Log off! Shut down! Go for a Run!

People, in general, are quick to offer advice and opinions. Sometimes we appreciate it and sometimes, hmmmmm….not so much. I am blessed and fortunate enough to have a husband who always gives the right advice and precisely the right time!

Once in a while, I think, it’s good to go somewhere you have never been before…And run, look around and run some more! And that is the reason why..when I saw the promo Bagan Lalang Beach Run 2016 which will be held on the 29 May 2016….Hmmmm….on nice day, sun, ocean breeze, with the melodic sound of waves you will have great feelings from your body to you soul!

Think you could never finish a 5KM or 10KM or 21KM half marathon, but always wanted to? That was me just a few years ago..The Truth is, anyone can do this! You just gotta get yourself in shape for it and Go for it!

The first step is to register at http://www.sports360.my

You are less likely to back out if you have already signed up and paid the entry fee.Second, start your training and keep going.

Like I said, if I can do it, anyone can! So sign up and get yourself ready for Bagan Lalang Beach Run on the 29 May at Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

The 4 reasons to run The Bagan Lalang Beach Run:-

  1. I will be running with my soul mate- My hubby
  2. Personal challenge- provides people of all ages and abilities with a personal challenge. It could be to run a distance, run a personal best time or just run lah!
  3. It’s in Sepang Gold Coast- It is one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations known for it’s sunshine, beautiful beaches, accommodation for all budgets and “Ikan Bakar”(grilled fish).
  4. Rewards for finishing- finishers are rewarded for their personal achievement with a commemorative medal, T-shirt and E-certificate.


I still have a long…..long……long……way to go to be considered as a “runner” but hmmmmm…as long as I have my husband who has and always will be by my side..Dear runners out there, come join me! It is never ever too late to try something awesome and new! See you there at the Bagan Lalang Beach Run on the 29 May 2016.












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