Kabali Fever- 5 km Kabali Run 2016

The day is coming! In a few days ….hours..you’ll stand at the starting line-pumped with energy and adrenaline! Counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the crack of the gun is shot- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1- Kabooommm! Kabali Run 2016 @ Sepang International Circuit, 31 July 2016.

Adrenaline is flowing, nervous butterflies are dancing around in your belly, and sometimes things can be forgotten or overlooked amid the excited tension. Here are some tips for you before “Kabali Run 2016”.

  • Make sure you are well-rested and well fuel, but don’t overdo the eating.
  • Make sure you set an alarm for a bright and early time, and have a back-up ( or else you will be seeing “Kabali”- in your dreams!)
  • Sometimes when you get to a race, there can be a lot of action…and who knows la…Kabali’s special appearance….ehem..ehemmm…, noise and stuff going on…make sure you take time before the race starts to warm up, think about the race, the fun….the glory….the excitement- line up according to what you can actually run, not what you hope to run and set your intentions for the race!
  • Look around and enjoy the route and the experience
  • Races can be really awesome and fun to run in groups. At most of my races, I saw lots of groups dressed in the same T-shirt getting ready to run and support each other, and I thought that was really cool! You can decide if you like to run alone, with a partner or a group, but signing up with others creates a bit more accountability and a “we-are-in-this-together” mentality!

Being organised and prepared will keep you calm and focused on the things you can control. For everything else that is outside of your control, let go……..and have faith in your preparation-it’s what’s gotten you to this point, and it will help you run a strong and Fun-filled “Kabali Run 2016”.

And I am proud and happy to announced that I have completed my Virtual Run 5KM Kabali Run 2016 today!


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