Don’t just chase your dreams, RUN them Down!

By definition running is an individual sport requiring nothing and no one other than yourself and your desire to move….But, I have learned, however……That it’s so much more than that!!

It is not about the competition, the finish time or the position…To me, it is about running with family and friends through thick and thin. Every single step and second of it. Shared- the good, the awesome, the bad and the awful!

fb_img_1457101060571.jpgAbout a week ago, the ACE Society from University of Notthingham Malaysia gave me the thumbs up to do a write up about their upcoming run and I was thrilled about it. The organising team was very obliging, everything that I asked and requested for was sent and given to me within minutes…KUDOS, ACE Society!

Runners often say that they seek to test their limits by running these long distances. To me, I think it’s more about discovering possibilities!

So, my dear runners, if you are attracted to the idea of running and doing some charity and of course scoring sweet medals to commemorate your finishing touch….Come run with your heart not with your legs!

See you on the 27 March 2016, The Notthingham Charity Run. For more information


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