MM 3rio 1st Series – Virtual Run

What is a virtual race?


I’ ll admit- I had NO CLUE what a virtual race was until last year. I kept hearing about them-but just ignored it until someone asked me to run a virtual race and do a write up about it- I figured it was time to learn what they were and how to run one.

So here are the basics:-

What is a virtual race? 

A vitual race is a “race” that can be run anywhere you are- no specific starting time or starting place- occasionally they have specific dates, or sometimes the dates will range a week or two to give you time to finish it. Just pick your favourite running path and RUN!

What is the distance for virtual races?

They can be ANY distance! You can walk, jog or run wherever you may be, and at anytime during the race week or month for a 5 KM, 10 KM or 12 KM. For this virtual race, I have completed 11.7 KM

How much do they cost?

Virtual races can either be free or cost $$$..Normally if they cost $$$, you get a medal, a race shirt or a bag or it means there will be some pretty great prizes involved for the “winners”. Sometimes the freebie virtual races get prizes involved- or sometimes it’s for the sheer motivation of getting you out the door for a run.

What if I am not fast?

It does not matter! Most virtual races do NOT go by time since there is no way to compare courses, terrain, weather or prove distance/times are accurate. Most virtual races will just have you submit a time to show you did it!

Do I need a garmin/GPS or some proof to show my time/distance?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Most work on the honor system-some require you show proof. Photos and plotting your course or showing any watch (even if it’s not a gps watch) sometimes counts- so just check with the race beforehand.

I ran a virtual race, now what?

Share it on social media. After all, what good is a virtual race if you run it and don’t tell anyone! The whole point of a virtual race is share it “virtually”.

There are differences between virtual and traditional races, but both race types still give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish; your friends and family will continue to “like” your facebook post with your finishing photos and race times. Virtual racing has more appeal now that I have three children. Sometimes the thought of dragging everyone out in the morning for a 5.00am race start is so daunting that makes me want to run back to bed. But, I love the atmosphere at traditional races; I thrive off other racers energy and excitement and I love to see my family and friends at the finish line. Therefore, I decided to supplement some virtual races into my calendar and save my family some precious sleep every once in a while.

I have just completed “MM 3rio 1st series” 11.7 KM virtual run and received a very cool “Tiger” medal and an awesome pawsome tiger T-shirt too. My next virtual run- I will Soar like an Eagle and win my Eagle medal for MM 3rio 2nd series virtual run! Why don’t you join me…for more information log in to:


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