Run! Chrisy! Run!

It happens to every single runner there-sometimes you just lose your motivation to run!

You start a training plan and you are excited to hit every pace/mile/step perfectly. You set goals and know that you will do anything you possibly can to hit that goal. But then somewhere along the way you lose motivation (a little or a lot) and it is harder to get out for your run (but you do it anyways because runners are strong like that!)

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Even the most ambitious or professional runners among us are confronted with situations in which they feel unmotivated. In fact, they might struggle daily-just like you and me!

But then, they somehow manage to break through the negative spiral, get up and start running anyways. If they can do it then there must be a way for you and me to do it as well! I’ve been in your position! Felt the same hopelessness and lack of motivation, but I learned how to effectively break free from it..

How?? Well…..Hmmmmm….VIRTUAL RACES! I join virtual races to boost my running motivation. Sign up, lace up and run….and once I have completed my virtual run…..goodies awaits me…like medals, Running Tee, bags, goodies etc…

So, this morning, I ran 10km and completed my 1st Virtual Run for the year 2017, The Unicorn Virtual Run!

The Unicorn is a lagendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a large pointed spiraling horn protecting from his forehead. It also symbolises strenght and excellence. While I was running this morning, on my mind and in my thoughts were R.Kelly’s song; I believe I can Fly. Since it is a unicorn virtual run- this song just kept popping in my head….RUN CHRISY RUN! FLY! CHRISY! FLY!

It means you should really believe in yourself and you can do anything you want to achieve your goals! I am not a fast runner, I run because I can-It is a reminder to me, that nothing is impossible and that you can do all things if you just believe in yourself and most of all Have fun! Lots of fun doing it!

So, remember..when you are about to hit that wall, go sign up for a virtual run/race! Lace up and run….it’s worth it and it is fun! Log on now to sign up for the Unicorn Virtual Run at


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