Unlocking the magic and mystery of PD Coast Run

fb_img_1453175731141.jpgAs a kid, I claimed that I would only run if a doggie or a boogie man chased me…But after my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I fell in love with running. Running became my journey towards health and it also helps me to maintain my weight and well being. I don’t run for my figure, the bling blings or because it is trendy! I run because with each step I take and make….I shed a lot of negativity and take in a lot of positivity.

When the opportunity came a few weeks ago to sign up for the PD Coast Run 2016 which will be held on 4 June, Saturday-Port Dickson. I felt like it could be another chance to challenge myself for fun! I have heard horror stories of how torturous the sand running is in the heat….ahhhhhh but then….on a nice day, sun, ocean breeze, with melodic sound of waves, I am sure I will have great feelings from body to soul running through the Coast of Port Dickson.

Suddenly, the guitar sounds of the Police’s popular 1983 hit- Every breath you take, every move you make….YES! I am gonna do it! I will sign up for 11 km PD Coast run, afterall, on a nice day, a run along PD Coast can be extremely appealing. I can enjoy the weather whilst enjoy the cooling effects of the sea at the same time and I can even go for a swim after my 11km run! Ooohhhhh…I get to enjoy the scenery, and then at the end of my 11 km run, I might not have to go far to find an ice cream if I want to treat myself..

So, if fun whilst running is more about the overall experience, why not give beach running PD Coast Run 2016 a go?PD_Coast


For more information please log in http://www.facebook.com/boongahevent


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