Oh crap! I turned left and right and there I spotted my hubby zig-zag-ing overtaking runners……..relieved, I moved slowly towards the starting line, like pushing a stalled car, praying it will start.

It was a perfect day, light breeze, just after a heavy down pour but all my thoughts were positive and geared towards moving this machine of a body forward. It was a smooth flag off with plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Well, now you’re boned! You’ve actually got to run this thing or die trying anyway. If you’ve got this far…I’m sorry! Really! I’ve failed to convince you to do otherwise and now you are running some ungodly distance, possibly for some vaguely undefined reason to do with charity or health or running with ATM- woot woot Angkatan Tentera Malaysia…ehemmmmmm….

I was really impressed with the route, eventhough, with the sudden and last minute changes, this route seemed to be a hidden gem in this lovely place called Port Dickson. It was well planned and executed and the scenery was great! The crowds (a.k.a) army/soldiers/trainees, the course, the atmosphere-it is the full package! I would defininetly recommend to all my fellow city runners- This is a “MUST RUN RACE”, you should not miss it! It is also an awesome route to do your PB. It’s flat, fast and furious and there are no stairways to hell…..phewww….

From 1KM to the 5KM, the route led us into a scenic village, I could hear roosters, the sound of the ‘azan’ prayers and my thoughts led me back to my school days, where we had to run a race called ‘merentas desa’ during our sports.

When I started the race, I was ecstatic. (Thoughts included: “This is awesome, I feel great!” and “Why don’t I do marathons all the time?”) But let me assure you, by 14KM or 15KM, those thoughts were long gone…..(Replacement thoughts: “Wow–my freaking body freaking hurts”, and “I would really like to stop, like 5KM ago”.) The best I could do was focus on thinking about how gorgeous it was outside….

Along the way, there were sufficient water stations filled with awesome volunteers who helpfully spilled water and 100Plus on your brand new overpriced running gear..Noooooo seriously…….Thank you, dear volunteers. Be sure to thank them for this, dear runners because I don’t know what would possess somebody to get up at an ungodly hour, travel across town and stand around for hours handing cups to thousands of sweat covered smelly runners! Thank you, Terima Kasih, Nandri, Xie Xie! You guys rock!

Then at 6KM, we ran on a nice flat and fast route, on the Seremban-Port Dickson highway. My original plan was to take a laid back approach to this race and run just for fun. Sometimes, race day is a funny thing. Most runners aren’t competing for first place. They are competing against themselves, either for a better personal time or simply to finish. Life is similar, while it may look like a race against others, the only real competition is yourself!

The route had something for everyone with some crowd lined closed roads, an idyllic rural village section through Port Dicksn. Seriously! Just do it! Ditch the elastic, hair bands, pretty clips and let your hair wild as you run ATM Half Marathon.

After the 9KM, the route brought us to a path just along the seaside, it was a beautiful sight, however we were faced with a slight congestion. Thankfully, the narrow path involved a short stretch. Some runners took the opportunity to stopped for a selfie along this path which featured the sea. It was a nice day, ocean breeze with melodic sound of waves, and yes it brought great feelings from the body to the soul. Then, we reached the 10KM-where all the 21KM runners had to cross the starting line to get to the 2nd loop. While I crossed the 10KM marker, runners for the 10KM category were in positions and were all in their corals on stand by to be flagged off.

Ohhh don’t forget to unplug your headphone and listen to the waves crashing, the birds chirping and the people/villagers playing. How refreshing to run with true awareness of your surroundings. Allowing my body fall into the rhythm of the natural soundtrack.

Then suddenly I heard, happy feet, happy singing, happy chanting sounds….The 10KM runners, along with the army, soldiers and trainees were running in groups..Oh what a marvellous sight! They were tough, they were singing, they were motivating one another. Then my thoughts diverted to Leftenan Adnan.Hmmmmmm…..He was a teacher but he chose to join the army and fight and defend our country Malaysia. He left his home, his parents, wife and kids to sacrifice, to fight, to defend our country- our beloved nation- Malaysia! He was strong and brave and faught until the end as the saying goes ‘ Biar putih tulang, jangan putih hati’. A sense of pride crept inside of me to be able to run side by side with the army, soldiers and trainees. I felt proud and honored to be part of ATM Half Marathon, to be running in honor of  ‘Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.’

A few minutes later, they were out of sight. I was ‘only the lonely’. Then I cruised along the flat ground, keeping my breathing in check and noting who was around me. I didn’t want to run alone and there were a few times I surged ahead simply to stay with a pack of runners.

Then, I reached the main road-the round- about for the second time. Traffic control was tremendously execellent! Arrows and signages let us know we were always on the right track and marshals guided runners in the right direction while directing traffic and a few key intersections.

By the way, I have to say pacers are incredible! I am still feeling good…like surprisingly good. The route was still wet and foggy. It’s still cool, already feel drenched in sweat, but I’m immersed in the atmosphere and just generally happy. Around the 17KM there was a hydration station, volunteers handing them out for the runners to grab…I grabbed one cup of water and one cup of 100Plus, somehow that taste helped me get through..There were times throughout the race when I wanted to cry just because I was so happy! I’m not saying that the whole 21KM was such a breeze that I was on cloud 9 the whole time. What I am saying is that there I was- doing it-really doing it! Running 21KM- A Half Marathon.

My goal was to just finish the race. I was able to keep running, only stopping at aid stations/water breaks. I need to give a shout out and thank the stranger in the army uniform. He doesn’t know he did anything but I was trying my damnest to keep up with him. And I did, for a long time. So, Mr Soldier, thank you keeping me going, for motivating me and helping me not to stop or quit. Even though you have no clue and will probably never see this, you helped me immensely.

After the hydration station, I tried to remind myself I only had 4KM left to do. I do 5KM everyday, no sweat…that didn’t really work. I was already super tired and my feet hurt. But I still kept at it. At about the 18KM, I gave in and walked some more. I walked about 1KM. Maybe a bit more…I wanted to able to run to the finish so I was trying to preserve some energy. And then I saw it, in the distance….the end. It look SO.FAR.AWAY. I can do this…I turned my head to the right, and there I saw my hubby, standing next to my bro-Bufford and his wife Mary (who ran the 10KM race), cheering me on.

JUST GO…FINISH….and finish, I did..I threw my hands up in the air, like I just don’t care, as I crossed the finish…I got my awesome medal and my finisher Tee-Shirt and my legs felt like dead. But I just ran a half marathon…For someone who running does not come easy for, I was (am) unbelievably proud of myself.

After race ended, parts of my body I didn’t know I had started hurting. I felt like I got body slammed by the Hulk and then hit by a truck a.k.a Optimus Prime. When I got home, I showered, drove the kids to Sunday School, had lunch with mum, dad, hubby and kids and napped like my life depended on it. I walked like a penguin for a few days after the race.

I can’t wait to do it again. My favourite part of the race- EVERYTHING!  Overall, the hype, the people, the Army-soldiers-trainees, the crowds and the emotions…”Remember when you thought you couldn’t do this?” I do……..But I just did it and now I feel unstoppable. It was truly a once in a lifetime destination race and eventhough I wasn’t able to “RACE” it, just running it was such a gift!


ATM Half Marathon 2017


There’s always the first time for everything! This coming weekend, I will be going for another running adventure with my better half! The ATM Half Marathon 2017 which will be in held in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan on the 12th November 2017.

It will be an honour and pride to be part of this awesome event. The Malaysia Military Services have a long, proud and ilustrious history in securing the peace, both against threat at home or internationally under the auspices of the United Nations. The Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Half Marathon (ATM Half Marathon) is a brand-new running event in Malaysia aim at bringing the military forces closer to the people it serves- the citizens of Malaysia. Through the ATM Half Marathon, participants can get up close and personal with the different branches of the military services namely Army,Navy and Airforce.

I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to be one the official blogger and to be able to run a 21 KM Half Marathon and share my journey and adventure with my fellow runners. Just imagine, I will have the opportunity to take pictures with members of the elite GGK Commandos, pose a selfie with their rifles and who knows……a PB!

See you there this Sunday 12th November, 2017! For more information,

The Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House

Ahhh..vegan food. Some people eat it as a lifestyle, some people eat it to stay healthy, some people just lowkey enjoy it! A vegetarian food restaurant with a twist of adventure The Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House.

When I say vegetarian and healthy food…what comes to mind?  Bland, tasteless and only green? Well, if that is your answer, you need to redifine your definition of healthy vegetarian food. Located in the heart of Seremban, Seremban Gateaway, on the second floor, their menu typically consists of raw food, western dishes, smoothies and fashionable desserts and Japanese too!

Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House is a restaurant that will steal your heart for many different reasons whether you are a vegetarian or not!


If there’s one thing I know about humans, it’s that we love pizza. And just because someone decides to do away with dairy and meat in their diet, doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on one of the tastiest creations known to man! Luckily there are tons of amazing recipes available to vegan pizza lovers the world over-that will satisfy their cravings for what some call the perfect food…….eat up!

In some circles, sushi is synonymous with ‘raw fish’…and clearly not on the menu for vegan or vegetarian diners. Thankfully, Cafe Veggie @ The Muffin House offers a variety of- course veggie spread sure to satisfy anyone’s sushi cravings and delicious California rolls, Volcano rolls, Tempura rolls any many more…..


From simple to sumptuous, avocados add flair to any salad recipe. Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House has avocado salad to suit any taste or occasion. A collection of richer, side dish with avocado and creamy dressing and stimulate your taste buds with the flavorful avocado salad.


Served with shredded carrots for added texture, this fried rice is earthly, crunchy & savory. With a few simple yet delicious ingredients this dish comes together very easily. It has a unique flavour profile for a fried rice. The flavors in this dish are a traditional Japanese combination and really play off one another well.


We are a nation that loves breakfast food. Yet plently of us still skip our morning meal. Why? Because we are too busy! But that excuse will no longer be acceptable -once you order ‘The Friendly Breakfast’ whether you prefer sweet or savory, this dish- from fluffy pancakes to scrambled eggs- for some, it’s sunny-side-up eggs..



This salted egg chicken uses aromatic curry leaves to complement the salted egg yolk. One bite is enough to make you hanker for more. A dish that would satisfy even the most discerning salted egg fun. Juicy ‘chicken’ fried to golden perfection and coated with velvety of golden salted egg cream. The latest trendy dish loved by all veggie lovers!



Greet the morning with a warm croissant sandwich. Delicious egg mayo on a buttery croissant makes a tasty start to your day. It’s only better in a croissant because….a croissant is bigger and it holds more egg mayo! Don’t you think so?


Start your morning with a ‘yummy-licious’ waffle with banana topped with warm maple syrup or a dollop of whipped cream/ice cream. Great waffles!


If you like spicy and pungent flavors, this vegetarian laksa has your name on it! This vegetarian laksa noodle is amazing. This is the kind of noodle soup I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it contains so many of my favourite ingredients, coconut milk, red curry paste, curry powder and noodles. There’s nothing more appealing than a bowl of bright orange broth and noodles topped with loads of veggies to make me want to dive and devour. MUST. EAT. NOW.


It’s no secret that chocolate and coffee make a fabulous pair. Combined with rich, full bodied espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, then top it off with sweetened whipped cream….just classic!

Situated in the heart of Seremban, Seremban Gateway. The Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House serves the food of modern day vegan by proving that vegetarian food can be flavoursome, creative and satisfying with a menu that is varied and imaginative.



The beginning of an amazing adventure…It only gets better from here at Thistle Port Dickson

Family holidays are about the sun, sand and spending time together- but at Thistle Port Dickson- they do even better than that!

Thistle is an absolute gem. The family suite is divine.It never ceases to amaze me when I checked into a higher-end hotel room, I was totally amazed, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share the details found in their newly refurbished family room.


Spacious, bright and outward facing rooms and totally refurbished. The room comes with one king size bed and one children’s double-decker bed, a modern, fully equipped bathroom finished in top quality bronze colored ceramics and a stunning view from the balcony.

It provides views over landscaped gardens and the pool. It has a seating area, ample storage, digital safe, minibar and even bath time toys such as the “rubber duckies”. Allow you and your family to indulge and experience, fall asleep in a wonderfully comfortable bed, listening to your own lullaby.

When you stay at Thistle Port Dickson, you’ll enjoy the excellent service and premium amenities of a hotel- for example free wi-fi throughout the resort. But more important, you’ll enjoy the warm hospitality of a friend. That’s what sets Thistle Port Dickson apart! And it starts with the friendly smile they welcome you with.

What are you waiting for? Plan your holidays now at Thistle Port Dickson. For more information please log in to

PROTON HSN21KM Race Review

In conjuction of Hari Sukan Negara celebration, Proton HSN21KM is an initiative by renowned event organiser Muse Group Asia, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. The run, in line with the mission of Hari Sukan Negara, is aimed at further igniting and strenghtening the desire to keep fit and be healthy among Malaysians and to create a sporting nation. Held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with over 10,000 runners this year!

Days before the race, I was totally scared, nervous and excited all at the same time! And honestly, I had every right to be..Don’t get me wrong, I trained, but it was tough sticking to a strict plan that I made out months ago. (Life happens)

My mantra was to do what you can do-no matter what-just keep going. It’s time to nut up or shut up! And off I go…….

And all the traffic was headed the same place we are. What does that say about me and other runners? Up to run a grueling test of personal endurance at 8.30pm just for a finisher T-shirt, a medal and bragging rights.

I am trying to stay calm and pace myself, but let me be honest here, I had adrenaline pumping like mad. The atmosphere was just awesome. The set up was really fantastic! We were entertained by the Buskers as well as a super hyper warm up zumba session and then at 8.25pm all the 21km runners elite and ‘not so’ elite runners like me were called to enter the pen and head to the start line. We sang our national anthem “Negaraku” and few minutes later we were flagged off. The highlight of my day was, I had the opportunity to high five the Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin woot woot! One of the best feeling ever is standing at the start line, next to my hubby, who decided to stay and run with me-Thank you for your love and support, without you, I don’t think I would have been able to make it through Bukit Tunku.

I am not being dramatic when I say this, but I was so impressed by those running around (and past) me. It was hot, humid and hilly (The 3 Hs’), but even though it was evidence, at 2 KM we were all struggling, everyone pushed on.

I was enjoying the crowds and cruising along happily putting no thought into what lay ahead. All I thought about how this was my day. And the joy was running at Bukit Tunku (ONLY THE BRAVE, right?) I had done all the hard work and deserved to be there and it was absolutely splendid. At 2 km, I see the big hill coming up and felt like I could take on anything the world through me. The route literally went up that hill so I mean it was right in my path. It wasn’t that steep but it just kept going. I noticed a lot of people had to stop and walk at this point. I told myself just clear the hill because what goes up, must come down…. and like a lot of others around me, I had to stop and walk. Breaking laws of physics, the top of the hill somehow kept getting farther away.

Make no mistake, running hills is not easy. It leaves your legs aching and burning and you are bound to reach the top hufting and puffing. The route was tougher in the second half of the race, but thankfully the hydration and water stations were plenty and they were very well organised. Volunteers handed out water and Lucozade efficiently.

At the 10KM, our route headed into Jalan Kuching, we were out running on a pretty main road in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Kudos to the organiser for the excellent traffic control and marshaling. It was great to see drivers on the other side of the road with their windows down watching us and grinning, shouting support for people that they didn’t even know!

The route was altered slightly after that- we were back into those glorious hills! The hills, how do I put this, the hills are alive! After winding around through parts of Bukit Tunku, passed the Botanical gardens and more hills- But we soldiered on. There were marshals and police at every major junctions and corners.

Then suddenly I felt something shift in my body…If you’ve ever heard a runner talk about “hitting the wall” or “bonking”, that was exactly what happened. Then I started talking ‘gibberish’ to my hubby, asking him just like how my ten year old son would asked,,,” how far more’? and “Are we there yet”? for a dozen times I kept asking my hubby but all he said was- keep going! Run Chrisy! Run Chrisy! At 18KM, my body just quit on me. Then, I had to switched gears in my brain….it’s now mental! I got this! I am not going to stop! Just keep going….. I can do this! I can! I will! and once again my hubby made me re-focus!

At the route near PWTC- Sunway Putra Mall, I managed to keep going but in a bit of a painful blur. I was just focused on trying to keep up with my hubby and just kept my legs moving. I kept repeating my mantra…Don’t quit! Don’t quit!

I am not quite certain how it works, but it always amazes me how the body can do things on race day that you really don’t think possible! After that Everest Climb to base camp we come to a water station. All I can see are determined faces. Everyone was beginning to look beat down and yet smiling cause they know after having come this far they will finish the race!

Then I saw the sign 20KM, runner’s favourite number..just one more KM to go..with sweat dripping every part of my body, fatigue increasing, I really started to struggle with my breathing, just one more KM to go, sounds like making excuses, it sort of is….LOL..

The final 1Km was quiet and tranquil. Runners wore few and far between. Most runners, including me, alternated between running and walking.

At the finished line, we were given fininsher’s entitlement, which include a medal, water and a 21KM finisher’s T-shirt. At the race village, there were plenty of booths, food trucks and entertainment too….

I have nothing but amazing things to say about PROTON HSN21KM. The course was a real challenge! A mixture of hills and hills and the hills are alive……LOL. The support from friends and spectators was amazing. The Staff and volunteers were beyond amazing and awesome! Water stations, markers and signages were sufficient and well placed and organised. The organiser did a tremendous job with traffic control and marshling. A huge kudos and congratulations to each and everyone of  you for actually being out there running, walking or crawling!


Are you ready for HSN21km?

Every race tells a story….

Marathons are for mad people! That’s what I’d always thought and I didn’t fit in the club….until…….HARI SUKAN NEGARA!

In just two days, HSN21km will be held held on 14 October at Dataran Merdeka at 6pm onwards. This half marathon is ‘extra special’ to me…Why? Because, a year ago I did the Impossible, the Inconceivable, the Extraordinary! I completed my first half marathon race at HSN21KM run last year 2016.

Leading up to my first half marathon, there was pain, there was progress and despite some nerves and struggles in the beginning…that being said, none of my training compares to everything I learned on race day and the days leading up to it.

It became clear early on that to be a runner it wasn’t as simple as putting on a pair of shoes and running. Unless you are Kenyan of course.

I became a runner who wasn’t training for any particular race. Running was just something I did. People would ask me what I was training for and I would reply “Life”. My hubby aka my ‘sole’ mate- was the dose of maturity I needed to run long distances. He helped foster myself-belief, resist the urge to surge and above all RUN RUN RUN!

Running is an adventure that has produced beautiful lessons, truths involving friendships an incredible amount of dedication and courage.

And at 21km, take off! Give it EVERYTHING you’ve got! And out that smile on your face because cameras are ready! Don’t just blow through the finish line. Throw your arms wide, jump, do something awesome because that is the moment you are going to want to remember for the REST of your life. You just ran a HALF MARATHON! A HALF MARATHON! YOU! AMAZING! You are incredible! Wear your medal with pride, grab your goodies, eat your banana, take pictures with your friends. Do that happy dance!

I might have crossed the finished line of my first half marathon after 3 hours and 24 minutes, but I have accomplished so much more! I pushed my limits and got to know myself! I shattered expectations and started my journey and enjoy running. I became fitter and healthier. I became a better version of myself.See you at Hari Sukan Negara @ HSN21KM at Dataran Merdeka at 6pm onwards.