Mum, you are the queen of my heart

Mother is another name for love………

I dedicate this virtual run to my mum and all mothers, in conjunction with Mother’s Day!

I run because I can and for as long as I can and I will! Well, I know it sounds a little crazy, but here’s my story and and here’s my reason:-

Well, you see…….four years ago, my life came crashing down and it took a 360 degree turn- my sister, Joanne and I were devasted. We discovered that our mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. We truly felt like we were in the midst of a nightmare and we could not wake up. And that was the start of our huge emotional rollercoaster ride.

So, why do I run? I wanted to find myself, see what my body and mind is capable of, self-confidence, good role model for my children, sanity and of course health! So for me, it wasn’t about being skinny or to win a race, it is more a mental challenge and it has taught me to be a strong, confident person just like my mum, Eunice Philomena Beins.

I believe behind each participant or runner is a story of love, hope and courage that inspires each one of us to support to the finish line.

I dedicate this virtual run to my darling mum and all the mothers out there! We are not just running mums but we are also super mums and at times, wonder woman too…We make people wonder…..LOL!

There are a number of emotions that are attached to the finish line….There is that sense of completion, accomplishment, satisfaction, heartbreak, disappointment, elation and joy! Running in races or virtual races have a way of exposing your weaknesses while also highlighting your strenghts. The finish line may mark the end of the race, but for me, it can also mark the beginning of a longer journey ahead!



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