CNY Food review @ Blossom Palace D’Tempat Country Club

People often advice me to eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper but when it comes to today’s food review at Blossom Palace Chinese Restaurant at D’Tempat Country Club, Bandar Sri Sendayan, it’s the best excuse to feast to my heart’s content.

With Chinese New Year just around the conner, it is time to plan ahead and make your reservations for reunion lunches and dinners. The Year of The Rooster begins on 28 Janauary. This year and if you are looking for an innovative and inventive Chinese menu done with great flair…A hidden gem in Seremban- Blossom Palace Chinese Restaurant would be the perfect venue!

Some of you might ask,what is in the menu? All set of the menus will include dishes associated with prosperity, luck, success,love and wealth which are the characteristics commonly associated with the Fire Rooster.

dsc_0003Step aside “the traditional” Yee Sang as Han’ei means “Prosperity” prepared by Chef Fauzi’s special combination yee sang of seaweed, perserved jelly fish and baby octopus, fresh salmon and tuna, assorted vegetables of carrots, cucumber and white radish steams it’s way to your table! Let your taste buds explore the fundamental flavours of spicy, sour,sweet and salty. The menu isn’t particularly adventurous but extensive.Most importantly the cooking leaves a really deep impression. It is one of the most unique and tastiest yee sang I’ve ever come across.Hmmm…the type of ingredients are not what you normally find in traditional Yee Sang is awesome, the salmon, tuna and baby octopus lends a splendid texture that leaves me wanting for more.

The Mini Treasure Bowl

dsc_0032Symbolising abundance and good fortune- Is a real auspicious treat. It’s premium range of fresh seafood and ingredients such as abalone,sea cucumber and fish maw….Enjoy till the fullest here. A delicious way of enjoying the dish and the Chef comes simply creative! Simply deliciously done!

Dried Scallops Shark’s Fin Soup

Chinese soup is almost a must in every chinese restaurant, which is always a pleasure to have for it. It must be the technique of preparing the soup by the Chef, as I sipped the thick soup in all richness to the last bit. The soup was made to perfection and it’s everything a traditional soup should be.

Home-style Steamed Grouper

While we like the steamed fish taste on it’s own, the overall taste of the dish taken together was significantly masked by the ginger and spices. The thick stock blended well and the credit goes to the firm yet chewy texture of the yumm-li-cious grouper. The added zest and aroma in the fish made it more palatable than a plain steamed one.

Two Variety Prawns

It was not difficult for all our attention to be arrested when this platter was served, which we spotted the huge prawns, cooked in two different ways, best to have without any sauce for me as this is the best way for me to appreciate the taste of the meal. Every mouthful of the prawns in complete with the aromatic belnd and rest assured that you will definitely fall in love with it! A lip- smackingly good dish!

Signature glutinous rice

We always end a typical Chinese meal with some carbs, and since it is CNY, rice symbolises a link between heaven and men of fertility and wealth for the New Year. At Blossom Palace Chinese Restaurant, they have prepared a signature glutinous rice. The rice well seasoned and accompanied by the well seasoned, executed cod fillet, you can pinch a small portion of “chili padi”………and you will find yourself asking for more.

Delicacies and Dessert

And the best way to end off an already awesome meal with a bang? Done to a sweetness way to end off a good real thus far. Soft texture and melt-in-your-mouth almost instantly! A thumb’s up.

Will I return again?

With so much to offer, it is no wonder how satisfied I was after this session. Call now and make your reservations which I am sure you will leave feeling impressed after a meal @ Blossom Palace Chinese Restaurant. Time to pamper your folks,family and friends for a good meal this new year!

Overall, The Chinese New Year feast @ Blossom Palace Chinese Restaurant didn’t miss any mark not did it spring any surprises. Dishes here didn’t deviate far from it’s traditional form and flavour. You can expect quality and consistency and thus be assured that your traditional CNY feast here won’t be a disappointment.

From 27 January until 11 February 2017

Prosperity Menus from RM888++ per table of 10 persons

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact 06-7922688 or visit


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