The Running Revolution – KLCC Runners Group

Running is that time you have all to yourself, isn’t it? It’s the ultimate “me” time, when you can be at one with nature and get away from it all, when you can reflect on life’s important matters or even when you can push your body to the absolute limit in glorious, miserable solitude.

Well, deciding to join a running club is one of the best things that any runner, whatever level, can do! That’s what I did! I joined the KLCC Runners Group! The club rocks and its super duper awesome!

I had the chance to speak to Matthew Barsing, KLCC Runners Group leader over a cuppa coffee at Trader’s Hotel overlooking the sensational KLCC park. Matthew shared his hopes, dreams, goals and his passion and he told me, “we all run for different reasons, whether it’s to lose weight, keep passably fit or in some cases, to enter and maybe even win and be a podium winner in races. But KLCC Runners Group- whatever the motivation for lacing up the trainers and hitting the roads and trails, there’s a compelling reason why being a member of KLCC Runners Group can help make running even better. KLCC Runners Group values relationships and connecting people to do sports together is our mission.”

Here’s some reasons why running and joining KLCC Runners Group can be beneficial for you:-

  1. You get to make new friends and meet new people
  2. You stay motivated with your trainings and exercise
  3. You get to share your knowledge of running with the other runners in the group
  4. You learn new things and secrets about running from others
  5. You are constantly challenged to run faster and farther.

In conjunction of KLCC Runners Group’s 1st Anniversary, come join us for the 1st anniversary run- what an awesome way to celebrate- Running with the stars @ Sunsuria City, Sepang on the 7th May from 6.30 to 9.30am. There will be a 5km and 7km non competitive run. For more information, please log in to to register now!

KLCC Runners Group, which celebrated their first anniversary on May 1st have grown from only 1000 members to 25 000 members and held 83 free events. They also have their own #KLAPP app (on both Android and IOS) This app is awesome! Download it now and stay in the loop for news and views!

How can you be part of this running revolution? It’s as simple and easy as ABC- just “like” KLCC Runners Group at



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