Run for your life- HSN21KM


Like most runners, when I started I swore I’d never run a marathon. 1 KM was a struggle, what crazy person would submit themselves to 42 KM????

So, when I saw the promotion for HSN21KM, which will be held on 8 October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur……..Hmmmm…..I decided it was time to cross a marathon or maybe for beginners, a half marathon 21 KM off my bucket list.

fb_img_1472186371453.jpgTherefore….here’s a short post for a little chuckle for all readers and runners and an honest look for those considering the journey…just like me…ehem…Some of it may not all hold true for you, but likely will……

  1. You will the following week declare this is the worst idea you have ever had! (What!!!!???? A half marathon?? HSN21KM Half Marathon!!!!)
  2. You will have to shuffle all kinds of plans to get up early everyday- after dropping kids to school for hours of running and training.
  3. Your other half will be very, very, very, VERY, tired of hearing about your training (it’s why blogs like this exist!)
  4. You will develop an inner knowing that you can do hard things!
  5. You will over come every mental barrier you have set up ( get a coach if you are still struggling)
  6. Checking the weather will become your second job and regardless of what it says, you will still run
  7. Questions about the ability to complete HSN21KM will be only in your mind
  8. Running does not have to be so serious, it is supposed to be FUN….Not easy…BUT FUN!
  9. Runners come in all shapes and sizes. A 70 year-old will pass you, a mom with a jogging stroller will pass you and you will realize how amazing it is that they are out on the roads with you.
  10. There are so many more hilarious thoughts and moments that happen during training- and moments of pure joy and moments of pure defeat! It is what keeps me coming back each day!

I am on my journey, embarking my first 21 half marathon for HSN21KM which will be held on 8 October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur…being their official blogger and writer, the team so far, has been very,very encouraging and very motivating! So, dear runners……Come join me on this journey as I embark my first attempt of a half marathon – HSN21KM. For more information-


Running is my Teacher-Compressport Run 2016


With so many people finishing races and telling their amazing tales, it can feel a little intimidating to declare you are a new runner or that you haven’t yet run a race. But the truth is that running isn’t about any race……it’s just about Left, Right, Left, Right…one foot in front of the other….

When we first start running, it’s scary so we call ourselves joggers! But here’s the thing, just by lacing up your shoes and putting one foot in front of the other you are declaring to the world that you are a runner!

To me:-

  1. Running isn’t about speed
  2. Running isn’t about PR’s
  3. Running isn’t about how far you go

Running is a process and one that I should enjoy by allowing myself to go on a journey…..If the marathon bug has finally nipped at your heels, spurring you to action, it’s time to get serious!

With the tag line “Whenever you race we support you”….come sign up now and join the Compressport Run on 18 Sept 2016 at the Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

Fear, excitement, anxiety, exhaustion…the days or weeks before the race can be an emotional roller coaster! What more can you ask for……An awesome bling bling “Harimau Garang” medal tooooo……….. Sign up at

My Daddy- 70 and fabulous!

My dad just celebrated a milestone birthday last weekend the 20 August 2016: The big 7-0. This was such a fun birthday dinner party, as it was a reason for my sister- Joanne, uncles, aunts ,nieces, nephews, cousins and friends to come from afar and near to celebrate together. Great family memories were made, lots of yummy-li-ous food and drinks were served and eaten, and there were plenty of laughter and joy!

One of the best things about family is the connection we have, not just through our ‘blood ties’ but through our hearts. Even if we don’t have an opportunity to speak every day, every week or every month- when we do come together, it’s as if we were never apart.

To be perfectly honest, I often wonder where I would be today, were it not for the ‘anchors of steel’ with which my father and mother fortified my sister and me when we were growing up. My father and mother accomplished this not merely by talking the talk, but by walking the walk- It was what they showed us in their actions;attitude and behaviour that made those powerful and indelible impressions on us, and paved the paths for us to become the adults, parents, leaders, runners- we are today!

We are truly blessed! Happy 70th Birthday, Daddy!

More Fun…Than Run! Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016


The Great Eastern Bubble Dash Run…If you are unfamiliar with the Bubble Dash Run, you might want to hurry and sign up for it now! The countdown has begun…

My kids (Anjali 13, Amisha 11 and Avinash 9) have seen me run in races for many years. Initially I really wanted to get them interested, but they just didn’t want anything to do with running…..So I waited patiently and developed some techniques which suddenly made running more exciting and fun to them.

Whenever I would bring home a new medal from a race, they would asked me about how they could get one….AHA!!!! and that was one of my ‘tools’ for starting to plant the seeds of why running is fun.

Here are 4 tips that worked for getting my kids excited about running without pushing them!

  1. Turn running into a game– ‘Who reaches the finishing line first’ or ‘who saw what the most along the route’ or ‘ how many runners had blue shoes during the race’..etc
  2. No pace pressure– As adults, we know that running is much more enjoyable at a slow, relaxed pace; kids on the other hand, only know one speed: Sprint! Kids really have no idea what is ‘pacing themselves’ means, so when you tell them to run, they’ll run top speed for a short distance amd then burn out. Try running with them at a slow pace, and teach them that the majority of their run should be at a pace where they can have a conversation. If it is too hard to talk, then they are running too fast.
  3. Set fun goals– Getting kids to try running is the easy part, but getting them to stick to it is much harder. I think the best way to do that is to sign them up for a race- fun race just like the Great Eastern Bubble Dash Run. Even if they end up walking a lot of it, they will get to experience the competition and the excitement of race day.
  4. Praise the effort– When kids do run, make sure you praise them up for it, regardless of their speed, or whether they took walk breaks etc. All it takes is just one discouraging comment from a parent to make them not want to run anymore!

Hmmmm……..The Bubble Dash runners will embark on a 5 KM run, walk, skip or dance along a route filled with huge bubbly clouds of rainbow-coloured foam. I am so excited…..My kids and I will be participating our first ever Bubble Dash Run and I can’t wait to see everyone getting involved in the foamy fun for a good cause. It is gonna be party-central jazzy pre-event warm up routine, entertainment, activities and lots of goodies in store for us….There’s fun for participants and spectators alike.

There is no age restrictions and the route is child friendly. The circuit is suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and strollers. It’s not a race, the aim is for everyone to pass the finish line frothy and smiling…Because as Great Eastern advertised, it is a fun run…..we all know running is not fun for everyone, especially kids……but it is pretty good for you and it’s for a good cause too!

So why not make it fun! Anytime working out can be enjoyable, outside and a bit different, SIGN ME UP!

Sign up now at

Kuching Marathon 2016- Race Review

The trip to Kuching, Sarawak had been quick but it was jam packed full of amazing experiences and fun that will last a lifetime.

fb_img_1471397099808.jpgAs with every adventure there is so much I want to share the race details needed to up while still fresh in my mind! I don’t know where to start this recap, So I guess I’ll start on the plane. We flew AirAsia, and almost 70% were runners in the same flight, the crew was amazing! When we landed at Kuching International Airport, a banner welcome all runners to the Kuching Marathon 2016.

We stood at the taxi counter to grab a cab to our hotel and there, we met Mia and her dad. They were a ray of sunshine. Just so awesome! We shared a cab to the hotel and instantly, our friendship bloomed. Mia will be running the 21km half marathon and her dad was with her to give her the extra push and moral support! Awwwwwww….

After we picked up our racekits from Plaza Merdeka, my hubby and I went for a quick dinner, made a quick stop to buy some bread and biscuits for breakie the next morning before the race. When we reached the hotel room, I started all my pre-race rituals. My clothes were laid out, my shoes and socks and everything was ready for the next morning. I crawled into bed and attempted sleep. It certainly wasn’t the best nights sleep, but it was far from the worst. I will take it. Just going into deep deep sleep and slumber land and into beautiful sweet dreams of running and reaching the finish line with my best PR…..suddenly I could hear sounds of horns and countdown…..10, 9, 8, 7……at 2am (Lesson learnt….Do not book a hotel just a stone’s throw’s away)

fb_img_1471397744679.jpgThe Flagged off for 42km was at 2am and then followed by the flagged off for the 21km which was on time at 5.00am. Then, at 5.30am I lined up with the rest of the runners and propelled into motion at the race director’s command. It was a perfect day, light breeze. As the race participants made their way to the starting line, I began my routine surveying of the crowd. Most of the race goers for 10km included smiling families with young children, couples and a couple of silly ladies in tutus (hahahahah! Love these fun people!)

This year, I was told there were 8000 registered runners, which appears to be a huge increase over previous years. As usual things were well organised, but for some reason this year….what perhaps wasn’t so positive (but ultimately maybe out of the hands of the organisers) is the condition of the course. There are always potholes on the course-small, but still there-and this year the conditions of the road seemed worse and I did see people stumble into them particularly early on when jostling for position.

Off we set, and after a few KM I was surprised at how well I was feeling. The route was the same as last year. However, there were no crowd support. There’s a bit of an incline up at the bridge, but as that’s an out and back section you get the benefit of it going downhil on the other side.

After running down through the bridge, the majority of this race is on the highway, which isn’t the most beautiful, but at least it’s not hilly (just some slight up and down). Then, we double back the same way, so I had fun cheering for the really fast poeple once they started heading back past us. I was also totally impressed by the guy with a stroller ( and his toddler-aged kid sitting in it) who breezed past me, looking like he was out for a casual jog! Fuhhhhh Yoh!

Ok, then I started to focus all my thoughts to positive thinking and geared towards moving this machine of a body forward. Do you know that comes a point in a run where you’re no longer running, and you start to feel yourself gliding over the surface over the earth? Somehow everything seems to come together within your mind and body and everything operates fully in sync.Sure, you are pushing hard and you are talking to yourself with a focused, stern voice, “keep moving forward….Three more km, PUSH! PUSH! 2 more km! 2 KM! catch girl in pink shoes! Catch her…..Push! You can breathe at the finish…..PUSH!

Down the home stretch, I note a lack of signages and many runners complaint that aid stations such as the water stations for the 42KM Full Marathon ran out of water!! And as for the 10 km route, the organisers ran out of cups and we were given 1 litre bottles of water and Revive bottles to drink directly from it. It was crazy! Total madness!Sharing a bottle…eeewwww…As for the baggage/luggage counter, it is true?? Runners had to pay RM5 for luggage/baggage service?

Hmmm…….We have all had those races:-

You go for a run/marathon and expect to do well. Hopefully everything goes your way. You plan everything, your training is excellent, your medals/food is exactly what you need and everything just seems awesome and perfect…..BUT……then the unforeseen things/circumstances happens. Much like life, there’s always something that you cannot plan for, nor expect. Everything happens for a reason! How you deal with that disappointment can help you succeed in the future and assist you overcome new challenges and obstacles. Whether I am running a 10 km and getting all geared up for my first 21 km half marathon, my goal has always been to enjoy the experience!

“But remember, for every journey there is a start point and an end destination!

I believe I can fly- MM Trio Run 2016 (2nd Series)

fb_img_1470725592732.jpgLace up and get ready for MM Trio Run 2016- 2nd Series this 14 August at Taman Metropolitan Kepong.

It was just like any other day. I was out in the morning- aiming for my 7 KM- virtual run- MM Trio Run (2nd Series). Trying to get in a little bit of exercise and fresh air too! The sun rise is starting to shine on me and I welcome the gentle cool breeze on this wonderful morning.

“Just keep moving………Just keep moving” I tell myself over and over again to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And the song by R. Kelly comes into my mind….”I believe I can fly……I believe I can touch the sky……”

All of the sudden, I see this huge creature in the sky…with wings wide open..and teeth as sharp as a vampire..( Okie…okie….being over dramatic a little) Anyway, I stopped moving and glance over my shoulder, and are momentarily frozen in my tracks!

It can’t be………!!! Is it possible?? AN EAGLE????

LOL…only to realised that it was just my running thoughts about this awesome “Eagle” medal from MM Trio Run 2016- 2nd Series.

So, dear runners out there! Get up off that couch and hit the tracks….Sign up or for more information, log in to

IJM Half Marathon 2016 – Run! Run! Run!


You’ve signed up for it! You’ve logged the training miles! You have beat your personal best! You have ran and trained even when you did not want to:- and now…..all these preparation will pay off with race day quickly approaching. Whether this is your first race, or your last, taking on a race can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you to maximize the enjoyment when you are running the miles and make IJM Half Marathon stress free!


Walk or cross train for 30 to 60 minutes. Run or drive the course and review a map of it online.Familiarizing yourself with the hills, turns, and final stretch helps you plan your strategy.


Run easy for 30 minutes. Do 2 or 3 one-minute accelerations to wake up your legs.


Spend 30 minutes cross-training to channel nervous energy. Organize logistics. Know how to get to the event, when to arrive and where to park.


Run for 30 minutes and visualize running strong to the finish….Read motivational runner’s stories (ehem… mine…) it will inspire you!


Walk for 30 minutes. Mentally rehearse your race-day plan. Visualize lining up, starting slowly and using your run/ walk strategy from the beginning.


Go for a 20 minute walk, then chill out. Get organized; Set your alarm; lay out your running gear, fluid, and snacks, pin the bib number; lace the timing chip; and prep your breakfast.



Warm up by walking to the starting line and spend the first mile of the race easing into your pace. Remember to look around and soak up the Good Vibes!


Standard Chartered KL Marathon- Race Review

Running a race consists of two challenges. One is getting to the finish line, and the other is getting to the start line!

Firstly, I couldn’t believe how many people had signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 then I still couldn’t believe that I was one of them.

We slept early that night and woke up at 1.30am to get ready. My hubby and I were there at Dataran Merdeka at 3 a.m.. Living in Seremban, we did not want to be late..Anyhow, I was able to take in the atmosphere as soon as we left our home. My hubby was with me, which I always appreciate. When he is there I can take my mind of what is about to happen and just level my thoughts and center myself. The atmosphere from the other runners seemed to be the usual mix of excitement!

7.15am, it was flagged off for the 10 KM-cruise. When we started running, I managed to fall into an easy rhythm-making the running easier-running smoothly and highly. I found it surprisingly enjoyable to watch the crowds go by as I ran and KL City wake up….

I must admit that it did get a little cramped at between 1km to 3km and I lost a few minutes trying to get through the crowds. I have nothing but admiration for every single participant who took to the streets of KL on Sunday but I do wish that people were more aware of other runners around them.

What I’ve learned over the years since I started running is this: If I am going to be better, stronger, more successful runner I need to keep making mistakes. Mistakes (not just in running, but in life..) It’s not about being perfect. It is about experimenting, learning, improving and overcoming.

Here are a few mistakes I have made as a runner and how they’ve helped me learn the hard way! Try These mistakes!

  1. Do something different on race day- most of the time, people will tell you not to eat, wear or try anything new on the day of your race. At some point in your life you probably will…You will try that new ‘yummy-li-ous’ half grilled chicken with mash potatoes the night before…..only to discover- half way into your race, your tummy takes a turn- porta potty time!! Lesson learned!
  2. Go out too fast in a race- you are excited. You have been waiting for this day for months. The adrenaline is flowing. You know you should hold back, but you can’t! The result? You burn out early. All those runners you passed early on are zipping by you. You are defeated! You knew better, but you did it anyway. Now, you get it!
  3. Compare yourself to others- Give this one a try for awhile. See how long it takes you to feel like ” a garbage” once you realize how many people are faster, stronger, prettier, fitter than you are! Relatively quickly any maybe instantly, you will see that comparing yourself to anyone else reaps NO BENEFIT! Be the best YOU that you can be….We all have unique gifts, strenghts and challenges. Come to peace with it.

I like to think that the mistakes I have made not just as runner, but in life, have made me resilient and want to fight back! Knock me down and I will try to stand back up (and punch you). In this day and age of chasing perfection as we are bombarded by social media, I say go mess it up! Do it often because it means you are trying! But, ultimately make sure you learn from your mistakes!


The support, although not constant throughout the course was fantastic. The volunteers at the water stations and the marshalls all did a fantastic job. Some were more cheerful and supportive than others but they did a good job and they deserve a massive thank you.Overall, Kudos and well done to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 organising team! See you next year!

The pre-race jitters- Standard Chartered KL Marathon

fb_img_1470361331114.jpgYour marathon training is done and you are counting the days, or maybe hours..or maybe minutes….until you toe the starting line on your race day!

Congratulations on your efforts so far! I would like to wish you good luck and a wonderful “Day of Celebration”. Running a marathon can be viewed as a threefold process-First is the commitment to enter the race. Then-after making this sometimes overwhelming decision-you commit yourself to train for the momentous challenge ahead. Finally- you can enjoy the most rewarding and gratifying phrase of the marathon- the event itself! With it come endless satisfying memories of the course- and crossing the finish line!

You surely have met one of those runners that never seem nervous before a race or they don’t complain or talk negatively about running. Maybe you are one of those runners.Hmmmmmmm…..So, what’s the secret? What do mentally strong runners do that assist them in dealing with pre-race anxiety or post-race blues?

  • They learn from a bad race and then move on- most runners has had a race where they felt like they did not do their best, but mentally strong runners do not dwell on it! They think about things that they could have done differently and consider what they would change for the next race. But once that have done their brief- post race analysis, THEY MOVE ON!
  • They focus on their own performance, not others- They do not give a lot of thought to what other runners are doing. They focus on being the best runner they can be!
  • They stay away from negative people- There are always going to be nagative nellies telling you that you should not run or that there’s no way you are going to reach a personal running goal. Mentally strong people change the conversation if someone starts spouting negative comments. They start talking about something other than running. Something positive-They also do their best to avoid interactions with negative people in the first place.
  • They think about the things they can control. Worrying and stressing about the things they cannot control, such as the weather or how they’ll feel on race day- NO POINT! Mentally tough runners focus on things that they CAN control such as resting before a big race, eating the right food, and staying hydrated. Not only do they feel prepared for the race, but focusing on all the preparations ends up being a good distraction.

So, as soon as you are about 200meters from finish line on Sunday, 7th August 2016 for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, put on your biggest smile, fix your posture,feel strong and keep your eye on the finish..Feel yourself being drawn towards that finish line……

Finally, I would like to wish everyone: Good Luck and run well- I will be rooting for you! Have lots of fun and a great marathon/ Race Day experience!

HSN 21KM- I Can & I Will-Watch me!


Hari Sukan Negara 2016, 8th October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

fb_img_1470210555708.jpgI don’t really know what happened to me? But I had this CRAZY idea to run a half marathon. Have you ever heard of “YOLO”….yes, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Sooo, that is why, running a half marathon is on my bucket list!

I told my husband about this…he gave me “the look”…like as if I was out of my bonkers……But I told him, that I need some extra “me” time, and I started training and running. Then, the confusion I felt when I heard runners talking about long runs, race pace, tempo runs, intervals, and fuel belts. How and when was I supposed to hydrate? What is GU? I need to consume calories while I am running??? WHAT? WHAT?

Then came the day, I approached the organisers of HSN21KM- Hari Sukan Negara which will be held on the 8th October and they agreed and made me one of their official blogger and I am about to embark my very first history making moment- My first 21 KM Half marathon! I am still very emotional about the whole thing. I literally cried after corresponding with this awesome event organiser, I was scared and nervous , and beyond excited! Could I run 10 KM? Could I run 12 KM? Could I run 21 KM? Surely I could not run 21 KM without stopping! I was mad at myself thinking I could!

This morning, while I was running 7 KM, every runner talks to herself during runs and I had to tell myself to shut up! Just shut up!

I had to shut myself up and move past that self doubt! I had made this choice and there was no way I was quitting now. I tried to think of training for this 21 KM half marathon as a gift to myself. I was giving myself the gift of running a sport I actually love.

When I made the decision to train for HSN21KM half marathon you can be sure all that anxiety came along with a bunch of WHAT IFS………..

WHAT IF…..People laugh at me?

WHAT IF….I wimp out and quit?

WHAT IF…..I cry?

WHAT IF…..I am to slow?

WHAT IF….I come in last position or place?

WHAT IF…..I can’t finish the race?


So, my dear fellow runners..why don’t you join me on this journey and make the IMPOSSIBLE- POSSIBLE!!

Sign up now at