Get my streak on!

fb_img_1455285704433.jpgThe reason I have not written anything the last few days as…..obviously, I was busy eating, eating, eating and eating!

Why? Well, It’s spring time! Chinese New Year celebrations and proud of being half chinese and half Portuegese…..Fa la la la la la……Tis’ the season to “eat” jolly”….fa la la la la la la…It’s a time for celebrations, gatherings, family reunions and of course, food! Glorious food!


Hmmm…..It’s truly a case of mind over matter! Next on my bucket list, a combo challenge! No….No……I am not talking about a combo value meal from KFC or the combo value meal from Macdonald but The Compre Sport Combo Challenge 2016. The organisers were very kind and very informative and informed that it’s gonna be an amazing combo challenge. This event consist of a trail race and a road race. A combination of running and urban exploration- Perfect! However, the organisers informed that the trail race was held in MARDI MAEPS, Serdang in January 2016..Ahhhhh man…I missed it but the road race will be held on the 24th April 2016! I have never done a trail run before but many runners who has done trail runs have said “Trail running can be a lot like meditation. It’s invigorating on a whole new level”. Some runners also said that road running tends to be about mapping out your path while the trails tends to lead you in a magical way…..hmmm……


There’s a whole lot more to say, but don’t just take my word for it! Life is short, and we only got to live it once. I want to look back and say I did crazy things! No regrets!

With that mindset locked and loaded, I am ready for Compre Sport Road Challenge 2016!


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