Run with me- on my side and by my side

There’s only one thing better than running and that’s running with friends.

I’ll rewind the clock a bit to those that don’t know my story…..slightly overweight (chubby cheeks and a butt like Beyonce-LOL, I wish), mother of three kids, probably going through a mid-life crises, takes up running to de-stress and escape from the stresses of life, but loving life and loving every minute of it!

Hmmm…..running can be a very solitary affair and sometimes there’s nothing better than just lacing up and going out for a run, but it can be awfully lonely at times. That’s why I cherish every time I get to run with someone else.

I’ve found running connects me with friends in ways going for coffee doesn’t. It’s almost as soon as we head out on a run, walls come down and we’re able to talk about so many things. You know the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, running is similar! Those time spent talking about life and problems and everything and nothing, are scared……

It’s the best kind of therapy!

To make this even more awesome….( I know….how could this get any better?!!) Well, IJM Rimbayu Run- Run with me- says it all!

Wouldn’t it be awesome! Running with a buddy…So I’d like to invite you to join me- Come lah and “RUN WITH ME”-Rimbayu Run 2016, 31 July at the ARC, Bandar Rimbayu.

This race is all about friendship and fun. Will you come and run with me???

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