Spartan Up – Spartan Race Malaysia

If you don’t know what the Spartan Race is and wondering what is it about, here’s a quick rundown for you. The Spartan Race is an obstacle course race that has different levels of difficulty. The Spartan Race is pretty popular now, and I am sure you have heard people describe the obtacles and terrain.

The goal is to just finish the race! That’s what my 2 children, Amisha aged 11 and Avinash aged 9 did on Sunday, 20 March at Canary Gardens, Klang, Selangor.

fb_img_1458712155502.jpgThere were multiple heats which went off on the morning of the race, mostly to ease congestion on the course. The temperature predicted on that day in Malaysia was to be 40′ degrees, supposed to be the hottest day in Malaysia, heat and humidity was terrible that day….but bear in mind, nothing could stop Amisha and Avinash!!

As they lined up to start, both were nervous and excited. They had no idea what to expect but knew it would be a challenge!

The race started with a bang! They had to crawl under walls and rocks which cut at their knees and elbows, they had to adapt and also go through mud pits filled with water and mud. There were numerous areas where they had to run into a jungle…Ohhhh, there was also an area where they had to try to spiderman their way up and down a net. Both, Amisha and Avinash got mud filled up in their pockets, socks and shoes! At the finish line, they place the medal around their necks, then refuel their bodies at the water station..

If you haven’t run a Spartan Race yet…I will say this about the Spartan Race, it is addicting. And it’s a great motivation. Signing up for Spartan Race gives you a deadline that you have to hit. So it’s either you get moving or you struggle through the race big time. Everyone who runs the race encourages others to finish. It’s not about how long you took to finish, but that you finish!

Well done Amisha and Avinash!…..Spartan Race: You’ll know at the finish line.



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