Rejuvenating and invigorating only at Puteri Dewi Spa @ Thistle, Port Dickson

Embark on your individual part to rejuvenation through the ancient Javanese method of spa therapy, rituals and concoction. Using only natural herbs and spices, their therapists are versed in the traditional healing techniques, following the ancient tradition from centuries ago. I had the chance to relax and unwind, and enjoyed a sense of peace and achieved the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Puteri Dewi Spa @ Thistle, Port Dickson will connect you to the secrets of the ancient mystical Java; authentic treatments. Allow your senses to melt away on a journey of self-exploration and holistic reset of the body, mind and soul. In this royal indulgence, you can experience the authentic art of traditional Javanese massages and treatments fit for Kings and Queens.

Like a true Javanese spa, all my senses were ignited. Aroma therapeutic oils along with exotic flowers gave me a spa treatment I have never anywhere else experienced, except maybe Java.

Yes, you actually are treated like royalty when you enter their doors. They specialize in traditional body treatments to help you deeply relax and rejuvenate, how I wish my treatment could have been 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes…..

Anyway, beyond facilities steeped in luxury they also offer a sauna, Jacuzzi, complimentary beverages, robes, towels and slippers plus natural exotic cocktails.

Every single person working there gives you their utmost attention and time and are experienced and professional.

Finding this spa and the massage was the best part of my vacation. The masseuses completely tailored the sessions for me and I felt like a million dollars when I left The Puteri Dewi Spa @ Thistle, Port Dickson.


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