Nostalgia Ramadhan @ Klana Resort Seremban

Ushering in the holy month of Ramadhan, Klana Resort Seremban rolls out their Ramadhan buffet which brings diners an array of “masakan kampung”- the kind mothers used to prepare on special occasions. The theme for the buffet is “Nostalgia Ramadhan” and many favourites can be found along the buffet line, including an impressive roast lamb (kambing golek) roasted sweet potatoes, bubur lambuk, ‘gulai kawah’, gearbox soup, lemang, satay and many more aiming to please even the most discerning tastebud.

Klana Resort Seremban will feature more than 100 of the most popular and classic Malay dishes, customarily served during Ramadhan. Diners are welcome to join the Buka Puasa buffet with the atmosphere be transformed into a Ramadhan bazaar, replicating a kampung ambience.

Aside from appreciating the spectacular set up and displays to reminisce the nostalgia of breaking fast in a traditional village setting, get your stomach ready for the main highlight of the evening- scrumptious buffet menu.

Save some room for desserts. A good selection of local kuih and western cakes, pastries and fruits to end your meal with a sweet note.

Klana Resort Seremban

Adult RM75 nett  

Senior Citizen/ Child RM38 nett

For reservations/bookings please contact:

Tel:06-766 7888 (ext 3222/3181)



Tarbus Themed Buffet Dinner returns @ d’Tempat Country Club

Whether you’re after a casual grazing experience or a thoroughly decadent outing, this is the place for you that can cater for your every gastronomical whim.

Walk through the buffet consisting of western salad and traditional Malaysian salad with selection of colorful kerabu, ulam-ulam and other wholesome concoctions to start off your meal on the right note. Patrons will be spoilt for choice with the variety of kerabu such as Kerabu Mangga, pucuk pegaga etc. Besides that, satay, ketupat and lemang with serunding ayam are also available.

With numerous choices available, range from Japanese to Indian, Western to Mediterranean food, taste and tradition are their ideal inspiration to reflect Tarbus Themed Buffet Dinner.

One of the highlight is the effervescent Ostrich meat. Lamb’s always a point of contention for my tastebuds. I love the rich, unique flavor and wondrous and delicious lamb, further solidifying my notion that the grill station makes just about everything better. So whether you’re a lamb lover, hater or somewhere in between, it’s worth trying it! Over at the grill station, we will be able to see chefs at work whipping up grilled prawns, fish and chicken too!

Japanese Goodies

Sushi-raw fish and seafood packed together with rice and vegetables into beautiful pieces. Each little piece is almost like an art!

Prawn tempura- Tempura is chunks of seafood and vegetables dipped in a light batter and cooked in canola and sesame oil. The end result is far less stodgy than other deep-fried food that we have in the west. Tempura is normally eaten together with a bowl of rice.

Road to India

Biryani is a well known rice dish from the Indian sub continent. It is a magnificent dish redolent of myriad spices, saffron and caramelized onions and is probably the most aromatic rice ever cooked.

Dalcha is a stew made with lentil and tamarind. Vegetables like brinjal, carrot, potato are used in cooking this dish. I would say the dalcha is almost a complete meal by itself. It’s thick consistnecy and curry leaves are well blended and authentic.

From the Chinese Wok

Among the highlights were sweet and sour crab, it was tasty and easy to chew. One piece was not enough as a few guest at my table took extra helpings. The sauce was wonderful too and the thoughts of having some warm rice to mop up the sauce did come to my mind.

Have a sweet finish to your meal with irresistable temptations found at the dessert counter. Cendol- there were some red beans, corns, cendol (the green jelly), pulut (glutinous rice) and rich coconut milk. Together, it’s a dessert from heaven. It’s not that sweet but rich in taste and textures. It’s one cold dessert, perfect during hot sunny days.

Guest can also look forward to Chef’s live action stations, where local favourite such as Char Kuey Teow, sizzling grill delights and the carvery station. Bask in the sights and sounds of an upscale market place with a traditonal Ghazal band playing harmoniously throughout the evening. Lookout for signature dishes from various states in Malaysia and countries such as Tulang rusuk, sotong sambal, chicken murtabak and many more. In addition to an authentic Malay fare, patrons can also choose from a selection of Indian, Western, Chinese and Fusion cuisines, so there is something for everyone.

Tarbus Themes Buffet Dinner @ d’Tempat Country Club

From 30 May until 22 June 2017

Selling price Adult @ RM65.00nett and child @ RM33.00nett for more information please contact 06-7922 688 or log on to

Standard Chartered KL Marathon race review

First thing is first….What a beautiful day for a half marathon! Congratulations to everyone out there who gave it their all today! I hope everyone had a great experience.

Next, the race pack collection and expo which was held at the KLCC which was packed even on the last day with both nervous and excited supporters. It was a bonus to pick up the race pack in record time. Somehow, from out of the blue…..I bumped into my running buddy all the way from Indonesia, Muthmainnah Amri, I met her during our run last year in Lombok International Marathon. We were excited and thrilled…We hugged and exchanged our joy and fears and happiness and then wished each other all the best and parted!


The morning of the race is always incredibly tense. As always I had butterflies in my tummy. 3.45am is a ridiculous time of day. Particurlarly on a Sunday. But today, I was awake at 3.45am and had to fully embrace the ridiculousness of it! Because today is the Standard Chartered KL Marathon- the most anticipated race of 2017….just imagine 36,000 runners……woot woot!

We took a slow walk from our hotel to Dataran Merdeka. Once 5.00am rolled around, everyone started heading to their designated pen. My hubby was in pen 3 and I was in pen 4- for 21km Honda Half Marathon, about 10,000 runners and things can get a little congested. At sharp 5.30am, we were flagged off. I waited in line for almost 12 minutes just to get to the starting line. Over the loud speaker, we could hear the race started and the elite runners began. Once we started going, I was so excited, I don’t know why I was giddy, but I just was all by myself, smiling while I was running. I was soaking up the fact of how completely blessed I am to be able to run. I can’t describe to you the feeling you get when you see the city streets blocked off for you with volunteers cheering you on. It’s the most amazing experience.

Throughout the half marathon, there were multiple things that surprised me along the route and helped me understand why runners rave about SCKL Marathon. The first mile brought the first delight-no bottlenecking! The entire course was very wide so there were no bottlenecking, a welcome change from many races I ran in Malaysia.

The second mile brought the first of many delights- water stations and porta-porties all along the routes. Due to the wide course of the water stations and isotonic stations, never got in the way and runners could easily run to one side of the road to avoid them. The volunteers at these stations were so friendly, offering support in addition to water and also first Aid and medic support.

The first several miles were great! I felt good. Breathing and legs were working together. The hills weren’t too bad, but I knew what was ahead. A gradual incline with only noticable inclines near AKLEH Highway and the Tugu Negara.

At one point, we were out running on a pretty main road in KL City. It was great to see drivers on the otherside of the road with their windows down watching us and grinning. Shouting support for people that they didn’t even know.

The route was altered slightly after that. We got to run through Tugu Negara-and iconic landmark in Malaysia which was awesome! However, the hill, how do I put this…… a nightmare! I could actually feel runners around me going “Ohhhh NOoooooooooo” as we climbed out…..But we soldiered on….After winding around through parts of Jalan Tugu Negara and Padang Merbok, I suddenly felt something shift in my body. If you’ve ever heard a runner talk about “hitting the wall” or “bonking”, that was exactly what happened! At the 18km, my body just quit on me. Then, I’d switched gears in my brain…..It’s all about mental running now! “I got this! I got this! I am not going to stop! I can do this! I can! I will!” Phew…somehow, I was able to re-focus!

20 km went by in a bit of painful blur. I was just focused on keeping my legs moving. I kept repeating my mantra…”Don’t quit! Don’t quit!”

Then at the 500 metres mark to go, I saw my fellow buddies the KLCC Runners- Thank you Matthew Barsing for being there! They were cheering, clapping, dancing and shouting for us! There is always something weird that happens in a runner’s body when you know you are approaching the finish line. There is always this weird reserve energy that comes out. You speed up and use everything you have left (you may have heard runners call this “the kick”) and that’s what happened…..

I did it! I made it! I finished it! I was ecstatic…. Tears of joys just flowed through my cheeks, while I lined up gratefully and accepted my much deserved 21 km Honda Half Marathon medal, picked up my goodie bag and went off in search of my “sole mate” my darling hubby, Segar who finished 21km Half marathon in 2 hours and 17 mins.. We didn’t hang around long. Took a few photos and headed back home.

The race organization was spot on! I have not a single bad thing to say, well maybe some school kids- cheerleaders or marching band/ choir along the lonely route would have helped motivate and push the runners. LOL….Otherwise, the water stations were exactly where they were supposed to be, the markers were sufficient, signages were really motivating and awesome, the transition from getting your medal to collecting the goodie bag was so seamless and hassle free. A huge KUDOS and congratulations dear organisers for a race well run!

With that said, good job to each and everyone of you for actually being out there running, walking or crawling! YOU ALL DID AWESOME!!

F.E.A.R- Forget Everything And Run (SCKL 2017)

While the PBs and race medals are nice to have, running has taught me more about life than I could ever possibly imagine. It’s transformed my world- and I’m still just a beginner. When I became a “runner” something changed…not immediately…but over time. I started to see things differently, feel things in another way and grew in ways I didn’t even know I needed too.

Running changes you in ways you didn’t even know were possible. For me running made a dramatic difference in my life…How so? Well, I divulge.


It is kind of natural and easy way to slow my thoughts down and help me function at a more even level. It helps align my thoughts and be stronger!


Our everyday responsibilities can get the best of us- the-to-do list that never end, the constant demands…How do you get away from it all? How do you make time for you? For me, setting a goal or signing up for a race, helps me let go of all the other things I “should” be doing and focus on what I “needed” to do for me.


I love my running partner-my hubby- Let’s just put that out there. There are many times when he holds me accountable and in fact he gives me a reason to look forward to running. That being said there is something about being out there on the open road alone. I am a mother of 3 children whom I love dearly but there are times when the only “me” time I get is when I am out on a run. Even when there is a hard day or I don’t want to go. I try to remember that the run is necessary for me to be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend and so I lace up and head out the door.


You will be amazed, how much more you can align your thoughts and feelings after a run. Something happens out there on the road….on your own…it all calms down and yet all comes together. Life just doesn’t feel as scary after your run. You come back refreshed and adjusted.

Something happens when your feet hit the pavement…your problems seem to melt off your soles and set everything right with your soul!

Happy Running and all the best for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017



Mum, you are the queen of my heart

Mother is another name for love………

I dedicate this virtual run to my mum and all mothers, in conjunction with Mother’s Day!

I run because I can and for as long as I can and I will! Well, I know it sounds a little crazy, but here’s my story and and here’s my reason:-

Well, you see…….four years ago, my life came crashing down and it took a 360 degree turn- my sister, Joanne and I were devasted. We discovered that our mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. We truly felt like we were in the midst of a nightmare and we could not wake up. And that was the start of our huge emotional rollercoaster ride.

So, why do I run? I wanted to find myself, see what my body and mind is capable of, self-confidence, good role model for my children, sanity and of course health! So for me, it wasn’t about being skinny or to win a race, it is more a mental challenge and it has taught me to be a strong, confident person just like my mum, Eunice Philomena Beins.

I believe behind each participant or runner is a story of love, hope and courage that inspires each one of us to support to the finish line.

I dedicate this virtual run to my darling mum and all the mothers out there! We are not just running mums but we are also super mums and at times, wonder woman too…We make people wonder…..LOL!

There are a number of emotions that are attached to the finish line….There is that sense of completion, accomplishment, satisfaction, heartbreak, disappointment, elation and joy! Running in races or virtual races have a way of exposing your weaknesses while also highlighting your strenghts. The finish line may mark the end of the race, but for me, it can also mark the beginning of a longer journey ahead!


Safety Tips- See something, Say something!

One of the worst feelings in the world is to walk up to your car after you have completed a half or full marathon or a fun run and see shattered glass all around where your window used to be. Having your personal belongings stolen out of your vehicle can make you feel violated and vulnerable. There is no way to completely stop anyone from breaking into your car, but here are some tips to help prevent car break-ins during your races and marathons:-


  1.  When you signed up for a race, ensure you park at the designated parking space which the event organisers has assigned to the participants. If you have to pay a certain amount of fee, just do it! Better be safe than sorry!
  2. When you go for your race- NEVER EVER carry or bring cash or any valuable items with you.(If you have to, stick money or a credit card into your pocket or shoe;( just in case, you might need it)
  3. NEVER EVER leave laptops, cash, mobile phones or any valuable items or documents in your car.
  4. Always, Always park your vehicle at bright litted areas and ensure that there is security guards or cctv.
  5. If you have to bring your personal belongings, leave it at the luggage/baggage counter provided by the event organisers.


  1. As runners and participants, we put our trust and faith in your event, please kindly ensure safety and security for all your runners and participants not only on road running but for their cars and vehicles as well. When you assigned a designated car park for the event, ensure it is protected and looked after by your staff or RELA or Polis Bantuan. There’s been many cases of car break-ins during races and marathons and it is becoming worst week by week!
  2. We, the runners pay a certain amount of fee to support and participate in your running event, all we asked from the organisers:-
  • Safe running conditions on roads/trails
  • Ensure RELA/Marshalls/ traffic police are on duty from the start of the event until the end
  • Assign RELA/Staff to look and guard the runners vehicles until event is over (especially during the night runs/trails and marathons)
  • Hire additional manpower or set up a safety committee

Car break-ins, window smashing of vehicles, theft are on the rise! Do not allow these criminals to strike again! Please beef up the security!

As the saying goes….”Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga”! Dear Runners and event organisers, Let’s work hand in hand to prevent and put a stop to these crimes!


A bitter sweet Shamrock Run 2017 – Race Review

I wish I could race every weekend. Seriously! There is something about waking up extra early on a Sunday to meet up with some awesome people and then spend a period of time torturing yourself and feeling like you are going to die just to cross a finish line..Runners have a distorted idea of the word “fun”.

Well, what a weekend this has been. I always believed that not all runs or events are meant to be raced. While you select a few that you want to race, others are meant purely for the enjoyment factor.

On Sunday, we woke up early at 4.30am, pinned on our bibs, laced up and made our way to D’ Pulze Mall for the Shamrock Run 2017. We reached at 6.45am, parked our car CDB Perdana 1 (with security and guarded), just a 3 minute walking distance from the event venue and happily headed off with hubby and my three children.

What a beautiful morning, it was…we could hear the birds chirping and the darkness soon gave way to light as the sun’s first rays crept in. We met up with Josephine and her hubby Daryl, my cousins. This was our first run together and we were so excited and thrilled! However, there was a slight delay in the flagged off. The event began with the singing of the Irish National Anthem and followed by the Malaysian Anthem- “Negaraku”. Then, the Celebrity Fitness took over the stage and had a warm up zumba session which made the event fun and awesome! The costumes-while we dressed to race, many of the runners were dressed in green. ( Elves, Green Lantern, Hulk..) Oh my!

At 7.30am, the 10 km was flagged of and then followed by the 5 km at 7.35am. There were about 1000 runners participated in Shamrock Run 2017. There was a good amount of people of all ages- I love seeing families running together! What a great and awesome atmosphere! Some wore matching costumes, some were being carried by mom or dad, others with strollers and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time.

As I kept going ahead, I caught sight of the killer hill at 3 km. A sea of green (the colour of the event’s t shirt presented to every runner) had cascaded the slope. And of course both my children, Amisha and Avinash got so carried away that they totally forgot about “having fun deal”. Both of them ran a sub 30 minute and really pushed it at the end sprinting to the finish line with their daddy. So extremely proud of them. Anjali and I arrived ten minutes later, followed by my cousin Josephine and her hubby, Daryl.

At the finishing line, we were each given our finisher medals. There were lots of food trucks, free drinks, ice cream and many many more freebies and goodies. My family and I took lots of photographs and really had an awesome time together! A moment I will always cherish and treasure forever….The family that runs together- Sticks together..LOL!

Overall, Shamrock Run was well organised-eventhough there were lacked of Marshalls and police traffic however, the route had less traffic, so it was safe to run. Water stations were well manned and plenty and medal distribution was efficient.

But then, unforeseen things and circumstances happens much like life, there’s always something that you cannot plan for or expect. When we got to our car, we discovered the car window was broken and our car was broken into, we lost cash and other stuff. There were 5 other cars that shared the same fate as us. But, everything happens for a reason. How you deal with that, can help you succeed in the future and assist you overcome new challenges and lessons to be learnt!


When something bad happens, you have three choices!

You can either let it define you! Let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you!  


The Running Revolution – KLCC Runners Group

Running is that time you have all to yourself, isn’t it? It’s the ultimate “me” time, when you can be at one with nature and get away from it all, when you can reflect on life’s important matters or even when you can push your body to the absolute limit in glorious, miserable solitude.

Well, deciding to join a running club is one of the best things that any runner, whatever level, can do! That’s what I did! I joined the KLCC Runners Group! The club rocks and its super duper awesome!

I had the chance to speak to Matthew Barsing, KLCC Runners Group leader over a cuppa coffee at Trader’s Hotel overlooking the sensational KLCC park. Matthew shared his hopes, dreams, goals and his passion and he told me, “we all run for different reasons, whether it’s to lose weight, keep passably fit or in some cases, to enter and maybe even win and be a podium winner in races. But KLCC Runners Group- whatever the motivation for lacing up the trainers and hitting the roads and trails, there’s a compelling reason why being a member of KLCC Runners Group can help make running even better. KLCC Runners Group values relationships and connecting people to do sports together is our mission.”

Here’s some reasons why running and joining KLCC Runners Group can be beneficial for you:-

  1. You get to make new friends and meet new people
  2. You stay motivated with your trainings and exercise
  3. You get to share your knowledge of running with the other runners in the group
  4. You learn new things and secrets about running from others
  5. You are constantly challenged to run faster and farther.

In conjunction of KLCC Runners Group’s 1st Anniversary, come join us for the 1st anniversary run- what an awesome way to celebrate- Running with the stars @ Sunsuria City, Sepang on the 7th May from 6.30 to 9.30am. There will be a 5km and 7km non competitive run. For more information, please log in to to register now!

KLCC Runners Group, which celebrated their first anniversary on May 1st have grown from only 1000 members to 25 000 members and held 83 free events. They also have their own #KLAPP app (on both Android and IOS) This app is awesome! Download it now and stay in the loop for news and views!

How can you be part of this running revolution? It’s as simple and easy as ABC- just “like” KLCC Runners Group at