Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016

Nowadays, joining a fun run is one of the must-do activities since my hubby and children are also into sports and running.It is one of the most popular events one should participate in whether he or she wants to develop an active lifestyle or simply adventurous! Sure, anyone can go jogging, but the experience in a fun run lies in running together towards a common goal of reaching the finish line. Trust me..when I tell you that once you start joining fun runs, you will develop a sense of motivation and discipline to keep going! It brings out the athlete in everyone that could unleash a greater potential. A person may not be a runner or a fitness buff but participating in a fun run is a good start and is, hence, a good habit to develop!

Aside from a set of freebies a participant usually collects, another awesome pawsome aspect of fun runs is that they are usually organized for certain causes and proceeds (or a part of it) are donated to help charities or calamity victims. Also, some fun runs promote awareness in various subject matters.

But wait! wait! There is more! The Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016 is gonna be fun..with an added twist! There will be……………………..hmmmmmmmmm… Coloured Bubbles……..Music……….foam……..Coloured Bubbles…….Fun……foam……..Coloured Bubbles……as the runners dash and stride along the route, giving them a unique fun filled experience!

The wait is finally over!!! It’s time to be part of the most exciting run in town! This year, Great Eastern have partnered with the Heart Foundation Malaysia to create the Great Eastern bubble Dash 2016.

Join us on:

Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016 -Penang, Sunday Morning, 25 September 2016 at Queensbay Mall, Penang

Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016- Kuala Lumpur, Sunday Morning, 23 October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Come and join me and if you want to know more…Log in to


Passion, Glory or Insanity- Compressport 100 Malaysia Series


Yesterday, I went to a bookshop and asked the sales person if they had books on ultra trail running? He gave me a funny, weird look and responded…..”What is ultra trail running?” So, I briefly explained what is ultra trail running and ultra marathons are. He replied by saying- “Why-lah would anyone want to run a race longer than a standard marathon?” Honestly, I could not give him an answer because I didn’t know!

Hmmm…….So, It got me thinking, why does someone want to put their body through the agony of an ultra trail marathon?

Passion….???? Glory…….???? Insanity…….??????

Okay dokie, right away I am going to rule out insanity and go with Passion and Glory!

Runners fall in love with the idea of challenging themselves.I feel with the right and proper training ANYONE can run an ultra trail marathon!

Compressport 100 Asia Pacific Series brings you the amazing ULTRA TRAIL MARATHON- Combo Challenge. They will be offering two distance, 25 KM and 50 KM; and a team of 2 (2 X 50 KM)

The 50 Km PENANG series is amazing! Not only is the view breathtakingly beautiful, the elevation gain for this distance sums up to a shocking 2,800 meter! This is definitely a “to-die-for” route and the beauty that comes with it, makes each drop of sweat worth while.

The 50 Km SEMENYIH KL Series, is not for the weak. We challenge you to a whooping 1,900 meter in elevation on this ultra trail. No matter how gruesome and tough the route, “Penang” or “Semenyih” series may be, you will be rewarded with nature’s best! It is totally worth every ounce of sweat!

For more information please log on to

Kabali Fever- 5 km Kabali Run 2016

The day is coming! In a few days …’ll stand at the starting line-pumped with energy and adrenaline! Counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the crack of the gun is shot- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1- Kabooommm! Kabali Run 2016 @ Sepang International Circuit, 31 July 2016.

Adrenaline is flowing, nervous butterflies are dancing around in your belly, and sometimes things can be forgotten or overlooked amid the excited tension. Here are some tips for you before “Kabali Run 2016”.

  • Make sure you are well-rested and well fuel, but don’t overdo the eating.
  • Make sure you set an alarm for a bright and early time, and have a back-up ( or else you will be seeing “Kabali”- in your dreams!)
  • Sometimes when you get to a race, there can be a lot of action…and who knows la…Kabali’s special appearance….ehem..ehemmm…, noise and stuff going on…make sure you take time before the race starts to warm up, think about the race, the fun….the glory….the excitement- line up according to what you can actually run, not what you hope to run and set your intentions for the race!
  • Look around and enjoy the route and the experience
  • Races can be really awesome and fun to run in groups. At most of my races, I saw lots of groups dressed in the same T-shirt getting ready to run and support each other, and I thought that was really cool! You can decide if you like to run alone, with a partner or a group, but signing up with others creates a bit more accountability and a “we-are-in-this-together” mentality!

Being organised and prepared will keep you calm and focused on the things you can control. For everything else that is outside of your control, let go……..and have faith in your preparation-it’s what’s gotten you to this point, and it will help you run a strong and Fun-filled “Kabali Run 2016”.

And I am proud and happy to announced that I have completed my Virtual Run 5KM Kabali Run 2016 today!

Run with me- On my Side and by my side

img-20160723-wa0002.jpgHere’s 3 things that runners love doing:-


2.Talking about running

3.Tricking their friends, family member and random strangers into running

LOL…I see you laughing, you are laughing because you know that it is true! We have done it!

The kids aren’t around, your boss isn’t standing over you, it’s just you, your running shoes and the road….Pounding the pavement with a friend can make all the difference. You can encourage each other to get going, commiserate on the hills, and chit-chat your way to the finish. And making a plan to meet someone for a run can give you a little extra motivation to get out the door.

This is my motivation for running. I love the camaraderie that my running buddies and I have and the memories we create as we get up at 4.00am to hit the road to solve all the world’s (or at least our) problems.

Sometimes you need a person to motivate you, to share your pains, to celebrate your accomplishments or simply to run with you. Support, encouragement and inspiration are key factors in having a running buddy. They will always be running on your side and by your side……gives you support and pushing you outisde your comfort zone.

So, join me for the 10 km Rimbayu Run with a friend or two, the road seems shorter when shared with a friend..

“If you want to go fast, go alone! If you want to go far, go together!”

Kissed by smoke, hugged by sauce, licked by fire

TGIBF (1 of 51)Some say it’s the best barbecue in Putrajaya…All I know is that I call it a bloody brilliant!

Barbecue hounds follow their noses. We know that where there’s smoke, there’s….errr…well hopefully not fire, but smoldering wood or charcoal slowly making meat marvelous! So the fumes that hit you when you step out of your car at Tuscany “Thank Goodness It’s Barbecue Fridays”-T.G.I.B.F, augur well.

We were ushered by a sweet and talented lady,Ms Lydia Mae Hendroff, The Assistant Director of Marketing to partake in a Italian Barbecue prepared by Putrajaya Marriott Hotel’s best chefs, the enjoyment those chefs derived from the beautiful evening. Their antics and laughter made the serene setting, seemingly infinite table and each exquiste dishes all the more memorable.

Italian-style barbecue isn’t about slapping something on a grill and then removing it a few minutes later.It involves smoking meat over heat from a wood or charcoal-burning fire for a period of time.

You line up outside next to the pits and make your way to the grill-heated serving station, where chefs with alarmingly good knife skills slice up your meat! It’s richly smoky, tender and juicy, with a savory dark-brown bark. Be sure to ask for the “moist” brisket, euphemism for a “nice and fatty”. Unless your cardiologist is with you, I’d avoid the lean, which is drier and a lot less tasty.

TGIBF (46 of 51)Bite down into some of the juicest ribs, chicken, briskets, tenderloin and seafood around the closest family-style barbecue. Warning:- “Hot” means “Holy moly hot”! bring your appetite and be prepare to leave satisfied.

Large strands of tender sirloin were pink, with a sign of smokering and a deep-brown crust. The flavour made sauce unnecessary, the ultimate sign of good barbecue. A few end pieces of dark-brown bark were scattered throughout, all full of flavor and crisp without being burnt.


Features a wide selection of cheese, desserts and well start with the salad and antipasto bar, which showcases chef’s creation such as beef carpaccio, caprese salad, prawns, beef, lamb and roasted vegetables. There’s seafood on ice too!

Oh yes, the pizza!……Well rest assured, these pizzas stand in and out-of-the-way and is no mere gimmick: This is good quality wood-fired pizza made from a properly salted, fermented dough that gets a lightly charred and crisp exterior that crackles audibly as it gives way to its soft crumb, it has the prerequisite smoky aroma and slightly charred crust. The sauce and the filling were commendable as well.


I’d been eyeing in advance of my visit, despite having gorged myself on cakes and pies only a few days before- the thought pies and crepes stuffed with chocolate and blueberries was too good to pass up. Pies have such a rustic appeal to them that there is no way anyone can resist them!

So, get together with your family and friends on Friday evening for a barbecue at Tuscany Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. Tuscany tempts you with the sights, sounds and smells of Italian cuisine and culture emanating from the restaurant. T.G.I.B.F is devoted to producing the best-tasting barbecue they possibly can, and they won’t sacrifice that quality to feed more customers.

You’ve got to try to believe it.

Price RM110nett per adult and RM67nett per child. Tuscany Italian Restaurant Operating Hours are Monday to Saturday for dinner from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. Closed of Sunday. For more information, please contact 03-8949 8888 ext 1366


Kabali Run 2016

When I talked to people about running, I get one of two responses:-

A) Oh wow! That’s so cool! I run too ( and a long long long running story or goal follows on)

B) What??? Seriously?? I could never do that!! That’s crazy!!

Hmmm……”B” always makes me really sad. Sometimes, I will get a more detailed response, with the person saying they “don’t have time” or “it’s just not the right time of the year” for them to focus on a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I have learned and accepted that you can’t force someone into a healthy lifestyle. You can create challenges, you can go on diets, but ultimately, that person needs to be ready to embark on their OWN JOURNEY no matter what you may say!



So, I challenge you now! Go and sign up for the upcoming most talked Run “Kabali Run 2016”! I love the idea of this run! It is because it combines three of my favourite things:- Running, Charity and A run based on a movie theme “Kabali”.

It’s the first ever run named after a movie. Kabali is an upcoming 2016 Indian Tamil Language film written and directed by PA Ranjith. The film stars Superstar Rajinikanth as the “hero” in this movie, whilst Malaysian actor Datuk Rosyam Nor and Taiwanese actor Winston Chao stars in other pivotal roles.

Apart from the run event, a virtual run category will also be part of this amazing “Kabali Run 2016”. Runners who opted for the virtual run (ehem…ehem…. I am one of them….) may run anytime after registration is complete.

Sure, your miles on the roads do lots of good- they improve your health, trim your waistline, even boost your mind. But you can get even more satisfaction from running in this run by taking a simple step to help others too….Part of the money will be donated to a charity.

Nothing gives a medal more meaning than the story behind it! Let’s run, walk or roll in “Kabali Run 2016”.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate (ehem..ehem…with your Superstar Rajinikanth…..Ehhhhhh, not in person laaa!  But with your bling! bling! The unique, awesome medal!) once you reach the finish line!

It’s time to put your feet to good use!


Let’s Kabali Run 2016 on 31 July 2016 at Sepang International Circuit, Sepang”. For more information please visit or


Run with me- on my side and by my side

There’s only one thing better than running and that’s running with friends.

I’ll rewind the clock a bit to those that don’t know my story…..slightly overweight (chubby cheeks and a butt like Beyonce-LOL, I wish), mother of three kids, probably going through a mid-life crises, takes up running to de-stress and escape from the stresses of life, but loving life and loving every minute of it!

Hmmm…..running can be a very solitary affair and sometimes there’s nothing better than just lacing up and going out for a run, but it can be awfully lonely at times. That’s why I cherish every time I get to run with someone else.

I’ve found running connects me with friends in ways going for coffee doesn’t. It’s almost as soon as we head out on a run, walls come down and we’re able to talk about so many things. You know the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, running is similar! Those time spent talking about life and problems and everything and nothing, are scared……

It’s the best kind of therapy!

To make this even more awesome….( I know….how could this get any better?!!) Well, IJM Rimbayu Run- Run with me- says it all!

Wouldn’t it be awesome! Running with a buddy…So I’d like to invite you to join me- Come lah and “RUN WITH ME”-Rimbayu Run 2016, 31 July at the ARC, Bandar Rimbayu.

This race is all about friendship and fun. Will you come and run with me???

For more information