The Mass Run- Rajini’s Kaala

Ready, Set, Run!

Take the next step……Fans of Rajinikanth!

The moment you have been waiting for! The Mass Run- Rajini’s Kaala 2018, Indian Tamil language film written and directed by P.A Ranjith. This film stars Superstar Rajinikanth as the ‘hero’ in this movie that many of his fans have been waiting for….This fabulous run is brought to you by DMY Creations.

Ready to beat the heat with the little ‘superstar’ sparkly fun? Well, here is the chance! Log on to and sign up now and join the run which will be held on 1 April 2018 at Dataran Merdeka.

Apart from the run event, nothing gives a medal more meaning than a story behind it! You will be able to grab this unique and awesome ‘bling’-medal…So, what are you waiting for?

3 Fabulous reasons to run this race

  1. RUN FOR FUN – make sure you have fun while you are running…dress up, dress alike, be a team of superheroes. Dab to the tunes of the sound machine. Give a shout-out to all the adoring fans out there! Celebrate together, and who knows with the Superstar- Rajinikanth, himself as you sprint over the finish line for a job well-done!
  2. RUN FOR THE T-SHIRT AND MEDAL- When you have crossed the finish line grab your ‘bling’-medal and wear it loud and proud! The  Mass Run t-shirts are the best ones out of any out there! One thing you can expect, a killer image of the Superstar!
  3. RUN FOR THE HISTORY- To my knowledge, Mass Run-Rajini’s Kaala is one of a kind- The race is a true community event and is dedicated to all Rajinikanth’s fans! So let’s go make history!

DMY Creation pride themselves on starting on time, having t-shirts that are works of art, a unique medal and creating a fun community event that encourages competition and offers lots of reward! So log on to and don’t miss this opportunity to make history!

Let’s run, walk or roll in the Mass Run-Rajini’s kaala!

ATM Half Marathon 2017


There’s always the first time for everything! This coming weekend, I will be going for another running adventure with my better half! The ATM Half Marathon 2017 which will be in held in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan on the 12th November 2017.

It will be an honour and pride to be part of this awesome event. The Malaysia Military Services have a long, proud and ilustrious history in securing the peace, both against threat at home or internationally under the auspices of the United Nations. The Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Half Marathon (ATM Half Marathon) is a brand-new running event in Malaysia aim at bringing the military forces closer to the people it serves- the citizens of Malaysia. Through the ATM Half Marathon, participants can get up close and personal with the different branches of the military services namely Army,Navy and Airforce.

I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to be one the official blogger and to be able to run a 21 KM Half Marathon and share my journey and adventure with my fellow runners. Just imagine, I will have the opportunity to take pictures with members of the elite GGK Commandos, pose a selfie with their rifles and who knows……a PB!

See you there this Sunday 12th November, 2017! For more information,

Expect the unexpected- P.S.P King of Forest


If you’re going to put yourself through hell, you might as well do it in heaven, eh? I took a brave decision recently to take part in the P.S.P King of Forest. All things have limits, but one should always go beyond them. I was pretty excited to be able to do this! Running a trail run is very foreign to me, and I am no way a mountain goat!

The start line was very overwhelming. Hubby wished me “good luck and see you at the finish line” and bang we were off! I was surrounded by over 2000, probably all of them were pro and elite runners.There was everything the seasoned trail runner would want-uphills,single track and stream crossing. It had rained the night before, so parts of the trail were really muddy.

I was grateful for the opportunity to be in that moment at that time. So grateful for a body that allows me to do this, for a mind that chooses to push on when it hurts. So grateful for my other half who also shares my crazy love for running..the feeling was breathtaking!

The rolling elavation gave the runners a climb and descent adventure as they navigate the different distances of the trail. P.S.P King of Forest attracted a drove of runners from the newbie trail runners looking for a comfortable place to start their journey into trail running to the seasoned elite runners looking for competitive ambiance and their weekly milage. P.S.P King of Forest is a scenic haven for a trail run with well maintained trails and its own share of the wild and forested trails.

The trail into the 5km was probably the most treacherous, with a big up hill that were coated in mud by the time I got to them. What’s a trail run without muddy shoes? My shoes were caked with mud and I thought I might fall. I held onto trees and roots, I made it! The view..oh wow! I could see the KLCC Twin Towers…magnificent…It was tough, and steep, but wow the scenery was incredible!Like being inside a painting. I stopped to catch my breath and continued my journey….

The crowd around me definitely wasn’t shy about walking the uphills. And none of us could resist taking pictures. I met Gunawathy along the way and we ended up being “3 sekawan”- we rolled and climbed and slided and glided through amazing scenery. Doesn’t get much better than that! Chatting with her helped the miles go quick and it was nice having someone there to help keep the pace strong!

Our trail was well marked and there were marshalls to guide us throughout! There were also signages the entire route. A good amount of shade and aid/ water stations were efficient and a lot of fun! fun! fun! We also had a few easy water/streams crossings which was really awesome to hear the sounds of the water flowing-just like in a spa…the sounds of nature…


Rate rating: 5

Well-marked, pictureque and above all else, challenging! Small waves helped keep the trail from becoming too crowded.

Organization: 4

Plenty of parking. (Thank you, dear organizers for keeping our cars and properties safe) There were lots of RELA and Marshalls on stand by and on duty. Friendly and energetic organizers got the start, finish and awards off without hitch.

Overall: Recommended Trail Run

The right amount of punishment and reward! Very well-coordinated for the first annual.

Off road running is just……different! Road and trail are pretty far removed from each other. I love both in different ways. Leave your headphones at home, take off the watch, ditch the phone and let your inner “Jedi” use the trail running force!

Trail running will change you for the better, and when you get home, you’ll feel the benefit of the trail’s nature therapy.

All in all it was such a magical experience!


The P.S.P King of Forest


Bored of running on roads and fancy trying something a bit different?

Lace your shoes and stretch those calves. I am looking forward for my 2nd trail run at IJM ICE Gallery @ Pantai Sentral Park, Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi- P.S.P King of the Forest. Running trails is totally different to running on roads, and I know it will test my balance, strength and endurance.

Every trail is different and I need to constantly adapt my techniques as I encounter new obtacles. I know this will slow me down, but I am not going to stress about the time and just have an awesome time. There is no better feeling than running amazing trails and enjoying our amazing forest and nature.

Trails have so much to offer. The only requirement to run trails is to be up for an adventure. Experience, technique and pace will all come in time. Be smart and be open for adventure because the trails will give you only as much as you are willing to take. Never stop exploring!

Shamrock Run 2017

There’s just an awesome feeling….running….It’s my “me” time, my thinking time, my time away from dealing with that thing called “adult-ing”…. I will always be the first one to tell mothers to RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Get away from the family, make sure you have some time to yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.

If mommy is healthy and happy, chances are the family is too! That’s how I like to live my life!

Not all runs require you to push to your next PR. Some runs are just for fun. Whether you have little ones or just want to turn family members onto the joys of running, come join Shamrock Run 2017 which will be held on the 7 May at D’Pulze, Cyberjaya.

This run is strictly for fun and it’s all about relaxed exercise,accomplishing personal goals, raising money for a worthwhile cause, just some easy moves and lots of laughs.The run is suitable for all the family.

It isn’t about olympic level athletes aiming for a record time. It’s about mums with prams, dads with strollers, groups running together, fancy dress and kids getting active. This is the 3rd edition of Shamrock Run 2017, runners can run for 10KM or 5KM within the beautiful surroundings of Cyberjaya.

The flag off :

  • 10Km- 7.30am
  • 5KM   – 7.35am

The Cut off time:

  • 10KM – 2 hours
  • 5Km   – 2 hours

Participant Entitlement

  • Event t-shirt
  • Bib Number
  • Finisher medal
  • E-certificate
  • After race snack

So lace-up your shoes and grab the entire family and head to D-Pulze, Cyberjaya on the 7th may 2017 and join Shamrock Run 2017!

Have fun, get faster & get fitter – KL Possible Run 2017

Not all runs require you to push to your next PR. Some runs are just for fun! Whether you have little ones or just want turn family members onto the joys of running. This race, KL Possible Run is the ultimate family affair. Bring the entire family and join us for this race. It will be held on Saturday, 11 March at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur with 2 categories :- 10 km (6.45am) and 3 km (7.00am)

For a running parent, there are few things more exciting than the day your child wants to start running. But remember, it’s all about them having fun!

I will be participating in KL Possible Run and will be running with my hubby and my two younger children, Amisha and Avinash for the 3 km family fun run. Come and join us! But remember, when you are out there with your child, remember these few golden rules:-

  1. KEEP IT FUN :- they should always run with a smile on their face
  2. BE REALISTIC ABOUT THEIR ABILITIES :- don’t go on a route far beyond what they can do
  3. DON’T FORCE THE PACE :- let your child dictate the speed and follow their lead
  4. SHOW OFF LOCAL SCENERY :- let your child appreciate the beautiful outdoors as part of their running

Keep it fun! Let the kids lead, let them be silly or run funny, whatever they need to do to keep it fun! No pace goals, no set time. Just pure running fun. That hopefully will get your child for a lifetime love of running.

Make the impossible……POSSIBLE!

For more information please log in at to register now!

Twincity Marathon- Race Review

First thing is first……What a beautiful day for a half marathon! Congratulations to everyone out there who gave it their all today! I hope everyone had a great experience!

Last year 2016, has been filled with many runs and my 1st half marathon, of course….Maybe it’s because I just can’t say no or maybe because I am slightly crazy, but last sunday- marked my second half marathon The Twincity Marathon in Cyberjaya-Putrajaya. This is a great race for beginners and experienced runners alike. It really is a nice course to run. I know I’ll be back to this run again! It is definitely a race you should experience at least once. I would do this race every year if I could.

The organisers did a good job with registration and race pack collection. It was held at D’ pulze for 3 days. On the first day, a slight technical error happened however, it was rectified ASAP, then it was smooth onawards. The volunteers always know what they are doing at this race which is nice. KUDOS to all of them!

Sunday morning, after a sleepless always my alarm rang at 3.03am….ehem…lucky number- wanted to do a PB for sub-3 (LOL) anyway, we arrived at 4.50am because we were afraid the traffic is usually pretty heavy. There were already lots of cars coming in but we ended up getting a great parking spot, quite near to the start/finish area. The RELA and volunteers did an awesome job with the car parks and traffic control. There were lots of runners socializing as we walked around to see the start area. The race start area was very organized, and you really need to be, with a race of this size. Hubby and I did our race ritual- porta porties. The facilities was plenty. No issues on queues or long lines. Very sufficient. After that, we were led by a cool team of Zumba dancers for the warm up zumba session. Fuh Yoh! I really enjoyed it….I was wide awake and I think my muscles were jumping for joy too! The zumba session lasted for 15 minutes after that we got into our corral. It was a pretty packed corral as I believe many runners are always shooting for a sub 2 hour half marathon.

fb_img_1484565876009.jpgThe flagged off was on time, though we could barely hear the emcee due to the speakers however, with all the hype and excitement-the runners just wanted to start the run…..The weather was nice for running. Then at 5.30am sharp we were flagged off! The corral typically goes out pretty fast and then people start to somewhat seperate. A much thinner crowd, by the time I hit the 2 km marker.

The course also had tons of volunteers handing out water and energy drinks. I did enjoy the course. You are never alone during the race as there are always people of the same pace no matter what your pace is…

On to my race…..well the half marathon continues to be my nemesis and I do not know why….The plan was…hmmmm……I actually had NO PLAN! Just to complete and finish the race..LOL..with this being a nice flat course…turns out a positive attitude goes a long way! I just kept reminding myself to relax my shoulders, I smiled and had fun with the ups and downs…the hills not the emotions..LOL

A nice little surprise awaited the runners at the 16 km, Nasi Lemak! Glorious…yummylious…..”Nasi Lemak Anak Dara” was served at the stop. Many runners made a pit stop to reload. Seriously, it was a cool and awesome sight to see during a marathon race.

The last 3 km was a struggle! The route was tougher in the second half of the race, but I was able to negotiate those pretty okie. The morning was cool but a little humid so the plentiful sponges were really helpful.

The organisers did a tremendous awesome job with the traffic control and marshaling! The runners safety were their top priority and that was really great! Thank you dear organisers! The start and finish were efficiently handled!

On a more positive note, I was so touched by all the cheers from passing made me feel awesome even though I was struggling! I appreciate each and every one of them and I am truly sorry I did not cheer back, I did in spirit..! But I was very focused on keeping one foot in front of the other. I hope you enjoyed my pain-“sakit” face! Ha ha ha!

I was hoping for a better time today and possibly even a PB. We are runners and we expect more of ourselves after all that is why we do it and that is what fuels the fire to keep training. So needless to say this has only fueled my fire more and I will be back to training to hit my running goals as I am not content with my current  PBs and not ready to throw in the towel!

So whether you had an AWESOME day ( I heard of a lot of amazing PBs today at the Twincity Marathon today!!) or not so awesome day, I hope you can learn from it! That is the amazing thing about running, there is always something to learn and grow from!

Running season is here…..BRING IT ON! until next time onwards and upwards!

Thank you Twincity Marathon! YOU ROCK!! Woot woot!