Plus! Plus! Plus-tas-tic UEM Charity Run 2016

fb_img_1458292250270.jpgThe UEM Charity Run started just like any other. A chap said go and blew the whistle and sounded the horn and 6000 runners shuffled into life! A stunning diversity of masses bouncing around for position.

This is the funny time where you are not really sure who is in front of you and who is behind. The next 3 km I actually got a decent pace going, I overtook a few people.

fb_img_1458293373761.jpgTo the organisers, being the first UEM Charity Run..Kudos! You did a great job! The roads and routes were just so awesome…Marshalls  did a great job! Water stations were placed at the right spots and were well organised without any chaos. It was a fantastic run.

The cheering was great, folks giving high five’s…hmmmm…my stomach wasn’t feeling good, but I kept telling myself….you run with your legs not with your stomach. Forget about it..Run…run…run… run…run just run….The farther I went the better I felt. I forgot how good it was to run on the NKVE Highway and the stomach thing just faded away.

As the sun came up, I really started to struggle with my breathing…only 2 km more to go….sounds like making sort of is..LOL

 So, I put together a series of arguments as to how I was going to complete this 12 km race here on in….I am really exhausted, feeling de- hydrated, splutter and a bit miserable, it’s a really nice day..yeah..let’s just walk the rest of this….

The last check point came at last!! It is always a wonderful sight..well, wonderful for what it means in the context of the race. It’s grim but is great fun when there are loads of people around.

I finished my race with a smile on my face, not because it’s over but because I worked through my emotions and ran a solid run.

Life is about collecting these experiences and memories. I feel rich because my head is full of these memories!



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