Marathon in Krabi? Hmmmm


All primed and charged for 10K racing action? Not! Not!

This time, my hubby and I took a short detour to rejuvenate ourselves to an awesome getaway called Krabi, Thailand.

I have always wanted to write this blog ever since I came back from Krabi which was about a month ago, I could say that I enjoyed a lot because I’m in a middle of a  busy busy busy exam month…yeah, during school time, anything besides school work is happy time! While working, anything besides work is an extra blessing!

After doing some research, we decided to head to West side of Krabi. The nearest airport to Ao Nang is Krabi. We arrived Krabi early in the morning and went to get ground transportation to Ao Nang. We opted to take a shared shuttle bus into town.A taxi cost 300 baht per person however the shuttle bus cost only 150 baht per person. So we managed to save half of the cost. The journey takes approx. 40 minutes depending on traffic. Once the shuttle is full, the driver leaves for town dropping off people at their hotels in the most efficient way.

We stayed at Sunrise Tropical Resort, which was located at Railay Beach. The hotel is extremely secluded, the only way to reach it was by taking a long-tail boat. Alert! Alert! Not many of you are aware of these!! Before getting on the boat ride, here are some tips/ guide that you might need to follow:

1.Travel light ( Very,very,very, light please..)Do not bring or use a trolley bag. Use a back pack or nap sack.) The reason?? The boat will just stop in the middle of the sea, and you will have to get down and walk to your hotel…yes, you and your luggage will get WET! WET! WET!

2. Use sandals/slippers. ( You are going to get wet! wet! wet!)

3.Check the tides . (Advisable for you to take the boat ride when the tide is high. The reason is, if the tide is low, the boat will stopped in the middle of the sea, far, far, far away from the shore and you will have to carry your own luggage and walk on mud, shells and water. if you are lucky and made proper arrangements with the hotel, a tractor….yes, a tractor will come and pick you from the boat. If the tide is high, the boat will drop you near the shore but you still need to jump into the water and walk to your hotel with your own luggage.) You can check out the high tide/low tide at

4. Bring sunscreen/sunglasses

5. Before paying/buying- get a good bargain and count and recount your bahts. Be on the safe side. Do not trust anyone!

6.Clothes: Less is best! It’s fun in the sun!

Our favourite activity was doing nothing …..Just chilling and relaxing! SUN IN THE FUN! We started out at Railay Beach and walked over to Phra Nang Beach as the 2 beaches are located in the same area. To get from Railay Beach over to Phra Nang Beach you need to follow the signs on Railay Beach to a path that leads over to Phra Nang Beach. Along the path are some awesome rock formations in the cliffside. Railay is also really popular for rock climbers- just look at those limestone cliffs!

wp-1459483100070.jpgWe stumbled upon an unusual Shrine -a Phallus shrine. It was kinda of hilarious and it made me wonder…hmmmmmm

Phra Nang beach was absolute paradise! The water was crystal clear, the sand was shite as snow and soft too….and it was completely undevelop. The resulting views were worth the exertion. The rest of the day was dedicated to working off those mango sticky rice calories with some walking and jogging by the beach..It hardly fells like a workout, when you’ve got surroundings like these!

In general, I found that food to be slightly worse value for money. The only value for money dinner was here:- (tips: When the bill arrives, please check and go through it, then pay the bill)

An evening  at City Park with Mama & Papa

While we were in Krabi, my mummy and daddy was regularly sending updates and photographs about what our children were up to….From the bottom of our hearts, dear parents, thank you for always being there for us! We love you!

Taking a mini-break from constant connectivity, dipping into clear blue waters, rock climbing and soaking in one of the most beautiful places I’ve been on this Earth! I will cherish this trip for as long as I live….img-20160401-wa0027.jpg

We shall meet in my next blog, My Mission impossible to the Possible Run 2016…It’s going down in HISTORY! Why? Because…….It’s gonna be our 1st family run in the historical city of Melaka!


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