Ramadhan- Sharing is caring

In this holy month of Ramadhan, it is a time for reflection, fasting and penance. As a mother of three wonderful children, our tagline has always been “sharing is caring”.

Last Saturday, 16 June, I was privileged to share this auspicious day with more than 40 children from Yayasan Kebajikan Anak- Anak Yatim Piatu Port Dickson for a Majlis Berbuka Puasa function which was graciously held at Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson. For many of them, it was their first time, first experience breaking fast in a posh environment – a hotel and there was great excitement when they were ushered to a garden dinner set up. Their faces lit up like light bulbs, sounds of laughter everwhere, happy faces all around and some in tears.

The guest of honor, YB Dato’ Tun Haji Hairuddin Abu Bakar, Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan, ADUN Kawasan Bagan Pinang, also present was the charming and gracious Mr Camille Thiry- The GM of Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson and my good friend Puan Azlina Ahmad, Boongah Events, made the night even more special and meaningful.

The dinner set up was pretty awesome, in a garden with many tents, over looking the sea…ahhhh…the view…For a moment I thought I was in a wrong venue, I thought I was in a garden wedding…..LOL

The ambiance was pleasant with antique lamps on each tables. Thistle Hotel Port Dickson had rolled out a delectable Buffet spread in conjuction with Ramadhan. Thistle Hotel Port Dickson and team geared and served the Anak- Anak Yatim Piatu with offerings from our heritage this being called “Ramadhan Warisan”. It offered a unique blend of tradisional Malay cuisine infused with local and Mediterranean flavours such as Daging Rendang, Ayam Panggang, Sambal Udang, Laksa, TomYam and among others. In deed, the menu brought back tasty dishes that reminded me of good old meals from the kampung together with the lagend favourites dishes such as Ayam Masak Kari, Asam Laksa, Penang Laksa and Ikan Goreng. It was indeed a scrumptious dining, sharing and caring experience that I will never forget.

Thank you Boongah Events and Thistle Hotel Port Dickson for this Majlis Berbuka Puasa event in conjuction with a time when all Malaysians gather their families, friends and the less fortunate to celebrate love and friendships.


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