Kissed by smoke, hugged by sauce, licked by fire

TGIBF (1 of 51)Some say it’s the best barbecue in Putrajaya…All I know is that I call it a bloody brilliant!

Barbecue hounds follow their noses. We know that where there’s smoke, there’s….errr…well hopefully not fire, but smoldering wood or charcoal slowly making meat marvelous! So the fumes that hit you when you step out of your car at Tuscany “Thank Goodness It’s Barbecue Fridays”-T.G.I.B.F, augur well.

We were ushered by a sweet and talented lady,Ms Lydia Mae Hendroff, The Assistant Director of Marketing to partake in a Italian Barbecue prepared by Putrajaya Marriott Hotel’s best chefs, the enjoyment those chefs derived from the beautiful evening. Their antics and laughter made the serene setting, seemingly infinite table and each exquiste dishes all the more memorable.

Italian-style barbecue isn’t about slapping something on a grill and then removing it a few minutes later.It involves smoking meat over heat from a wood or charcoal-burning fire for a period of time.

You line up outside next to the pits and make your way to the grill-heated serving station, where chefs with alarmingly good knife skills slice up your meat! It’s richly smoky, tender and juicy, with a savory dark-brown bark. Be sure to ask for the “moist” brisket, euphemism for a “nice and fatty”. Unless your cardiologist is with you, I’d avoid the lean, which is drier and a lot less tasty.

TGIBF (46 of 51)Bite down into some of the juicest ribs, chicken, briskets, tenderloin and seafood around the closest family-style barbecue. Warning:- “Hot” means “Holy moly hot”! bring your appetite and be prepare to leave satisfied.

Large strands of tender sirloin were pink, with a sign of smokering and a deep-brown crust. The flavour made sauce unnecessary, the ultimate sign of good barbecue. A few end pieces of dark-brown bark were scattered throughout, all full of flavor and crisp without being burnt.


Features a wide selection of cheese, desserts and well start with the salad and antipasto bar, which showcases chef’s creation such as beef carpaccio, caprese salad, prawns, beef, lamb and roasted vegetables. There’s seafood on ice too!

Oh yes, the pizza!……Well rest assured, these pizzas stand in and out-of-the-way and is no mere gimmick: This is good quality wood-fired pizza made from a properly salted, fermented dough that gets a lightly charred and crisp exterior that crackles audibly as it gives way to its soft crumb, it has the prerequisite smoky aroma and slightly charred crust. The sauce and the filling were commendable as well.


I’d been eyeing in advance of my visit, despite having gorged myself on cakes and pies only a few days before- the thought pies and crepes stuffed with chocolate and blueberries was too good to pass up. Pies have such a rustic appeal to them that there is no way anyone can resist them!

So, get together with your family and friends on Friday evening for a barbecue at Tuscany Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. Tuscany tempts you with the sights, sounds and smells of Italian cuisine and culture emanating from the restaurant. T.G.I.B.F is devoted to producing the best-tasting barbecue they possibly can, and they won’t sacrifice that quality to feed more customers.

You’ve got to try to believe it.

Price RM110nett per adult and RM67nett per child. Tuscany Italian Restaurant Operating Hours are Monday to Saturday for dinner from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. Closed of Sunday. For more information, please contact 03-8949 8888 ext 1366



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