Passion, Glory or Insanity- Compressport 100 Malaysia Series


Yesterday, I went to a bookshop and asked the sales person if they had books on ultra trail running? He gave me a funny, weird look and responded…..”What is ultra trail running?” So, I briefly explained what is ultra trail running and ultra marathons are. He replied by saying- “Why-lah would anyone want to run a race longer than a standard marathon?” Honestly, I could not give him an answer because I didn’t know!

Hmmm…….So, It got me thinking, why does someone want to put their body through the agony of an ultra trail marathon?

Passion….???? Glory…….???? Insanity…….??????

Okay dokie, right away I am going to rule out insanity and go with Passion and Glory!

Runners fall in love with the idea of challenging themselves.I feel with the right and proper training ANYONE can run an ultra trail marathon!

Compressport 100 Asia Pacific Series brings you the amazing ULTRA TRAIL MARATHON- Combo Challenge. They will be offering two distance, 25 KM and 50 KM; and a team of 2 (2 X 50 KM)

The 50 Km PENANG series is amazing! Not only is the view breathtakingly beautiful, the elevation gain for this distance sums up to a shocking 2,800 meter! This is definitely a “to-die-for” route and the beauty that comes with it, makes each drop of sweat worth while.

The 50 Km SEMENYIH KL Series, is not for the weak. We challenge you to a whooping 1,900 meter in elevation on this ultra trail. No matter how gruesome and tough the route, “Penang” or “Semenyih” series may be, you will be rewarded with nature’s best! It is totally worth every ounce of sweat!

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