Green Warrior Run 2.0


Run with your heart and not with your legs! Why?? Well, allow me to tell you that it is because this race is not about achieving a certain time, or individual goal…this race is about making a difference! MAD…..Making A Difference!! Yeah, you heard me..MAD…! Well, how? Running while doing charity and having good family and friends to share the memories with….

Aside from a set of freebies and good bags and gifts and of course, the medal etc, a participant normally collects…another wonderful and positive aspect of this run is that it’s organised for a certain caused. The proceeds (or part of it) are donated to help “Lovely Disable Home”. In this particular run, the organisers wants to create awareness and unite the public to show their support in having positive attitude and perspective towards people with disablities.

The organiser of this particular event is just so awesome! They provided me details from all aspects inclusive of photographs, activities of “Lovely Disable Home” and much much more. They also informed me that this run will be unique because selected runners will be able and will have the opportunity to “run” with the disable participants. Sounds unique? Well, as the saying goes….curiosity killed the cat… Don’t get curious, be adventurous!

I will not miss this opportunity to join the Green Warrior 2.0 Run!

I will be there..Come Let’s run with our heart, not with our legs! 

For more information please log in to FB Earth Runners.


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