HSN 21KM- I Can & I Will-Watch me!


Hari Sukan Negara 2016, 8th October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

fb_img_1470210555708.jpgI don’t really know what happened to me? But I had this CRAZY idea to run a half marathon. Have you ever heard of “YOLO”….yes, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Sooo, that is why, running a half marathon is on my bucket list!

I told my husband about this…he gave me “the look”…like as if I was out of my bonkers……But I told him, that I need some extra “me” time, and I started training and running. Then, the confusion I felt when I heard runners talking about long runs, race pace, tempo runs, intervals, and fuel belts. How and when was I supposed to hydrate? What is GU? I need to consume calories while I am running??? WHAT? WHAT?

Then came the day, I approached the organisers of HSN21KM- Hari Sukan Negara which will be held on the 8th October and they agreed and made me one of their official blogger and I am about to embark my very first history making moment- My first 21 KM Half marathon! I am still very emotional about the whole thing. I literally cried after corresponding with this awesome event organiser, I was scared and nervous , and beyond excited! Could I run 10 KM? Could I run 12 KM? Could I run 21 KM? Surely I could not run 21 KM without stopping! I was mad at myself thinking I could!

This morning, while I was running 7 KM, every runner talks to herself during runs and I had to tell myself to shut up! Just shut up!

I had to shut myself up and move past that self doubt! I had made this choice and there was no way I was quitting now. I tried to think of training for this 21 KM half marathon as a gift to myself. I was giving myself the gift of running a sport I actually love.

When I made the decision to train for HSN21KM half marathon you can be sure all that anxiety came along with a bunch of WHAT IFS………..

WHAT IF…..People laugh at me?

WHAT IF….I wimp out and quit?

WHAT IF…..I cry?

WHAT IF…..I am to slow?

WHAT IF….I come in last position or place?

WHAT IF…..I can’t finish the race?


So, my dear fellow runners..why don’t you join me on this journey and make the IMPOSSIBLE- POSSIBLE!!

Sign up now at http://www.hsn21km.com




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