Run with me- On my Side and by my side

img-20160723-wa0002.jpgHere’s 3 things that runners love doing:-


2.Talking about running

3.Tricking their friends, family member and random strangers into running

LOL…I see you laughing, you are laughing because you know that it is true! We have done it!

The kids aren’t around, your boss isn’t standing over you, it’s just you, your running shoes and the road….Pounding the pavement with a friend can make all the difference. You can encourage each other to get going, commiserate on the hills, and chit-chat your way to the finish. And making a plan to meet someone for a run can give you a little extra motivation to get out the door.

This is my motivation for running. I love the camaraderie that my running buddies and I have and the memories we create as we get up at 4.00am to hit the road to solve all the world’s (or at least our) problems.

Sometimes you need a person to motivate you, to share your pains, to celebrate your accomplishments or simply to run with you. Support, encouragement and inspiration are key factors in having a running buddy. They will always be running on your side and by your side……gives you support and pushing you outisde your comfort zone.

So, join me for the 10 km Rimbayu Run with a friend or two, the road seems shorter when shared with a friend..

“If you want to go fast, go alone! If you want to go far, go together!”


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