The body achieves, what the mind believes- MM Trio Series Run 2016

When you hear or read the term “virtual race”, first thought would probably be a controller in your hand and a a character on a screen. LOL….However, in reality you are much more than player one! Virtual races are almost exactly the same as “real” races, but the difference is that you race remotely, instead of showing up to a site, you run anywhere! You then finish your race by simply logging your KM online. Virtual races bring the fun and healthy competition of a race to your every run! Walk or Run….it is up to you!

Next week, I will be participating in my second virtual race the MM Trio Series- 1st series (which will be held on the 1st May, Kuala Selangor) My aim is to complete 11.7km run route. What makes the race special- MMTrio Run 2016 is a combination of 3 runs at 3 different locations. And all those that participates in all these 3 runs will receive specially designed medals. Each received medal can be combined with the 2nd series medal and also with the 3rd series medal.

Winner participants from 1st to the 5th position each category, will get points. These points will be accumulated individually until all the 3 series run. On the last event day, participants whom get the highest points will receive the award of “2016 BEST TRIO RUNNER”.

With so many “live” races to choose from nowadays, it may seem strange that more and more people are getting involved and taking part in virtual running events. I love connecting with others through these virtual races. It feels like you really are racing together, supporting each other and earning some more bling! It’s also a nice added bonus that I can do the race at any time, I don’t have to travel or wake up crazy early in the morning to participate..EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BONUS!

The Sponsors

So dear runners, let’s get out there and run together! Be it a virtual run or the actual race day! You know I’ll be out there giving this 11.7km my best effort and support you all along the way..Sign up now at


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