Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016

Nowadays, joining a fun run is one of the must-do activities since my hubby and children are also into sports and running.It is one of the most popular events one should participate in whether he or she wants to develop an active lifestyle or simply adventurous! Sure, anyone can go jogging, but the experience in a fun run lies in running together towards a common goal of reaching the finish line. Trust me..when I tell you that once you start joining fun runs, you will develop a sense of motivation and discipline to keep going! It brings out the athlete in everyone that could unleash a greater potential. A person may not be a runner or a fitness buff but participating in a fun run is a good start and is, hence, a good habit to develop!

Aside from a set of freebies a participant usually collects, another awesome pawsome aspect of fun runs is that they are usually organized for certain causes and proceeds (or a part of it) are donated to help charities or calamity victims. Also, some fun runs promote awareness in various subject matters.

But wait! wait! There is more! The Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016 is gonna be fun..with an added twist! There will be……………………..hmmmmmmmmm… Coloured Bubbles……..Music……….foam……..Coloured Bubbles…….Fun……foam……..Coloured Bubbles……as the runners dash and stride along the route, giving them a unique fun filled experience!

The wait is finally over!!! It’s time to be part of the most exciting run in town! This year, Great Eastern have partnered with the Heart Foundation Malaysia to create the Great Eastern bubble Dash 2016.

Join us on:

Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016 -Penang, Sunday Morning, 25 September 2016 at Queensbay Mall, Penang

Great Eastern Bubble Dash 2016- Kuala Lumpur, Sunday Morning, 23 October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Come and join me and if you want to know more…Log in to


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