Shut up and Run with me- MM Trio Series Run 2016


Day one

Dear runners, It’s a brand new week! I would like to share with you some information about the MM Trio Series Run 2016 virtual race that I will be participating, so you have enough time to register!

In anticipation of the upcoming MM Trio Series Run 2016, I’ve decided to devote a blog post to virtual racing. This is everything you need to know to start participating in virtual races.


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is an event that can be completed in your own location. You decide where you will run it, you map out your own race route, run or walk the designated KM, and report your participation online. You can run it anywhere! The beauty of a virtual race is that you can choose the location!

Here’s why I chose to join MM Trio Series 2016 Virtual Run! I love the T-shirt!! I love the medal design!! LOL…….Plus….virtual races to me, can be used as a motivation or training tool! Once I’ve commit to the miles/KM, I’ll want to get out there and follow through!

Day two

Today I completed my 11.7KM The MM Trio Series Run 2016. Woot….woot…..woot…It kept me motivated, helped me set my goals for personal fitness. No judgement! No pressure! Just fun!! It was awesome for my mind, body and soul! Hmm….towards the finishing line, I heard lots of clapping…It motivated me to run faster….woot woot..I was happy for a moment, I never knew that I had support and encouragement only to realised that when I turned behind to see who was cheering and clapping?? It was the senior citizens doing their daily morning “Tai chi” clapping exercise…..LOL…..

For more information on MM Trio Series Run 2016 at







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