Let the “roaring” begin- MM 3Trio Run 2016

fb_img_1453175731141.jpgRunning allows you to inspire others. Ever wonder how you started running? Chances are, you were inspired by someone you know or someone you read about. As for me, It is because of my beautiful mother…Hmmm…Well, you are someone else’s inspiration! Yes, YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! Just like how I was inspired by my mother, right now, at this moment, you are inspiring someone else to lace up their shoes and go out for a run. Isn’t that a great feeling???

Soooooooo……………….4 days to go and tick tock tick tock……..ARE YOU READY?? Let’s run like a tiger!


SEE YOU THERE, 1st May 2016 (Race day) @ Firefly Park resort, Kampung Bukit Belimbing, Kuala Selangor. Somehow, my theme song for MM3trio Run will be…..I’ve got the eye of the tiger…..Hear me Roooooooaarrrr! by Katty Perry.

On your marks! Get Set! Roaaaaaarrrr!!






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