Diva Run 2016…Disappointed

This has been a whirlwind weekend………


I got out of bed at 4.00am, got up and took a shower, put on my running gear and outfit and got out the door while chewing on bananas and peanut butter sandwiches.In the car, I was looking at the dark city and into blankness….I was taking it all in, enjoying every minute before the madness of the race would start.

The darkness gave a whole new dimension to the running experience. I enjoyed it and was smiling at everyone along the way to the starting point.

We reached early to pick up our race kits and T-Shirts. Then we headed to the starting point, for a moment I thought I was at the wrong venue.I seriously thought we arrived at a Rock concert! The DJ was playing Rock Music and it surely did not do justice to us runners or bring out the best or even motivated us in any way!Uurgghhhh…

However, flagged off was on time but a huge disappointment..Why? Just into the 1 km a big blunder happened, runners were literally running into each other! A big confusion right under the tunnel, where we were suppose to make a U-turn. Then, at 2km….The killer hill…..No wonder the route was not given to the runners. Just one day before race day, it was on their FB page.

Then to make matters even worst, more hills! Ohhhh man….It was like stairways to hell..at one point, somewhere near the Faculty of Economy, there was another event going on, a conference of seminar for the University students…the runners were left running without marshals or policemen. The organisers seemed to have this concept in their minds…”Sendiri lari, sendiri kena langgar, sendiri tanggung”…meaning….”You run, you get hit by a vehicle, it’s your own risk!”

Then another boo- boo happened just before the last check point, my hubby practically had to chased a runner about 100 to 150 metres to tell him that he was running and heading into the wrong direction and he must get through the check point, where the timing would be taken. There were marshalls only at certain designated spots. However, just like the FIFA World Cup Song by K’NAAN- Wavin’ flag….Yeah, that was exactly what the marshalls were doing..just waving the flag…and leading the runners into wrong directions! Shape up, please….Dear organisers!

Ah yooooo…..I had to struggled to get to the start line and well, getting to the finish line proved to be no easier!


When I reached the finished line, got my medal and was expecting a goodie bag but all I got was a medal and a plastic bag..Then to make matters worst, from the start of the event the organisers promised a carnival filled atmostphere and Elizabeth Tan would come……………BUT……..






The runners who had signed up for the 5 km Fun Run were not entitled even for the T-Shirt!




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