Safety Tips- See something, Say something!

One of the worst feelings in the world is to walk up to your car after you have completed a half or full marathon or a fun run and see shattered glass all around where your window used to be. Having your personal belongings stolen out of your vehicle can make you feel violated and vulnerable. There is no way to completely stop anyone from breaking into your car, but here are some tips to help prevent car break-ins during your races and marathons:-


  1.  When you signed up for a race, ensure you park at the designated parking space which the event organisers has assigned to the participants. If you have to pay a certain amount of fee, just do it! Better be safe than sorry!
  2. When you go for your race- NEVER EVER carry or bring cash or any valuable items with you.(If you have to, stick money or a credit card into your pocket or shoe;( just in case, you might need it)
  3. NEVER EVER leave laptops, cash, mobile phones or any valuable items or documents in your car.
  4. Always, Always park your vehicle at bright litted areas and ensure that there is security guards or cctv.
  5. If you have to bring your personal belongings, leave it at the luggage/baggage counter provided by the event organisers.


  1. As runners and participants, we put our trust and faith in your event, please kindly ensure safety and security for all your runners and participants not only on road running but for their cars and vehicles as well. When you assigned a designated car park for the event, ensure it is protected and looked after by your staff or RELA or Polis Bantuan. There’s been many cases of car break-ins during races and marathons and it is becoming worst week by week!
  2. We, the runners pay a certain amount of fee to support and participate in your running event, all we asked from the organisers:-
  • Safe running conditions on roads/trails
  • Ensure RELA/Marshalls/ traffic police are on duty from the start of the event until the end
  • Assign RELA/Staff to look and guard the runners vehicles until event is over (especially during the night runs/trails and marathons)
  • Hire additional manpower or set up a safety committee

Car break-ins, window smashing of vehicles, theft are on the rise! Do not allow these criminals to strike again! Please beef up the security!

As the saying goes….”Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga”! Dear Runners and event organisers, Let’s work hand in hand to prevent and put a stop to these crimes!



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