Mission “Impossible”


Running is great exercise! Running doesn’t require expensive equipment. Just a great pair of running shoes and the road. Maybe you have been running all your life, or you just started. Regardless of how long we have been running, we share one thing in common: As we run, day after day, we aee transformed into one of “those” people who love running no matter what physical benefit we may reap!

Every once in a while, I’ll have a race that doesn’t go as planned. The Possible Run, Melaka 2016 is one of those!

The organisers informed that it has been postponed due to unavoided circumstances to the 29th May, 2016 at Dataran Taming Sari. A refund will be given to those runners who are unable to run on the new day and date. Stay tune to more information and details are as follows:


Well, being dissapointed can be a good thing. Being let down or disappointed every now and then means you have raised the bar!

So right now I will just keep going…I will keep making all the impossible…Possible!










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