Standard Chartered KL Marathon- Race Review

Running a race consists of two challenges. One is getting to the finish line, and the other is getting to the start line!

Firstly, I couldn’t believe how many people had signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 then I still couldn’t believe that I was one of them.

We slept early that night and woke up at 1.30am to get ready. My hubby and I were there at Dataran Merdeka at 3 a.m.. Living in Seremban, we did not want to be late..Anyhow, I was able to take in the atmosphere as soon as we left our home. My hubby was with me, which I always appreciate. When he is there I can take my mind of what is about to happen and just level my thoughts and center myself. The atmosphere from the other runners seemed to be the usual mix of excitement!

7.15am, it was flagged off for the 10 KM-cruise. When we started running, I managed to fall into an easy rhythm-making the running easier-running smoothly and highly. I found it surprisingly enjoyable to watch the crowds go by as I ran and KL City wake up….

I must admit that it did get a little cramped at between 1km to 3km and I lost a few minutes trying to get through the crowds. I have nothing but admiration for every single participant who took to the streets of KL on Sunday but I do wish that people were more aware of other runners around them.

What I’ve learned over the years since I started running is this: If I am going to be better, stronger, more successful runner I need to keep making mistakes. Mistakes (not just in running, but in life..) It’s not about being perfect. It is about experimenting, learning, improving and overcoming.

Here are a few mistakes I have made as a runner and how they’ve helped me learn the hard way! Try These mistakes!

  1. Do something different on race day- most of the time, people will tell you not to eat, wear or try anything new on the day of your race. At some point in your life you probably will…You will try that new ‘yummy-li-ous’ half grilled chicken with mash potatoes the night before…..only to discover- half way into your race, your tummy takes a turn- porta potty time!! Lesson learned!
  2. Go out too fast in a race- you are excited. You have been waiting for this day for months. The adrenaline is flowing. You know you should hold back, but you can’t! The result? You burn out early. All those runners you passed early on are zipping by you. You are defeated! You knew better, but you did it anyway. Now, you get it!
  3. Compare yourself to others- Give this one a try for awhile. See how long it takes you to feel like ” a garbage” once you realize how many people are faster, stronger, prettier, fitter than you are! Relatively quickly any maybe instantly, you will see that comparing yourself to anyone else reaps NO BENEFIT! Be the best YOU that you can be….We all have unique gifts, strenghts and challenges. Come to peace with it.

I like to think that the mistakes I have made not just as runner, but in life, have made me resilient and want to fight back! Knock me down and I will try to stand back up (and punch you). In this day and age of chasing perfection as we are bombarded by social media, I say go mess it up! Do it often because it means you are trying! But, ultimately make sure you learn from your mistakes!


The support, although not constant throughout the course was fantastic. The volunteers at the water stations and the marshalls all did a fantastic job. Some were more cheerful and supportive than others but they did a good job and they deserve a massive thank you.Overall, Kudos and well done to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 organising team! See you next year!


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