I believe I can fly- MM Trio Run 2016 (2nd Series)

fb_img_1470725592732.jpgLace up and get ready for MM Trio Run 2016- 2nd Series this 14 August at Taman Metropolitan Kepong.

It was just like any other day. I was out in the morning- aiming for my 7 KM- virtual run- MM Trio Run (2nd Series). Trying to get in a little bit of exercise and fresh air too! The sun rise is starting to shine on me and I welcome the gentle cool breeze on this wonderful morning.

“Just keep moving………Just keep moving” I tell myself over and over again to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And the song by R. Kelly comes into my mind….”I believe I can fly……I believe I can touch the sky……”

All of the sudden, I see this huge creature in the sky…with wings wide open..and teeth as sharp as a vampire..( Okie…okie….being over dramatic a little) Anyway, I stopped moving and glance over my shoulder, and are momentarily frozen in my tracks!

It can’t be………!!! Is it possible?? AN EAGLE????

LOL…only to realised that it was just my running thoughts about this awesome “Eagle” medal from MM Trio Run 2016- 2nd Series.

So, dear runners out there! Get up off that couch and hit the tracks….Sign up or for more information, log in to http://www.beestorm.com.my


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