You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go!

In days leading to my next run, my nerves really started to get to me. After a week break from running, I ran 5km today!

Hmmmm……well being demotivated is an obstacle every runner deals with. It’s always a constant battle and struggle overcoming that obstacle, however we know as runners that a “bad” run is better than “no run”! Anyway, while I was running this morning, I heard someone clapping…….it was just my thights cheering me on…LOL…

Then my thoughts started to wonder….RUN…..FOREST…..RUN…! And you know what happened next?? Well, Uhhhhmmm..Nothing! I just finished and completed my 5km run. I know it’s about me and my own personal run records but that makes me smirk a bit.

However, I am on target and on track and trying to stay there!

On your marks, get set……..GOoooooOOOooo! All set for Shamrock Run 2016.

Hope your weekend was as active and fun as mine!


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