Larian Merdeka 2018 (The good, the bad and the ugly)

Every once in a while, I will have a race that doesn’t go as planned. Larian Merdeka, was one of those!

Larian Merdeka was a big disappointment from start to finish. Information provided to the public was inadequate and slow and things got worse on event day!

Last weekend, we packed up the kids and headed off for a family adventure. In order to prepare for the fun, hubby and I registered our three children to run with us, if I am really determined to have fun, trust me, that’s the way to do it! Run with your kids….(oohhhh….and it’s healthy fun too, bonus! Not to forget, in conjunction of Malaysia Day and the feeling of patriotism and love for our New Malaysia.

From the very beginning of this race, it was trouble! Race pack collection was postponed several times and to make matters worst, at the eleventh hour. Reason given was that the flight shipment was delayed. T-shirts designs and sizes were insufficient and sizes were incorrect!

We arrived early on race day, managed to grab a quick bite with the kids and headed to Dataran Merdeka. There was a good amount of people of all ages. I love seeing families running together. The organisers informed that 13 thousand runners signed up for the run.

Legs were bounding, arms were pumping, and of course hearts were racing at the Larian Merdeka this past Saturday, September 15th. Love filled the air and the lungs of runners as they looped around the city of Kuala Lumpur roads in conjunction of Hari Malaysia, filled with pride and joy!

The Good, the bad and the ugly

Alright, let’s begin with a quick rundowns of the PROs:

  1. It was a night run. It had a totally different feel than a morning race would have, which I enjoyed it.
  2. Running in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city was splendid.
  3. Marshals and police were on standby all along the route
  4. Lucky for me, my hubby and kids are fast runners, we completed the run in 30 minutes, rushed to grab our medals and went home. (we were lucky to get our medals)

The bad

  1. I might be acting a little picky with this one, but I thought that it was poor management and crowd control caused frustrating bottlenecks, at 2km where the 10km, 5km and 3 km runners merged into one route. To make matters worst, a cement lorry headed the opposite direction was trying to make way to its destination! Aduhhhh….
  1. Water station was like a war zone. Everyone was pushing and shoving to get water. Runners even spilled water on other runners.
  2. Marshals were shouting at the top of their voices to inform runners which way to go, due to lack of markers and signages.
  3. 10 KM runners, had no timing chips. Many runners did not go through the 2nd loop due to confusions.
  4. As far as logistics goes, it was probably a disorganised race I’ve ever ran for 2018. To my opinion, there were too many runners.

The ugly

  1. The complaints ranged from insufficient medals to participants (a medal means a lot to a participant, a runner as an accomplishment and satisfaction to be a finisher)
  2. Being given unsuitable T-shirt sizes
  3. Flag off was delayed
  4. Program and Itenary was inaccurate
  5. No lucky draw as stated and promised by the organisers

What can I say….We all had them. They are inevitable. A part of life. Sometimes for no reason at all, nothing to point to or everything to point to. THE BAD RUN! We hate it but it’s bound to happen from time to time. Try to remember, you are not alone! Sometimes focus on the end game. Be present. The bad runs build our true strenght . As in life, when we have tough days, tough experiences, learn how to see the big picture. Bottom line?? Learn from the run (organisers as well as runners) Embrace the suck! and kick your next run in the teeth!

Dear organisers, it is all about mistakes, and learning from them. I happen to believe that there is no such thing as a bad run or race, as long as we learn from it. Yes, we all will experience runs and races we’d define as terrible or horrible. Chin up, they happen. But if you learn something- be it the management, the organising, logistics, pacing, mental focus, what to wear, whatever-those lessons prepare you for the better runs and races in the future.


Radical Fitness Center @ Plazo S2

If it were easy to stay fit and healthy, there would be less disease in the world and people would live much longer. Unfortunately, it gets more difficult as one gets older and it may require serious lifestyle changes. However, this does not mean that it can’t be done. If anything, there are probably several things you could be doing differently and there’s no reason you can’t give it a shot.

Come join me……Where? It’s just a stone throw’s away! Located at Plazo Seremban 2- “Radical Fitness Seremban”.

Radical Fitness Seremban supports the health and fitness needs of the community by providing quality facility, professional and friendly staff and programs in a unique and supportive environment.

What makes ‘Radical Fitness Seremban’ different:-

  • Personal training and fitness assessments to reach your goals
  • Unique medically-integrated programs
  • Fun-tastic activities and programs for a variety of ages and skills levels
  • Walk-ins and packages are available
  • Reasonable fees

Last Sunday, 9 September, I had the opportunity to join the zumba class. Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. I met Eza, the owner, a hip, hype and super cool person. I danced to great music, with great people all ages, from young to the young at heart too, a superb awesome instructor, Novia and burned a ton of calories without even realizing it…I love Zumba! I will always cherish my first zumba. It was with my sister, Joanne. I visited her in Abu Dhabi and she introduced to me Zumba..Ever since then, I am hooked to it and Zumba became my fun aerobic workout that mixes in dance moves. If I am not running, Zumba is my next best thing!

Radical Fitness Seremban offers not just Zumba but lots more programs. See you at Lot 76, Jalan Komersial Saujana 3, Plazo- Pusat Komersial Saujana S2 Heights or call 012-6968156 or 012-2233318.

It takes change to make change! Take the first step, come join me:- Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle!


Thistle BFG “Burger for Giant” Chow-down competition

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be the Thistle BFG “BURGER FOR GIANT” chow-down competition. If you can complete this monumental task, great things await!

So you like to eat. Your stomach is a chamber of steel in tip top condition, working 24/7, with the sole purpose of putting your ingested food through the biological process of digestion. But everyone has their limits, and when does too much food really mean too much?

This burger isn’t for the faint of heart, ladies and gentlemen, many came, but only a few have prevailed…

So, for all you bottomless pits and those brave-hearted souls, Thistle Hotel Port Dickson have put together a gastronomical burger eating challenge for you to finally gauge the strength and power of your guts! It’s the kind of burger that you’d need to unhinge your jaw in order to get your mouth around. Weighing in a whopping 2.5kg!

It consists of patties layered with chicken ham, fried eggs, cheese, onion rings, gherkins, pineapple on a bed of tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. There’s also fries and two bottles of mineral water to wash it all down.

All that’s up for grabs for one of the most extreme eating challenge I’ve ever seen is glory, but the time to beat is 15 minutes. The competition took place on Friday, 31st August 2018 at Thistle Hotel Port Dickson. It was bittersweet to have to eat such a delicious burger so fast. Although, even if not for the challenge, anyone would be quick to take another bite. A crowd of 36 teams, 2 persons in a team arrived as early as 5pm to register as the 36 hungry teams and competitors braced for a big meal. Introductions got underway by the host and the crowd packed tighter along the pool side, counting down the seconds to the first bite!

In conjunction of the National Day at 6.30pm, all the competitors stood up for the National Anthem and flag raising ceremony accompanied with three shouts
Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!” followed by ‘Pulut Kuning’ cake cutting ceremony. A few minutes later, the organisers led a short Zumba session and followed by an awesome fire works display that made the dark sky so bright and glittered! Followed by transferring the Giant Burgers to the competition table whilst the ‘Olympic Theme’ song was being played.

And then, we were off, each eater using their personalized techniques to tackle the BFG before them. Several water bottles were on hand to help us along the way. with an audience present and cameras rolling, the pressure was on, took off at full speed, tearing the gigantic burger into bits just small enough to fit in my mouth. My daughter, Anjali and I kept a good pace, ignoring the fries but doing a lot of damage to the 2.5kg burger, oversized bun.

The rules were simple:-

  1. Must finish within a time limit of 15 minutes everything edible on the plate.
  2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so forth placings shall be determines based on a clean plate (nothing left) followed by closest i:e through weighing of balance unconsumed portion.
  3. Winners will win:
    • 1st prize 1Night stay in the Presidential Suite, Thistle Hotel Port Dickson
    • 2nd prize 1Night stay in the Thistle Suite
    • 3rd prize 1Night stay in Premium Suite
    • 4th prize 1Night stay @ Sofitel Damansara, KL
    • 5th prize 1Night stay @ Thistle Johor Baharu

In the end, we all tasted defeat as the timer ran out and didn’t taste that bad. Despite the laughable loss, Anjali and I walked away with our stomachs and sanity intact. The savory burger, finished or not, was well worth the prize! A competition that required a love for burgers, a big appetite and more importantly, SPEED!


Rejuvenating and invigorating only at Puteri Dewi Spa @ Thistle, Port Dickson

Embark on your individual part to rejuvenation through the ancient Javanese method of spa therapy, rituals and concoction. Using only natural herbs and spices, their therapists are versed in the traditional healing techniques, following the ancient tradition from centuries ago. I had the chance to relax and unwind, and enjoyed a sense of peace and achieved the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Puteri Dewi Spa @ Thistle, Port Dickson will connect you to the secrets of the ancient mystical Java; authentic treatments. Allow your senses to melt away on a journey of self-exploration and holistic reset of the body, mind and soul. In this royal indulgence, you can experience the authentic art of traditional Javanese massages and treatments fit for Kings and Queens.

Like a true Javanese spa, all my senses were ignited. Aroma therapeutic oils along with exotic flowers gave me a spa treatment I have never anywhere else experienced, except maybe Java.

Yes, you actually are treated like royalty when you enter their doors. They specialize in traditional body treatments to help you deeply relax and rejuvenate, how I wish my treatment could have been 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes…..

Anyway, beyond facilities steeped in luxury they also offer a sauna, Jacuzzi, complimentary beverages, robes, towels and slippers plus natural exotic cocktails.

Every single person working there gives you their utmost attention and time and are experienced and professional.

Finding this spa and the massage was the best part of my vacation. The masseuses completely tailored the sessions for me and I felt like a million dollars when I left The Puteri Dewi Spa @ Thistle, Port Dickson.