Kabali Run 2016

When I talked to people about running, I get one of two responses:-

A) Oh wow! That’s so cool! I run too ( and a long long long running story or goal follows on)

B) What??? Seriously?? I could never do that!! That’s crazy!!

Hmmm……”B” always makes me really sad. Sometimes, I will get a more detailed response, with the person saying they “don’t have time” or “it’s just not the right time of the year” for them to focus on a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I have learned and accepted that you can’t force someone into a healthy lifestyle. You can create challenges, you can go on diets, but ultimately, that person needs to be ready to embark on their OWN JOURNEY no matter what you may say!



So, I challenge you now! Go and sign up for the upcoming most talked Run “Kabali Run 2016”! I love the idea of this run! It is because it combines three of my favourite things:- Running, Charity and A run based on a movie theme “Kabali”.

It’s the first ever run named after a movie. Kabali is an upcoming 2016 Indian Tamil Language film written and directed by PA Ranjith. The film stars Superstar Rajinikanth as the “hero” in this movie, whilst Malaysian actor Datuk Rosyam Nor and Taiwanese actor Winston Chao stars in other pivotal roles.

Apart from the run event, a virtual run category will also be part of this amazing “Kabali Run 2016”. Runners who opted for the virtual run (ehem…ehem…. I am one of them….) may run anytime after registration is complete.

Sure, your miles on the roads do lots of good- they improve your health, trim your waistline, even boost your mind. But you can get even more satisfaction from running in this run by taking a simple step to help others too….Part of the money will be donated to a charity.

Nothing gives a medal more meaning than the story behind it! Let’s run, walk or roll in “Kabali Run 2016”.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate (ehem..ehem…with your Superstar Rajinikanth…..Ehhhhhh, not in person laaa!  But with your bling! bling! The unique, awesome medal!) once you reach the finish line!

It’s time to put your feet to good use!


Let’s Kabali Run 2016 on 31 July 2016 at Sepang International Circuit, Sepang”. For more information please visit http://www.marathonmy.com or beestorm.com.my



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