Have fun, get faster & get fitter – KL Possible Run 2017

Not all runs require you to push to your next PR. Some runs are just for fun! Whether you have little ones or just want turn family members onto the joys of running. This race, KL Possible Run is the ultimate family affair. Bring the entire family and join us for this race. It will be held on Saturday, 11 March at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur with 2 categories :- 10 km (6.45am) and 3 km (7.00am)

For a running parent, there are few things more exciting than the day your child wants to start running. But remember, it’s all about them having fun!

I will be participating in KL Possible Run and will be running with my hubby and my two younger children, Amisha and Avinash for the 3 km family fun run. Come and join us! But remember, when you are out there with your child, remember these few golden rules:-

  1. KEEP IT FUN :- they should always run with a smile on their face
  2. BE REALISTIC ABOUT THEIR ABILITIES :- don’t go on a route far beyond what they can do
  3. DON’T FORCE THE PACE :- let your child dictate the speed and follow their lead
  4. SHOW OFF LOCAL SCENERY :- let your child appreciate the beautiful outdoors as part of their running

Keep it fun! Let the kids lead, let them be silly or run funny, whatever they need to do to keep it fun! No pace goals, no set time. Just pure running fun. That hopefully will get your child for a lifetime love of running.

Make the impossible……POSSIBLE!

For more information please log in at http://www.myraceonline.com to register now!


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