A run to remember…Shamrock Run 2016

img-20160229-wa0002.jpgIt was time to kick start the back to back runs!! I’d arrived at Taman Botani, Putrajaya ridiculously early and after collecting my racekit, my hubby and I walked around in the darkness but we were pretty amazed with the surroundings such as a beautiful lake, trees and flowers and waiting about for everyone else to arrive. The weather was nice and cool!

Since this was a non-competative run, I didn’t spend any time warming up. I even had doubts whether I could run all the way and so I adopted the thoughts…”take one step at a time” approach.

Flag off was on time. We even sang our National Anthem, The Negaraku. A quick briefing is followed by somebody then the horns goes off that I only realised it’s time to run because everyone suddenly sprints off…..whoopss- I suppose I’d better get moving….

Off we go along a beautiful path….Then we dodge over the grass and into a tunnel, and then up and around, down and up. Hills! Does any runner like them? I know I don’t!¬†Then came the killer climb at Taman Herba. I could hear other runners moan and groan about the hills during the climb. then the tune from the movie “The sound of music”..The hills are alive……came into my thoughts! Anyway, it was a non competative run so I took as the uphill is the work interval and the down hill is the recovery period. What’s more, during the hill runs, my hill-tackling mentor, my hubby adviced me..he said, “the key point is gravity-Just look at what’s right in front of you and run..Take baby steps”, he said But his “baby steps” were actually like Dinosaur steps to me….LOL!

Taman Botani, Putrajaya is truly a hidden gem! Oh these parks! These forested trails! I melt when i even think of them now..It was very hilly and tough to run but so gorgeous it’s worth it! I felt compelled to stop for some photos.


There’s no other feeling quite like becoming part of the wild excitement and crazy crowd who were all there for the Shamrock Run. Many were dress in green outfits, running and celebrating in style side by side with both friends and strangers. It was indeed a carnival atmostphere. The weather was perfect! The organisers were a bunch of friendly and awesome people! I even managed to take a photograph with His Execellency

Eamon Hickey, The Irish Ambassador to Malaysia.

Overall, Kudos to Mr Hafidz Kosai, The President of Malaysian Irish Alumni Association and his awesome pawsome team for a fun, exciting and challenging 10km Shamrock Run Malaysia 2016!

“Beidh me ar ais”- I will be back!


Run…Blog…Virtual Run?

fb_img_1456467703620.jpgThe virtual race take place in a location and time of your choice. You can walk, jog or run wherever you may be, and at any time during the race week or month, for a 5 km, 7 km, 10 km or 12 km distance.

Why run a virtual race? Well………………there are lots of reasons why someone would want to run or walk or jog in a virtual race..ehem…ehem…some runners need no reason at all! The joy and thrill of getting out and running daily is all I need! Yes, yes….I am one of them! Well, here are a few reasons why I joined MM Rantau Green Run -Virtual Run 2016.

  • Reason 1# Woot…woot….medals are a great way to show my achievements..(clap…clap…applause…applause) Self praise..eeeer..
  • Reason 2# Support awesome charities- Some virtual race feature benefits a charity, so you can do good for yourself while doing good for others!
  • Reason 3# I desire to complete a 12km race, I am trying out a new challenging distance and I did 15km instead plus I want to do it alone without the preasure of others knowing.
  • Reason 4# I am a mom who would rather run every morning while the kids are at school than take away family time on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Reason 5# I don’t have the budget to travel long distance for a race.
  • Reason 6# Make my friends jealous by all the extra “bling” I have earned.
  • Reason 7# Motivate my friends, cousins etc to start exercising with me……

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Unlocking the magic and mystery of PD Coast Run

fb_img_1453175731141.jpgAs a kid, I claimed that I would only run if a doggie or a boogie man chased me…But after my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I fell in love with running. Running became my journey towards health and it also helps me to maintain my weight and well being. I don’t run for my figure, the bling blings or because it is trendy! I run because with each step I take and make….I shed a lot of negativity and take in a lot of positivity.

When the opportunity came a few weeks ago to sign up for the PD Coast Run 2016 which will be held on 4 June, Saturday-Port Dickson. I felt like it could be another chance to challenge myself for fun! I have heard horror stories of how torturous the sand running is in the heat….ahhhhhh but then….on a nice day, sun, ocean breeze, with melodic sound of waves, I am sure I will have great feelings from body to soul running through the Coast of Port Dickson.

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Did someone say 2 races in one weekend?

The past one week have not gone exactly as I imagined, although it is definitely an improvement from last year, as at least all my bones all remain in one piece..LOL

To me, the love of running does not happen overnight. It’s like being in a relationship. It takes a lot of hard work. First you like it, then you love it, then something happens and you need a break. After that you come back to it and you begin to rediscover what you almost missed……Then you fall in love again!!

Well, what can I say, I am getting so pumped up for this weekend! It’s finally here! This Saturday and Sunday I will be running two significant distances on back-to-back days. Saturday will be 10km Shamrock Run 2016 and Sunday, 12km, AMBank KL City Run. Ohhh Wow! A total of 22km!! It’s like running a half marathon! Anyway, it is exciting to think that I will be running alongside my hubby even though I might just end up eating his “dust”……..LOL! Continue reading “Did someone say 2 races in one weekend?”

Don’t think about it, Just do it!


Running truly is a sport for everyone out there, regardless of shape, age and gender. You do not have to be a marathoner to be considered a runner. If you run, you are a runner! All it takes is just one step at a time, one day at a time….(Ohhh…..that hymn keeps playing in my mind) Anyway, it takes dedication and commitment to being consistent and you will surely make progress…Hmmmm…Well, it’s easier said than done, eh? I told myself that I would run five days this week and well, my attempts to run failed dramatically maybe because I was expecting too much, too soon of myself.

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You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go!

In days leading to my next run, my nerves really started to get to me. After a week break from running, I ran 5km today!

Hmmmm……well being demotivated is an obstacle every runner deals with. It’s always a constant battle and struggle overcoming that obstacle, however we know as runners that a “bad” run is better than “no run”! Anyway, while I was running this morning, I heard someone clapping…….it was just my thights cheering me on…LOL…

Then my thoughts started to wonder….RUN…..FOREST…..RUN…! And you know what happened next?? Well, Uhhhhmmm..Nothing! I just finished and completed my 5km run. I know it’s about me and my own personal run records but that makes me smirk a bit.

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Forget the glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes


So, I am gonna be running for the Shamrock Run in 2 weeks time but motivation isn’t my strong point. You see, after one whole week of festives and glorious food and I am typing with a bar of “kit kat”in my hands….(Take a break, have a kit kat……) Hmmmm….Has it been that long????

The good thing about writing a blog on adventure and personal development is that it forces me to step out of my comfort zone. The thoughts going through my mind and in my head….”I am fat, Wahhh….I am gonna be as slow as a tortoise…..Will I make the cut off time…….blah..blah…blah….”

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Get my streak on!

fb_img_1455285704433.jpgThe reason I have not written anything the last few days as…..obviously, I was busy eating, eating, eating and eating!

Why? Well, It’s spring time! Chinese New Year celebrations and proud of being half chinese and half Portuegese…..Fa la la la la la……Tis’ the season to “eat” jolly”….fa la la la la la la…It’s a time for celebrations, gatherings, family reunions and of course, food! Glorious food!

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Green Warrior Run 2.0


Run with your heart and not with your legs! Why?? Well, allow me to tell you that it is because this race is not about achieving a certain time, or individual goal…this race is about making a difference! MAD…..Making A Difference!! Yeah, you heard me..MAD…! Well, how? Running while doing charity and having good family and friends to share the memories with….

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The perfect blend, Malaysia Irish – Shamrock Run 2016


A person may not be a runner or a fitness buff but participating in this run is a good start, and is, hence, a good habit to develop. It brings out the athlete in everyone that could unleash a greater potential.

It’s a non-competitive leisurely run and back for the second time 2016 after an overwhelming and successful run held in 2014, will be in Malaysian style “Terjulung kali akan dianjurkan di Asia!”¬† The Shamrock Run 2016. The soft launch of Shamrock Run 2016 was graced by His Excellency Eamon Hickey, the Ambassador of Ireland to Malaysia.

Mr Hafidz Kosai, the president of Malaysian Irish Alumni Association briefed that this is a run that is not to be missed! Why?? hmmmm….Well, It’s for me to know and for you to find out!!

It’s fun! It’s unique! It’s awesome pawsome!

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