Run because you can….

download.jpgAs a runner, your greatest asset- or sometimes enemy, is your brain! What you think and feel on and off the road also has a tremendous influence over how you perform once you lace them up on race day!

I may not be running as much as I would like but I feel that my life is still one big running adventure.

Sometimes on your journey, you will come to a cross road where there will be multiple paths for you to choose. Sometimes these paths, you have no idea what is ahead! It can be pretty scary, if you ask me…..Anyhow, all you can do is only trust your gut and continue veering to the left or just run blindly forward and hope and pray that it is the right choice! The journey is yours to take!

fb_img_1462946453462.jpgAfter weeks upon running for seemingly no reason whatsoever…. I finally have a race to look forward to The Bagan Lalang Beach Run , 29 May 2016.

So dear runners, do not let the speed bumps and detours discourage you, because when you accomplish what you set out to do, the feeling is great!


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