Let the “roaring” begin- MM 3Trio Run 2016

fb_img_1453175731141.jpgRunning allows you to inspire others. Ever wonder how you started running? Chances are, you were inspired by someone you know or someone you read about. As for me, It is because of my beautiful mother…Hmmm…Well, you are someone else’s inspiration! Yes, YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! Just like how I was inspired by my mother, right now, at this moment, you are inspiring someone else to lace up their shoes and go out for a run. Isn’t that a great feeling???

Soooooooo……………….4 days to go and tick tock tick tock……..ARE YOU READY?? Let’s run like a tiger!


SEE YOU THERE, 1st May 2016 (Race day) @ Firefly Park resort, Kampung Bukit Belimbing, Kuala Selangor. Somehow, my theme song for MM3trio Run will be…..I’ve got the eye of the tiger…..Hear me Roooooooaarrrr! by Katty Perry.

On your marks! Get Set! Roaaaaaarrrr!!






Discover your magic S-mile @ PD Coast Run 2016

fb_img_1461741697381.jpgRunning let’s us discover ourselves. It is true! Running makes you see your self in a different light. In everyday life you wear so many hats- a mother, a father, a sibling, a friend, an employee, etc…..and you bear the responsibilities that come with those hats. But when you are out for a run or a race or a marathon, you get to wear your running hat (literally and figuratively) and you run for yourself! Your run is a window into re-discovery of your potential, what you are capable of and what you can become!

fb_img_1460769930708.jpgJoin and sign up for the PD Coast Run on the 4th June, Saturday (New Date) at Pantai Cahaya Port Dickson. Running by the beach in Port Dickson will surely show us a beautiful sunrise for sure! There is nothing better than waking up and watching the rest of the world wake up for this “awesome pawsome” PD Coast Run 2016.

Come join PD Coast Run on the 4th June, Saturday 2016 because running this race will allow you to compete..against yourself! The best part of running is that the only person you are competing against is YOURSELF! yes…..there are runners who are faster or slower, but ultimately you are running and racing yourself! PR’s are your own personal best and the BEST part of that is being able to beat your previous time….

There will be 2 categories as follows:

11 km

A Men Open (18 & above)

B Women Open (18 & above)

C Men Veteran Open (40 & above)

8 km

D Men Fun Run (Open)

E Women Fun Run (Open)


Open to Malaysian citizens, holders of Malaysian PR, Expat with valid working permit and International students holding a valid student pass. Children aged 12 and below are allowed to participate with parental supervisions. No fees are required for parent and will not be given any race kit/goodie bag.

img-20150317-wa0049.jpgSoooooooo…what are you waiting for? Come and join this run at Pantai Cahaya Port Dickson on the 4th June, Saturday 2016, a beautiful beach that Port Dickson has to offer…a beautiful run with a great cause!

Login to https://event.howei.com/event/port-dickson-coast-run-2016

Chrisy on the run- Compressport Road Run 2016

If ever there was a race that was full of possibility and promise, it was the Compressport Road Run 2016 at Cyberjaya.

Race day morning, I rose at 4am. I felt good. I was rested, excited that it was finally race day and not overwhelmed with typical race nerves. Every run (Or lack thereof) feels like a celebration.

Pre race I had my hot coffee, peanut butter bun. Then, we drove to Cyberjaya. There were no traffic at 5 in the morning. So we got to the start pretty quickly. There was a line up of cars to get to the parking but it’s fairly well organised.

The energy before the race was very positive! We all got to have a great warm- up session organised by the awesome organisers.The race started at 7.00am sharp with the flagged off of the 6 KM runners followed by the 12 KM runners at 7.10am. Organisers informed that is due to safety reasons.

I had to struggle to get to the start line and getting to the finish line proved to be no easier.The weather was alright, even though it was kinda hazy- but there were spectacular views as the route passed along Cyber Jaya. The run was nice- running in a smaller size race- and I liked it!

I ran with the brand new pair of socks sponsored by Compressport and I felt sure footed all the way around! Thank you, Compressport!


My energy was high. I spent the 1st KM gleefully floating along. The legs talked and I listened. Right from the beginning I observed hundreds of runners joined together like an unstoppable sea cutting a path through the landscape ahead. I mentally separated myself from the sea that surrounded me and focused on running my own race.

From the 3 KM to about the 6 KM I was excited. Everyone was happy. Volenteers at every water station were cheering and full of excitement. My walk/ run routine started at the 10 KM. Walking, at the point, felt amazing, I knew I could keep running, but I also knew if I pushed it too hard I wouldn’t be able to finish at all.


Most of the water stations gave out water and a form of electrolyte drink. I took one of each. I started to run again and was feeling great. The course/ route is said to be flat, however there were a couple minor hills. These hills weren’t comparable to the hills in Shamrock Run Malaysia in Taman Botani, Putra Jaya or run like hell, but there were hills none the less.

After making a turn under a bridge at the halfway point I felt re-energized knowing that the race was half way over. This is always a great mental turning point for me and brings a positive voice back into my head.

With a tight lipped smile on my face onwards I crossed the finished line and all of life’s endless possibilities awaited me. The legs were tired, but the mind was sharp.

After I have crossed the finish line, it’s super organised. You get your medal, can take pictures, get water and then are handed, mineral water, isotonic drinks, nasi lemak, buns and Ice cream….. DSC_0799

What a fantastic day of running! This was such a beautiful race course and it was great to spend it with these fabulous and strong runners!

I highly recommend the Compressport Run. You will love the people, the route/course, and it will propel you to set a personal record too. This may have to become an anual race for me!

When you really, really, really want to give up, don’t stop! Keep going!









Are you ready? PD Coast Run 2016


logo-pd-coast-run-howei-final.png.pngSeriously! Just do it!! Ditch the elastic, hair bands, pretty hair pins and let your hair wild as you run at the PD Coast Run 2016.

Unplug from your headphones and ear plugs and listen to the waves crashing, the birds chirping and the people playing. How refreshing to run with a true awareness of your surroundings. Allow your body fall into the rhythm of the natural soundtrack.

Gear up, runners! Sunscreen is a must, as running next to the water/beach will give you the reflective rays as well as the directly overhead sun.

To all the everyday runners out there, who maybe aren’t even sure if you are runners, let me tell you: You can be a runner!! Choose your own goals- So pick what’s a challenge to you, then tackle it!

So, let’s get some surf and sand. PD Coast Run 2016 is a 8KM & 11KM road running event which will take place at Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Port Dickson on the 4th June 2016 from 7am to 12noon. For more information https://event.howei.com

Shut up and Run with me- MM Trio Series Run 2016


Day one

Dear runners, It’s a brand new week! I would like to share with you some information about the MM Trio Series Run 2016 virtual race that I will be participating, so you have enough time to register!

In anticipation of the upcoming MM Trio Series Run 2016, I’ve decided to devote a blog post to virtual racing. This is everything you need to know to start participating in virtual races.


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is an event that can be completed in your own location. You decide where you will run it, you map out your own race route, run or walk the designated KM, and report your participation online. You can run it anywhere! The beauty of a virtual race is that you can choose the location!

Here’s why I chose to join MM Trio Series 2016 Virtual Run! I love the T-shirt!! I love the medal design!! LOL…….Plus….virtual races to me, can be used as a motivation or training tool! Once I’ve commit to the miles/KM, I’ll want to get out there and follow through!

Day two

Today I completed my 11.7KM The MM Trio Series Run 2016. Woot….woot…..woot…It kept me motivated, helped me set my goals for personal fitness. No judgement! No pressure! Just fun!! It was awesome for my mind, body and soul! Hmm….towards the finishing line, I heard lots of clapping…It motivated me to run faster….woot woot..I was happy for a moment, I never knew that I had support and encouragement only to realised that when I turned behind to see who was cheering and clapping?? It was the senior citizens doing their daily morning “Tai chi” clapping exercise…..LOL…..

For more information on MM Trio Series Run 2016 at http://beestorm.com.my






The good, the bad and the ugly- 100Plus Outrunner 2016

img-20160417-wa0003.jpgIt was a perfect night to race in Putrajaya. It rained before the race, so it was a cool night. I had been anticipating this race for a couple of weeks, everything seemed ideal. The air was crisp, the sky was clear and the crowd…….OMG was huge!! Parking was easy because we arrived early and the traffic was heavy but under controlled.

Okay, let’s begin with a quick rundowns of the PROs:


  1. It was a “night run”. It had a totally different feel than a morning race would have, which I enjoyed.
  2. The flag off was on time. ( We even had fire works displayed)
  3. The scenery was superb! It was awesome to run around Putrajaya. I love the buildings and the atmosphere.
  4. The course was nice and flat, not to hilly, so it’s really easy and nice.


  1. At the beginining of the 15km flag off starting point, for a moment I thought I was at a “pasar malam” (night market)! Why..? Hmmm…The volunteers were shouting and yelling at the top of their voices…..saying, “15KM! 15KM! Last call! Last call! 15KM! 15KM! I thought a cheap sale or an auction was on going, only to realised that the volunteers were calling the 15KM runners to the starting point to be flagged off. (100Plus- in future please provide good sound system lah!)
  2. I might be acting a little picky with this one, but I thought the volunteers were a little rude. I want to see smiling faces people! I am giving you my money to run, I’d appreciate a little kindness and some professionalism!
  3. 100 Plus!! It was a 100 Plus event right? Hmmmm….But there were no 100 plus drinks in sight! The water stations, were just water! It was badly organised! Runners were pushing, squeezing and shoving one another to just get a cup of plain water!! Sight!! (100 plus on a budget ahh?)
  4. As far as logistics go, it was probably a disorganised race. To my opinion, there were too many runners. 10 KM flagged off, runners were pushing, squeezing and shoving one another to be ahead and to be in front…Ah yooooo, runners, why so kiasu?? Runners were running in a bottle neck all the way. The organisers just put cones for just one lane for the runners. 100 Plus, being a huge and esteem company and organisation, please buck up la!!


  1. The 15KM runners were reaching the finishing line, only to be greeted by the “Mat Rempit”. Thanks to the Malaysian Government, The “Mat Rempit” were gathered in large groups, showing off their skills and racing on the other side of the road, while the runners were running the opposite side. To make matters worst, towards the finishing line, huge, thick smoke which were released by the “Mat Rempit”, the runners suffocated and were coughing and choking with the smoke and smog! 100 Plus, please take note and please do something about it!
  2. Free drinks were just mineral water (new trend set by the Ministry of Youth and Sports ahhh?)
  3. The medal was so tiny- 10Km and 15Km, no difference.
  4. No goodie bag (Only 1 banana and 1 packet of mee hoon)
  5. Toooooooo many runners

A piece of advice, don’t dwell on one single disappointment race. Relish the victories and move on from the defeats. By learning what caused a race to not go as planned, you can have more success in the future! See you at the next race!

















Mission “Impossible”


Running is great exercise! Running doesn’t require expensive equipment. Just a great pair of running shoes and the road. Maybe you have been running all your life, or you just started. Regardless of how long we have been running, we share one thing in common: As we run, day after day, we aee transformed into one of “those” people who love running no matter what physical benefit we may reap!

Every once in a while, I’ll have a race that doesn’t go as planned. The Possible Run, Melaka 2016 is one of those!

The organisers informed that it has been postponed due to unavoided circumstances to the 29th May, 2016 at Dataran Taming Sari. A refund will be given to those runners who are unable to run on the new day and date. Stay tune to more information and details are as follows:


Well, being dissapointed can be a good thing. Being let down or disappointed every now and then means you have raised the bar!

So right now I will just keep going…I will keep making all the impossible…Possible!









My “sole sisters”

What do you do when your body and mind do not align??? Runners know this all to well! That point when you push your body to go further or faster but your mind fights every step of the way. Your mind plays on your doubts and tells you to give up!

It is at this point when we have a choice! We can allow our mind to become our enemy and lead us to defeat or we can replace those doubts with hope and will our bodies to move forward to taste victory! Each time, each moment we push through, we find that we strengthen both our body and our mind.

This is the reason why I love running. Running is just as much mental as it is physical. I am reminded of this time and and time and time again….

A tool to use to discipline our kids is encouragement. Our kids need encouragement by the wheelbarrow load to not suffocate under all the things we’re teaching/admonishing them to do and not to do. We learned that ” for everyone word of critism, our children need TEN WORDS of encouragement”!

Adults/runners are no different than kids. We need encouragement by the wheelbarrow load to not suffocate under all the daily expections and requirements that we (and others) put on us. We need encouragement in running, we need encouragement in our daily work, we need encouragement in our marriage/ in our parenting, in our athletic endeavors and many more. We need a pattern of encoragement in life!

That is why, I am truly blessed to have my own “Sole sisters” along the way to encourage, motivate and be there for each other in this journey!




















Just Run lah! The Possible Run, Melaka 2016

Over the months, I ‘ve had ups and downs, and good and bad races but there is nothing like being out on a run with the sound of the wind in my ears, my breath steady, legs pumping and the feeling of freedom I experience. It is that experience that I hope to replicate on the 1st May. The Possible Run which will be held at Mahkota Parade in Melaka. Running is a balance of having fun but also challenging our limits!


The possible Run Melaka 2016 event.howei.com/event

The event is taking place on Sunday 1st May 2016 at Mahkota Parade, Melaka

  • 3 KM – A great way to complete a challenge as a family
  • 10 KM – A perfect way to challenge runners of all abilities
  • Everyone who completes the 10km run will receive a medal and E-certificate
  • Family who completes the 3km fun run will receive 2 medals and E-certificate
  • T-Shirt to all participants (Micro Dry Fit T-shirt during the race kit collection)

Dear runners, the route has something for everyone with some crowd-lined closed roads, idyllic rural village section through the historic city of Melaka.

The Possible Run Melaka 2016 is gonna be a day of awesomeness featuring a carnival filled atmosphere, lucky draw, vouchers, hampers,and much much more! Runners have the opportunity to explore Melaka and enjoy a fun filled day with family and friends! Sign up now at event.howei.com/event

The body achieves, what the mind believes- MM Trio Series Run 2016

When you hear or read the term “virtual race”, first thought would probably be a controller in your hand and a a character on a screen. LOL….However, in reality you are much more than player one! Virtual races are almost exactly the same as “real” races, but the difference is that you race remotely, instead of showing up to a site, you run anywhere! You then finish your race by simply logging your KM online. Virtual races bring the fun and healthy competition of a race to your every run! Walk or Run….it is up to you!

Next week, I will be participating in my second virtual race the MM Trio Series- 1st series (which will be held on the 1st May, Kuala Selangor) My aim is to complete 11.7km run route. What makes the race special- MMTrio Run 2016 is a combination of 3 runs at 3 different locations. And all those that participates in all these 3 runs will receive specially designed medals. Each received medal can be combined with the 2nd series medal and also with the 3rd series medal.

Winner participants from 1st to the 5th position each category, will get points. These points will be accumulated individually until all the 3 series run. On the last event day, participants whom get the highest points will receive the award of “2016 BEST TRIO RUNNER”.

With so many “live” races to choose from nowadays, it may seem strange that more and more people are getting involved and taking part in virtual running events. I love connecting with others through these virtual races. It feels like you really are racing together, supporting each other and earning some more bling! It’s also a nice added bonus that I can do the race at any time, I don’t have to travel or wake up crazy early in the morning to participate..EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BONUS!

The Sponsors

So dear runners, let’s get out there and run together! Be it a virtual run or the actual race day! You know I’ll be out there giving this 11.7km my best effort and support you all along the way..Sign up now at http://beestorm.com.my