Don’t think about it, Just do it!


Running truly is a sport for everyone out there, regardless of shape, age and gender. You do not have to be a marathoner to be considered a runner. If you run, you are a runner! All it takes is just one step at a time, one day at a time….(Ohhh…..that hymn keeps playing in my mind) Anyway, it takes dedication and commitment to being consistent and you will surely make progress…Hmmmm…Well, it’s easier said than done, eh? I told myself that I would run five days this week and well, my attempts to run failed dramatically maybe because I was expecting too much, too soon of myself.

When self-doubt hits, it’s paralysing! But I have to remember that my goal is just to get better and more comfortable with running. So, guess what I told myself?? I told myself this….” When you get up tomorrow, forget yesterday and any negative actions and thoughts you might have taken…..Think of running like eating pizza, crispy on the outside and yummy-li-ous in the inside….

And that is why, this weekend, I planned to reward myself for a “Loh Sang” a.k.a chilled out session with hubby and of course my partners in crime, my running buddies of course for a sumptuous lunch, a crab eating feast….Have a great weekend all! It’s truly a case of mind over matter!


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