My “sole sisters”

What do you do when your body and mind do not align??? Runners know this all to well! That point when you push your body to go further or faster but your mind fights every step of the way. Your mind plays on your doubts and tells you to give up!

It is at this point when we have a choice! We can allow our mind to become our enemy and lead us to defeat or we can replace those doubts with hope and will our bodies to move forward to taste victory! Each time, each moment we push through, we find that we strengthen both our body and our mind.

This is the reason why I love running. Running is just as much mental as it is physical. I am reminded of this time and and time and time again….

A tool to use to discipline our kids is encouragement. Our kids need encouragement by the wheelbarrow load to not suffocate under all the things we’re teaching/admonishing them to do and not to do. We learned that ” for everyone word of critism, our children need TEN WORDS of encouragement”!

Adults/runners are no different than kids. We need encouragement by the wheelbarrow load to not suffocate under all the daily expections and requirements that we (and others) put on us. We need encouragement in running, we need encouragement in our daily work, we need encouragement in our marriage/ in our parenting, in our athletic endeavors and many more. We need a pattern of encoragement in life!

That is why, I am truly blessed to have my own “Sole sisters” along the way to encourage, motivate and be there for each other in this journey!




















Just Run lah! The Possible Run, Melaka 2016

Over the months, I ‘ve had ups and downs, and good and bad races but there is nothing like being out on a run with the sound of the wind in my ears, my breath steady, legs pumping and the feeling of freedom I experience. It is that experience that I hope to replicate on the 1st May. The Possible Run which will be held at Mahkota Parade in Melaka. Running is a balance of having fun but also challenging our limits!


The possible Run Melaka 2016

The event is taking place on Sunday 1st May 2016 at Mahkota Parade, Melaka

  • 3 KM – A great way to complete a challenge as a family
  • 10 KM – A perfect way to challenge runners of all abilities
  • Everyone who completes the 10km run will receive a medal and E-certificate
  • Family who completes the 3km fun run will receive 2 medals and E-certificate
  • T-Shirt to all participants (Micro Dry Fit T-shirt during the race kit collection)

Dear runners, the route has something for everyone with some crowd-lined closed roads, idyllic rural village section through the historic city of Melaka.

The Possible Run Melaka 2016 is gonna be a day of awesomeness featuring a carnival filled atmosphere, lucky draw, vouchers, hampers,and much much more! Runners have the opportunity to explore Melaka and enjoy a fun filled day with family and friends! Sign up now at

The body achieves, what the mind believes- MM Trio Series Run 2016

When you hear or read the term “virtual race”, first thought would probably be a controller in your hand and a a character on a screen. LOL….However, in reality you are much more than player one! Virtual races are almost exactly the same as “real” races, but the difference is that you race remotely, instead of showing up to a site, you run anywhere! You then finish your race by simply logging your KM online. Virtual races bring the fun and healthy competition of a race to your every run! Walk or Run….it is up to you!

Next week, I will be participating in my second virtual race the MM Trio Series- 1st series (which will be held on the 1st May, Kuala Selangor) My aim is to complete 11.7km run route. What makes the race special- MMTrio Run 2016 is a combination of 3 runs at 3 different locations. And all those that participates in all these 3 runs will receive specially designed medals. Each received medal can be combined with the 2nd series medal and also with the 3rd series medal.

Winner participants from 1st to the 5th position each category, will get points. These points will be accumulated individually until all the 3 series run. On the last event day, participants whom get the highest points will receive the award of “2016 BEST TRIO RUNNER”.

With so many “live” races to choose from nowadays, it may seem strange that more and more people are getting involved and taking part in virtual running events. I love connecting with others through these virtual races. It feels like you really are racing together, supporting each other and earning some more bling! It’s also a nice added bonus that I can do the race at any time, I don’t have to travel or wake up crazy early in the morning to participate..EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BONUS!

The Sponsors

So dear runners, let’s get out there and run together! Be it a virtual run or the actual race day! You know I’ll be out there giving this 11.7km my best effort and support you all along the way..Sign up now at

Log off! Shut down! Go for a Run!

People, in general, are quick to offer advice and opinions. Sometimes we appreciate it and sometimes, hmmmmm….not so much. I am blessed and fortunate enough to have a husband who always gives the right advice and precisely the right time!

Once in a while, I think, it’s good to go somewhere you have never been before…And run, look around and run some more! And that is the reason why..when I saw the promo Bagan Lalang Beach Run 2016 which will be held on the 29 May 2016….Hmmmm….on nice day, sun, ocean breeze, with the melodic sound of waves you will have great feelings from your body to you soul!

Think you could never finish a 5KM or 10KM or 21KM half marathon, but always wanted to? That was me just a few years ago..The Truth is, anyone can do this! You just gotta get yourself in shape for it and Go for it!

The first step is to register at

You are less likely to back out if you have already signed up and paid the entry fee.Second, start your training and keep going.

Like I said, if I can do it, anyone can! So sign up and get yourself ready for Bagan Lalang Beach Run on the 29 May at Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

The 4 reasons to run The Bagan Lalang Beach Run:-

  1. I will be running with my soul mate- My hubby
  2. Personal challenge- provides people of all ages and abilities with a personal challenge. It could be to run a distance, run a personal best time or just run lah!
  3. It’s in Sepang Gold Coast- It is one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations known for it’s sunshine, beautiful beaches, accommodation for all budgets and “Ikan Bakar”(grilled fish).
  4. Rewards for finishing- finishers are rewarded for their personal achievement with a commemorative medal, T-shirt and E-certificate.


I still have a long…..long……long……way to go to be considered as a “runner” but hmmmmm…as long as I have my husband who has and always will be by my side..Dear runners out there, come join me! It is never ever too late to try something awesome and new! See you there at the Bagan Lalang Beach Run on the 29 May 2016.











IJM Land Half Marathon 2016

When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart…fb_img_1459838638558.jpg

Most of my blog posts tend to be about races I have run or going to run or even img-20160102-wa0011.jpgtraining updates, but this post is an all out promo IJM Land Half Marathon, this coming August! There are two main reasons that this is a race I am super happy happy to support and try encourage you, the reader, the runner, to FUN!

The first reason, IJM Land Half Marathon will be held just a stone throw’s away from where I live…Woot woot! Yes, It’s here! It’s here! Right in my own back yard! It will be held in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan on the 14th August 2016. And secondly, Run for a cause! When you sign up, you will also contribute to their beneficiaries Pertubuhan Hospice Negeri Sembilan (HOSPICE) & Malaysia Cysosomal Diseases Association (MCDM). For Full details of the event and how to sign up 

IJM Land Half Marathon is an awesome distance-long enough that you need endurance but short enough that you also need speed.

Sooooo, why sign up for IJM Land Half Marathon??? The reasons are many; it’s good for your health, better for your body than running on pavement, never boring and a great way to meet new people/ new runners- The nature, the cool forest breeze, scrambling over downed trees! What are you waiting for?? Join and sign up now at


The Possible Run Melaka 2016

I run quite a lot. To some of my non-running friends and family this seems extreme. They simply don’t understand why I do it. They see me as some kind of fitness freak. Comments as I head out for a run such as, why do you do it? Why do you push yourself so hard, you’re really going out to run in this weather, are you crazy? Etc etc etc.. They are, of course, missing the point!

I run because I can….and I love it! It keeps me healthy, I have the opportunity to meet awesome people and runners, run in different places, venues and states…etc

wp-1459661526196.jpgThat’s why, change all your impossible to Possible! The Possible Run Melaka 2016. It will be held on 1st may, Sunday at The Historic State, located in the Southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca. It borders Negeri sembilan to the north and Johor to the south. This historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. It just gets better……..Why?  Well, we will be participating in the family fun run……woot…woot…..My children, hubby and I.Race kit includes T-Shirt, goodies bag, race bib and all finishers will receive medals and E- Cert. It’s gonna be a day of FUN IN THE SUN!

So, those who do not understand, I am not pushing myself to hard. I am not running for running’s sake. I am choosing to pay attention, to listen to my body, to quiet my mind while slowly improving the quality of my life through running. So, don’t ask me why I run, ask youself why you don’t!

Register and Sign up The Possible Run Melaka 2016 at

Marathon in Krabi? Hmmmm


All primed and charged for 10K racing action? Not! Not!

This time, my hubby and I took a short detour to rejuvenate ourselves to an awesome getaway called Krabi, Thailand.

I have always wanted to write this blog ever since I came back from Krabi which was about a month ago, I could say that I enjoyed a lot because I’m in a middle of a  busy busy busy exam month…yeah, during school time, anything besides school work is happy time! While working, anything besides work is an extra blessing!

After doing some research, we decided to head to West side of Krabi. The nearest airport to Ao Nang is Krabi. We arrived Krabi early in the morning and went to get ground transportation to Ao Nang. We opted to take a shared shuttle bus into town.A taxi cost 300 baht per person however the shuttle bus cost only 150 baht per person. So we managed to save half of the cost. The journey takes approx. 40 minutes depending on traffic. Once the shuttle is full, the driver leaves for town dropping off people at their hotels in the most efficient way.

We stayed at Sunrise Tropical Resort, which was located at Railay Beach. The hotel is extremely secluded, the only way to reach it was by taking a long-tail boat. Alert! Alert! Not many of you are aware of these!! Before getting on the boat ride, here are some tips/ guide that you might need to follow:

1.Travel light ( Very,very,very, light please..)Do not bring or use a trolley bag. Use a back pack or nap sack.) The reason?? The boat will just stop in the middle of the sea, and you will have to get down and walk to your hotel…yes, you and your luggage will get WET! WET! WET!

2. Use sandals/slippers. ( You are going to get wet! wet! wet!)

3.Check the tides . (Advisable for you to take the boat ride when the tide is high. The reason is, if the tide is low, the boat will stopped in the middle of the sea, far, far, far away from the shore and you will have to carry your own luggage and walk on mud, shells and water. if you are lucky and made proper arrangements with the hotel, a tractor….yes, a tractor will come and pick you from the boat. If the tide is high, the boat will drop you near the shore but you still need to jump into the water and walk to your hotel with your own luggage.) You can check out the high tide/low tide at

4. Bring sunscreen/sunglasses

5. Before paying/buying- get a good bargain and count and recount your bahts. Be on the safe side. Do not trust anyone!

6.Clothes: Less is best! It’s fun in the sun!

Our favourite activity was doing nothing …..Just chilling and relaxing! SUN IN THE FUN! We started out at Railay Beach and walked over to Phra Nang Beach as the 2 beaches are located in the same area. To get from Railay Beach over to Phra Nang Beach you need to follow the signs on Railay Beach to a path that leads over to Phra Nang Beach. Along the path are some awesome rock formations in the cliffside. Railay is also really popular for rock climbers- just look at those limestone cliffs!

wp-1459483100070.jpgWe stumbled upon an unusual Shrine -a Phallus shrine. It was kinda of hilarious and it made me wonder…hmmmmmm

Phra Nang beach was absolute paradise! The water was crystal clear, the sand was shite as snow and soft too….and it was completely undevelop. The resulting views were worth the exertion. The rest of the day was dedicated to working off those mango sticky rice calories with some walking and jogging by the beach..It hardly fells like a workout, when you’ve got surroundings like these!

In general, I found that food to be slightly worse value for money. The only value for money dinner was here:- (tips: When the bill arrives, please check and go through it, then pay the bill)

An evening  at City Park with Mama & Papa

While we were in Krabi, my mummy and daddy was regularly sending updates and photographs about what our children were up to….From the bottom of our hearts, dear parents, thank you for always being there for us! We love you!

Taking a mini-break from constant connectivity, dipping into clear blue waters, rock climbing and soaking in one of the most beautiful places I’ve been on this Earth! I will cherish this trip for as long as I live….img-20160401-wa0027.jpg

We shall meet in my next blog, My Mission impossible to the Possible Run 2016…It’s going down in HISTORY! Why? Because…….It’s gonna be our 1st family run in the historical city of Melaka!