Happy feet…Happy me

2 days before my back to back runs! Yeahhh….Oooopppss, I did it again! No No No…not the Britney Spears’s song but..Yeah, Ooopppss, I did it again! Another back to back run this weekend…But it is what it is and I am feeling upbeat about it!

I do have those familiar pre race butterflies in my tummy….But my main goal is to enjoy it as much as I can, what more laaah…I will be running with my hubby and along side with Yun Ling and Siew Kiem..Hmmmmm..Oh probably I might just end up eating their dust….LOL

The first race will be the DIVA RUN and on Sunday, The UEM Charity Run…I guess I would have to do a bit of a balancing act eh..

I felt abit glamorous this morning….why?? Well, while I was driving, on my way for my morning classes today, I over heard on the radio that the authorities will organising a road closure this sunday, effective 12midnight until 10am the next day. Woot! Woot!


Oooohh….So thrilled and excited! I will be running on NKVE highway! As you too can imagine, the weekend is gonna be super duper awesome!

Let’s allow that one to sink in for a second! Ok runners, I want to shore things up this weekend. So, it’s gonna be “All smiles during my miles”


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