Radical Fitness Center @ Plazo S2

If it were easy to stay fit and healthy, there would be less disease in the world and people would live much longer. Unfortunately, it gets more difficult as one gets older and it may require serious lifestyle changes. However, this does not mean that it can’t be done. If anything, there are probably several things you could be doing differently and there’s no reason you can’t give it a shot.

Come join me……Where? It’s just a stone throw’s away! Located at Plazo Seremban 2- “Radical Fitness Seremban”.

Radical Fitness Seremban supports the health and fitness needs of the community by providing quality facility, professional and friendly staff and programs in a unique and supportive environment.

What makes ‘Radical Fitness Seremban’ different:-

  • Personal training and fitness assessments to reach your goals
  • Unique medically-integrated programs
  • Fun-tastic activities and programs for a variety of ages and skills levels
  • Walk-ins and packages are available
  • Reasonable fees

Last Sunday, 9 September, I had the opportunity to join the zumba class. Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. I met Eza, the owner, a hip, hype and super cool person. I danced to great music, with great people all ages, from young to the young at heart too, a superb awesome instructor, Novia and burned a ton of calories without even realizing it…I love Zumba! I will always cherish my first zumba. It was with my sister, Joanne. I visited her in Abu Dhabi and she introduced to me Zumba..Ever since then, I am hooked to it and Zumba became my fun aerobic workout that mixes in dance moves. If I am not running, Zumba is my next best thing!

Radical Fitness Seremban offers not just Zumba but lots more programs. See you at Lot 76, Jalan Komersial Saujana 3, Plazo- Pusat Komersial Saujana S2 Heights or call 012-6968156 or 012-2233318.

It takes change to make change! Take the first step, come join me:- Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle!



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