Forget the glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes


So, I am gonna be running for the Shamrock Run in 2 weeks time but motivation isn’t my strong point. You see, after one whole week of festives and glorious food and I am typing with a bar of “kit kat”in my hands….(Take a break, have a kit kat……) Hmmmm….Has it been that long????

The good thing about writing a blog on adventure and personal development is that it forces me to step out of my comfort zone. The thoughts going through my mind and in my head….”I am fat, Wahhh….I am gonna be as slow as a tortoise…..Will I make the cut off time…….blah..blah…blah….”

But the goal remains the same: To complete the Shamrock Run 2016! It’s thrilling and exciting. It’s a 10K which I think will be the perfect starting distance for me after a one week break from daily jogging, work out and training.


The adrenaline and excitement got to me…It’s a run and a unique race  of blended culture of Irish and Malaysia and according to the organisers, there’s a lot of fun and activities in store for the participants. I know my goals for the race is to finish and hopefully will be done right around one hour…(Pheww…..hmmm….)

The fun really kicks in when you combine scenery, company and a distance goal! So, Go sign up for a race! Seriousy. Do not let it freak you out. Plunk down your money and sign up. Right now! GO! I will still be here………Don’t think about it- Just do it!

Your world’s of “I CANT’S will change to I “CANS”!

Don’t forget the Race Entry Pack Collection will be at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang on the 20 & 21 February.See you at Shamrock Run 2016 on the 27 February 2016 at Putrajaya.




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