Kabali -5 KM Virtual Run

fb_img_1468565036867.jpgReady to beat the heat with a little “Superstar” sparkly fun? Well, here is your chance! If you happened to missed out the Kabali Run last weekend which was held at the Sepang Circuit International, Carpark….Now……….

You can join the Virtual Kabali 5 KM Run.

“Run whenever, Run wherever!”

And once you have completed the distance, the race kit will be posted to your doorstep!

What is a virtual race? A virtual race is a race on your own terms. You choose the location, the time and the distance. A portion of your race fee will be donated to a charity and you will receive a cool and awesome bling and goodies in the mail!

Here’s how you do it:-

  1. Register for KABALI RUN 2016- virtual series online at http://www.beestorm.com.my
  2. Choose Category E for Men or Category F for Women
  3. Set your GPS tracker (phone application/watch) and start running or walking for 5 KM anytime and anywhere.
  4. Email your distance with your selfie to kabalivirtual@marathonmy.com
  5. Your entitlements will be delivered to your doorstep.

What are you waiting for??? Come on and don’t miss this chance!


IJM Rimbayu Run- All smiles during the miles!


I was really impressed with the route, seems to be a hidden gem in the city. I loved this run.The crowd, the course, the atmostphere- it is the full package! I would definitely recommend it as a “must run race!”

Setting double alarms…waking up at the crack of dawn……… ( Okay, rolled….grumbled angrily out of bed at 4am), analyzing every aspect of my bowel movements ( or lack thereof) stressing about the transportation, standing in line for porta potties….

These are all normal things we typically experience on race day!


OMG!! We were late! The gun went off and we bolted out at the starting line..still…my energy was positive, intense and full of excitement!  5…..4……3…..Ohhh Crap!! I stepped in line behind a few runners and I move slowly towards the starting line, like pushing a stalled car..hoping and praying it will start! 2……1…….I crossed the starting line..my endomondo starts and the engine roars to life!

“Always race with confidence and believe in your training. The times will come, don’t chase times….chase other runners”- my wise hubby always says this to me….and it has become part of my mantra….LOL

I cruised along the flat ground, keeping my breathing in check and noting who was around me. I didn’t want to run alone and there were a few times I surged ahead simply to stay with a pack of runners, since the theme was RUN WITH ME-therefore, I ran with my new found friends…..

My original plan to take a laid back approach to this race and run just for fun. It was fun to see many running with their running buddies and friends. The race itself was rather congested at the start and my first mile was pretty slow, but eventually I fell into groove and had fun chatting during parts of the run. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. Along the 7 Km, wah lah weiii……an obstacle!!  Tyre……..Tyre….Tyre ……it was pretty cool!

Speaking of cones and course markers, directions were extremely simple and it had really cool and awesome taglines along the miles. Arrows let us know we were always on the right track and a handful of volunteers  guided runners in the right direction while directing traffic and the a few key intersections.

I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about this race! The course was excellent, the support from friends and spectators was awesome, and the staff and volunteers were beyond amazing! The running T-Shirt (ADIDAS) was truly cool and RUN-tastic! And the bling….yeah, the medal…as always IJM never cease to amaze me……one of a kind!

We even had friends of “Chickaboo”, a mini petting zoo, awesome fun filled games on stage…Runners even had the chance to win some cash after the race! Woot woot! It was indeed a carnival atmosphere!

Overall, what an epic experience!  I will absolutely be back to run THE IJM RIMBAYU RUN- Run with me next year!