Did someone say 2 races in one weekend?

The past one week have not gone exactly as I imagined, although it is definitely an improvement from last year, as at least all my bones all remain in one piece..LOL

To me, the love of running does not happen overnight. It’s like being in a relationship. It takes a lot of hard work. First you like it, then you love it, then something happens and you need a break. After that you come back to it and you begin to rediscover what you almost missed……Then you fall in love again!!

Well, what can I say, I am getting so pumped up for this weekend! It’s finally here! This Saturday and Sunday I will be running two significant distances on back-to-back days. Saturday will be 10km Shamrock Run 2016 and Sunday, 12km, AMBank KL City Run. Ohhh Wow! A total of 22km!! It’s like running a half marathon! Anyway, it is exciting to think that I will be running alongside my hubby even though I might just end up eating his “dust”……..LOL!

Anyway, dear friends….It’s never too late to make big goals! It just takes more work and more sacrifices as we get older and life changes for sure!If you really want something, well then…..You have to make the choice, commit to it and GO FOR IT!

As a teacher, I always tell and advice my students, do hard things, if it is not hard and you are not getting out of your comfort zone! You can do anything you want in life, all you have to do is just believe in yourself and do it!

Soooooooo, I am gonna grab my running shoes! And let’s see what is in store for me this weekend! See you at Shamrock Run 2016 and AMBank KL City Run 2016 this weekend!





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