The Mass Run- Rajini’s Kaala

Ready, Set, Run!

Take the next step……Fans of Rajinikanth!

The moment you have been waiting for! The Mass Run- Rajini’s Kaala 2018, Indian Tamil language film written and directed by P.A Ranjith. This film stars Superstar Rajinikanth as the ‘hero’ in this movie that many of his fans have been waiting for….This fabulous run is brought to you by DMY Creations.

Ready to beat the heat with the little ‘superstar’ sparkly fun? Well, here is the chance! Log on to and sign up now and join the run which will be held on 1 April 2018 at Dataran Merdeka.

Apart from the run event, nothing gives a medal more meaning than a story behind it! You will be able to grab this unique and awesome ‘bling’-medal…So, what are you waiting for?

3 Fabulous reasons to run this race

  1. RUN FOR FUN – make sure you have fun while you are running…dress up, dress alike, be a team of superheroes. Dab to the tunes of the sound machine. Give a shout-out to all the adoring fans out there! Celebrate together, and who knows with the Superstar- Rajinikanth, himself as you sprint over the finish line for a job well-done!
  2. RUN FOR THE T-SHIRT AND MEDAL- When you have crossed the finish line grab your ‘bling’-medal and wear it loud and proud! The  Mass Run t-shirts are the best ones out of any out there! One thing you can expect, a killer image of the Superstar!
  3. RUN FOR THE HISTORY- To my knowledge, Mass Run-Rajini’s Kaala is one of a kind- The race is a true community event and is dedicated to all Rajinikanth’s fans! So let’s go make history!

DMY Creation pride themselves on starting on time, having t-shirts that are works of art, a unique medal and creating a fun community event that encourages competition and offers lots of reward! So log on to and don’t miss this opportunity to make history!

Let’s run, walk or roll in the Mass Run-Rajini’s kaala!


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